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  • Just thought I'd let you know, in your signature you spelled square wrong in 'Square Enix'
    I just finished. It's about me. It's no the most well writing paper in the world, but it's good enough. they aren't extremely worried about grammer. It's not an english class.
    K, I'll look at it tomorrow. I'm writing a paper right now...

    You're ignoring me arn't you. You'd better beat Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the caption contest??? When am I going to have time for that. I'm soooo busy the next couple of days, it's homecoming weekend, and I got all this crap to do with my sorority.
    What do I have to do? make a caption?

    Beat Days dangit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dude, come on!!! You're driving me crazy. I wanna talk about it with someone, and you're the only other one playing it. Well, until I give my DS to Bell. Gosh dang it, beat it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by the way, is your internet still on?
    breaks....I don't know the meaning of that word, lol
    I already got to work with Luxord too. I don't know if you ever work with Xemnas or Saix??
    and I saw a scene with Riku!!!!! I'd be playing right now if I wasn't in class, lol
    LOVE IT! I addicted, lol. I have my DS in my hand when ever possible! think I'm on day...193. That's not really that far...but I'm surprised I'm that far which all of my classes and meetings I've had this week!^^
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