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  • Oooh, are those the drawings you've done, Zehpy? I'm referring to the one in your avie. *u*

    Yeah. Store bought cookies have always been hard from my experience too. I don't really care for them as much. I'd gladly send you some snow, Zephy. Although it's turned into slush, and the rain has frozen over it. Mmm, wonder if everything will be crystallized again? ouo That's good. I myself am doing good too. Gave the anime Attack on Titan a try. Might have nightmares from it later. lol. xD

    Going to a party with family/cousins sounds like fun. I'll most likely be doing the same. C: Hoping there's some pizza to look forward to too.
    I'm doing good. A little sore from sitting too long in one postion, I think. As for holiday break, it's been moving along alright. I've had to bake cookies, help keep things running at home with my family running around all the time. Snow is nice, but i could do without it. lol. I can't say it's much of a break because, I'm not in school. I'll be taking culinary classes hopefully next fall. :D

    How are you doing? Excited for the holidays? Gonna go anywhere for it or spend time with the family? C:
    Hey Zephyr!

    I knew I was forgetting something yesterday. lol. Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    Happy Holidays to you too!
    Wow, that's a bank of Shinies you've got there. Did you breed them, or did you use the Poke Radar? How are their IVs?
    Haha, I've never even thought of breeding Shinies. Just to get one out of the egg is already tedious, let alone breeding one with good IVs. I think the time could be used for breeding other Pokemon or to do something else that's more useful in general, haha.

    I'm not into Shinies anyway, so yeah, lol.
    Yeah, that's right. That's why having as many overlapping IVs as possible is a must to maximise the chances of the offspring having 31 IVs, no matter which parent passes them.
    It's very hard to get 5-IV hatchlings if you use Everstone, so what I do is give a Power item to one and Destiny Knot to the other.

    For example, to come up with that 5-IV Clauncher, I had my HP/SpA/SpD/Spe Clauncher hold a Power Weight, and the Def/SpA/SpD/Spe one a Destiny Knot. That way, HP is sure to be passed down, and all others except Atk have high chances of being passed down. If I gave it Everstone instead of Power Weight, there's a 17% chance that HP won't be passed down from either parent, and even if you hit the 83% chance, there's still a 50% chance of the non-31 HP being passed down.

    Confusing? I got confused typing all that, too. XD What's more, even with Everstone, you don't always get the nature that you want...
    ... just as I said so, I hatched a wrong-natured 5-IV Clauncher... -_-
    I'll inform you when (if) I'm ready, but probably not in a while. I'm in the midst of breeding some 5-IV Pokemon, haha. It can be frustrating.
    Just so you know, I suck at competitive battling. You'd probably net an easy victory, haha. XD
    I've only been playing KH 1.5 remix I'm kinda stuck with it XD. Its okay its the coolest avatar I've seen ;) ohh cool I had pokemon X and Y but they got wrecked
    It really is too bad that there's no solid method of breeding shinies with perfect IVs... even with the Matsuda method, you will need a Pokemon with really good IV distribution from the other side. Probably then I'd be more interested in shinies, haha.

    I agree with you, yeah. I thought Generation V was already cool, especially the battle compared to Generation IV what with the moving sprites and all. And now that XY is around... it's really amazing what they could accomplish in just one year, isn't it?
    Oh, I've been just doing the Maison challenges, racking up BPs to purchase competitive items. Now that I've gotten myself some Ditto, I can practically breed almost every Pokemon to have perfect IVs to be used in the Maison or against friends (which I rarely do since I'm not a battle person. The pressure is too much for me). Other than that, I've been helping my friends in entertaining their request for Safari Pokemon with Hidden Ability, because among us, I'm the one with the most number of zones and widest variety of Pokemon (which is all thanks to you guys!). I don't really care that much for shinies, since I doubt their IV distributions are what I want from them anyway. XD

    Right now, I'm taking a break from Y. A few days back, I remembered that I have an unopened case of White 2 I had bought some time ago to complement my Black 2, so I've been playing it now. It was an awkward switch, back from Generation VI to V, but I managed, and enjoyed it like I had enjoyed Black 2. I'm not that far into the game yet, though, still at the point before the third gym.
    Thanks, Zephyr! Actually it was Ragnell's idea, and I was just following up. Still, I highly appreciate the award. :)
    Hey, just a heads up, but I added your fc (for that whole friend safari thing, when I ever reach it) if you want, mine's: 4210 4222 7144 The more, the better odds, right? :)
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