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  • xD its not that hard ya know. I like being detailed as well, but the way to cut back is just to do it. Put less and let the imagination fuel more. Often times people read and only take so much out of it which makes your efforts be put to waste.

    And yes, I think that Albatross Reforge should meet Ad Libitum and from there they can discuss their feelings about having the class Warlock and how they came about their spell books.
    Yes actually I was thinking something really interesting that could have a connection based on their Warlock weapons.

    My interest was peaked after I saw how much detail you put in your template lol
    So I lovvvvvvvve the template you posted for Immersion <3

    Would you want to possibly have our characters get involved in some interesting side plot??

    And, for a second time, Happy Birthday!

    To be fair... even that picture was better than anything I could ever do. You may not think it was so great, but... Hey, seriously, much better than anything I, the incredibly talented Watson, could ever do. Be proud, that even your worst works have been better than someone else's!
    Don't worry, I don't mind waiting for favours, of all things!

    Also... this is brutally amazing! If you don't mind me saying it, you've come a long way since we met! Honestly, I have no complaints at all, so keep up the good work! :D

    So... 'sup, homeslice?
    You think it's interesting where you are? Just keep reading...

    Neato! I can't wait!
    Maybe it comes from your inherent fangirlness?

    It is not a manga. It is a simple, American comic.

    And it is glubbing awesome.

    See what I mean, it just doesn't work!

    Oh, also, go read Homestuck. I mean it. This is an order from a friend. I COMMAND THEE.
    100 words is... good, I guess. I think the farthest I got was... about half that.

    I figure it would be hard, what with your melted brain trying to get out of your head through your eyes, or something similarly morbid.
    Nah, it's fine. Like I said... well, I'll never finish it anyways.
    I mean, if you happen to find it easy enough to write two posts, that'd be awesome... but, if you find it as challenging as I did, please, oh please, don't try and write two...
    I started ages ago, but I kinda gave up... and I'll have to restart it if you change your name... but, hey. I can wait out the time until they make some alternative means of name changing.
    I think... changing a name is a lot of work, with the new rules... are you sure you're up to it? Namewise... I dunno. I always liked Zephyr, personally.

    Not at all! In fact, that'd be... pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself!

    No need to go to such effort! It's perfectly fine! Things are dandy, and stuff!

    I absolutely agree with you in every way... so long as there a cupcakes. If not, the party shall relocate to France, and it'll cost money for transportation, and we'll never be able to enjoy that!
    Someone's on late.

    And we could invite that one guy! Who can do the cool balancing act with a poodle! You know the one! :D
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