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  • Some people have disturbed minds if they make Sephiroth and Tifa compare breast sizes.

    We call those fans fangirls or fanboys
    shoulda watched it. One of my faves of the season.

    You... you looked at.... what?! :O
    Thats kinda disturbed xD
    *crosses fingers* Yen Sid Yen Sid Yen Sid.
    It would be epic.

    Oh, did you see tonight's Futurama? Reflected Proposition 8 but gave it a spin
    I want him to whip out his keyblade and go shawshank on MX.

    Not thought, want ;)
    I want a permanent death of a KH hero.
    Really? I just hated his voice >.<

    Yen Sid seems to be the only master that is sane. It would make for an amazing twist if he was struck down before naming Sora and Riku masters but Disney say no :|
    I'm already driving down to stalk them. They work from 5 am to 5 pm for filming so I can catch them tomorrow :D
    I know, I'm so disappointed. I was hoping somewhere between September and October this year but if it comes out holidays 2012 then that'd be amazing.
    Maybe the final will be a bit longer, seeing as what Wikipedia said about Tara
    Auckland? Well, that spoils the fantasy xPPP

    OH! I just remembered, lookie here :3
    Ignore the fan comments and look at the actual page update.
    So excited, I would seriously head down to Sydney and try to find all the filming locations. I know to stay close to the bridge cause it's shown a lot xD

    I was working for the first part and I had seen most of the second part so I didn't watch it yesterday.
    Season 2 won't be on until... *sniff* 2012 ;~;
    I thought it was on Australia Day. Or is the Sydney and Melbourne ones on different days?
    Melbourne has a big day out? :O

    Wasn't much. Just showed what went into making the show, what hours they work, some of the effects used, very light on Tom Green so that was disappointing.
    Please please please tell me you saw the "Dance Academy Backstage Pass" tv special on today. It's interesting ^-^
    Would you like to bond a Friendship of Members of the same Club? Here is a new Slogan i thought up to go with the first one that my sister made up:
    And speaking of the first Slogan, my sister asked if it could be changed to "We're Queer and we're here!" That was the statement she made but i messed up, sorry.
    Oh, another show I'd recommend to you, Dead Gorgeous. While he isn't gay, Jonathan sure is cute :3
    Plus, it was filmed in Victoria ;)
    3 am watchings are the best.
    Watch another show, internet around
    Shame its starting filming at the end of this month which means waaaaiting for episodes.

    Hehe, I started using them July last year xD

    :O Like my shiny new colour?
    I remember that. Oh the poor girl.

    It did add great character depth to her though.
    I hope they add more depth(in a positive way of cause) in S2
    They kiss that early? oh well, makes sense.

    naw what happened to Abigale?
    Yeah Ethan is like that >:S
    Yeah, I love it a lot too. Glad to see another fan.

    Good luck with leaving.
    My mum knows that as soon as I'm done with school I'm out xD

    Oh shi-Did I type that? Sorry, so tired but yeah, you got that I meant "girl". I was 4 so y'know, denial xD
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