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  • I believe he's his own character but in that masked suit u never kno...u and ur riddles Nomura! Damn u! lol jk xP
    lol, i actually did finish on time.
    And i actually didn't start writing until the 20th of the month.

    but thanks. :3
    someone who's here to make a mess, basically. they whore for attention, make the most irrelevant posts and are quick to call people names.
    Newb is a passing, temporary status. Almost an endearment for the new people that will grow out of it.
    Noob... is a way of life p=pa
    This isn't you being a noob, that's you being a newb. There's a difference.
    Negative rep would have a red box next to it, not Dark navy gray whatever. That box means that whoever repped you has no rep power. If say I repped you, you'd get 19 rep points - because that's my rep power. If someone with 0 rep power repped you... well, you can see the result for yourself. It's neutral.
    You can get either positive or negative reputation for your posts, when other users click the "rep" button on a post you made.
    How much rep you have and the last 15 reps you received can be seen on the User CP.
    How much a user gives/takes from you is based on how much rep power they have. That's the number next to their boxes. You get another rep power -
    Once every anniversary you joined the site on
    Once on your birthday
    Once every 1000 posts
    Whenever you get 100 rep points from other users (you also get another box then)
    lol dont worry about me asking about BBS, the day it comes out I am stopping going into the 'future of KH' or any BBS sections on the forums. I will read and participate in theories but once facts exist (from people who get the japanese versions) I am stopping.
    Well, if you have basic questions, feel free to ask me. I'll do my best to answer. Just be mindful to spoiler tag if you leave a VM, and don't ask about BBS. I try to stay away from info about that.

    Oooh, you're gonna read the impressions? XD yey ouo hope you enjoy.
    Oh... my, thank you xD; I to be flattered *o3o*
    how's THAT for intelligent?! xD

    Wait until the conspiracy theory. Then tell me just how much attention I take to details o3o;;;

    Nope, that's about the gist of it. He Duel Wielded, hence having a Keyblade to give Kairi, while at the same time still having his own WtD.
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