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  • After some thought, I think I know why Alduin wasn't so world-eater-y in TESV. Back in the days of the Dragon War, he broke from his usual function to lead the dragons and conquer the world and/or Skyrim before he is sent to the future. We see in TESV that his efforts are much more clearly to continue that effort with the dragons than to destroy the world. Therefore I think Alduin's power is directly tied with the actions he commits to with intention, such that he is at his most powerful only when dedicating himself to eating the world, however that also means he doesn't get to enjoy all the finer things in life like world domination and all that.

    If the Towers and Stones keep only Mundus secure, then I wonder what happens when it is gone and if other realms persist, especially if it really is just another realm of Oblivion specially claimed by the Aedra. For all we know, Oblivion as a whole and its subsequent planes have no need for such supporting structures, yet they persist in time and space quite fine. That being said, our understanding of Oblivion cosmology and metaphysics is pretty limited except in relation to other realms.
    If the Kalpas and Alduin are totally separate from the Towers and Stones, do you think then that the latter might be seen as a sort of self-destruct option for Mundus, once the races become organised or determined enough to deactivate all the towers? Once Mundus is dissolved into its spaceless, timeless state I have a hard time envisioning how Alduin is supposed to act on it. Perhaps the Towers and Stones are some method put in place so as to cut short and permanently end the Kalpa cycle, since after that the world becomes inedible?
    What are your thoughts on the fact that Alduin in TES5 seems extremely underpowered for being the 'World-Eater' that ushers in the end of each kalpa? I like to think that with the death of the High King of Skyrim and the Jagged Crown not being worn by anyone (as per it sitting on a draugr scalp in a late Imperial Legion mission), that Alduin might have got a little excited and started his thing prematurely.

    That also makes me wonder, then, if the recreation and destruction of the towers is a part of each kalpa, or if Alduin is a being and accompanied process entirely independent of the towers...
    Seriously though, how're you?
    Aye NIGGA.
    just saw your like/dislike post and I freaked out cause I think the same thing about me with everyone of the things you wrote 0.0
    Just once, I"d like to go off without having to worry about getting banned.
    Newbs are too sensitive nowadays.
    Yeah, I feel you. And these newbs feel it necessary to attack me for no reason. If I were to let into their asses PMF style, I'd be in the wrong.
    Then, that would be you. Sup Zero Sora? You still premium? Thought you'd be more active by now.

    Oh, I was purified_riku155/PostMentalFerocity[PMF]/Karate/Genocie.
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