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  • I remember that. That was a funny ep.

    I hope he sticks out soon.

    Have fun :p
    I'll be sitting... here... watching Offspring =)

    There is a place in Sydney. My friend is going there this year. I'm insanely jealous of her and hugely upset she's going.
    She was the first guy I made out with when I was 4 so she's basically a life-long friend(Moved from Vic when I was 2 so...)
    I felt sorry for Tara then. She was in a new environment, people she doesn't know, doesn't know who to trust... But then again, she was annoying.

    Poor guy. Stupid Dr. Lieberman.

    Bahahaha... yes o_O

    Kat is amazing. Christian gets on my nerves sometimes.

    Yes :D

    Goodnight :)
    Thanks but they wouldn't take me in =P

    I told you xD
    Did I not say how unrealistic Tara's plot starts out? haha
    I'd offer my services to them as Sammy's boyfriend. I've danced for 2 years so I'm not as good as them but a character who is in the academy that is technically behind will show the realism behind it...right? xD

    So jealous. 10 hours of Dance Academy.
    I deleted my DA folder on my ipod(First 5 episode which I have on DVD and the last 4 of the season) to free room, I forgot I deleted it, got hyped then disappointed >:S
    Oopsie, sorry for spoilies :S

    "Behind Barres" or "Minefield"? Either way, you got a bit to go :/
    I'm confused but I blame the hour of night xD.

    I know. I just wanted to say that ala Ted Mosby from 'How I Met Your Mother'.

    Damn PSP, can't watch the video... yet
    Wait, what about Evan and Cory?

    Fun Fact #1: Evan Taubenfeld was a guitarist to Avirl Lavine(I don't know how to spell it too xD)
    Yeah you would ;)
    Evan Taubenfeld. That's his name.
    My avi is just a picture of him but I wrote "Cheater of the year" on it because that was the second song of his I heard.
    My sig is from the first song I heard, 'Boy Meets Girl'.

    He's quite easy on the eyes <3
    I liked that one. I also like "Number One Threat to Heterosexual Marriage" and "I'd Rather be Destroying Heterosexual Marriage"

    Sounds like a great place =)

    :O, TO THE FRIDGE!!!
    Would be cool :D

    There are some good ones here Gay Pride Slogans, Funny Sayings, Quotes

    You can always add those later :p
    Thanks, that'd be amazing =D

    haha yeah, just a little less offensive :p:p:p
    Thats what Marly suggested so I guess that section would be good.

    Um, how about in first post have like what we have in the LGBT thread about people's names under the headings.
    Great ideas :D *iz disappointed at no porn*
    Do you wanna start it?
    I have no clue what to put in it nor exactly which sub-form :p:p
    Yeah, it's kinda sad. I just hope that Axel, Roxas, and Xion can get to having ice cream again. Days was kinda sad for me. Maybe, Sora will find a way to get everything back into order. I mean, Nobodies have a purpose too, at least I believe that. What do you think?
    I keep having a hard time beating Terranort on Terra's story. Any tips?

    Here's my stats for now:

    Level 37
    Two Curagas
    Keyblade: End of the World
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