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  • the code that i gave has img in the begining, thats the only one the others dont have what ur looking for
    nevermind you arent getting my point, its not even worth it...and i dont live on KHI its a pastime i use often...you probably have yours too
    im not being hostile i am asking a valid question, and there are pretty much unwritten rules that you will use a sig for a week before asking for a new one, dont waste peoples time if your never going to use it...im saying this for your own good cause some artist might get pretty pissed and you will never be able to use there shop again
    why do you keep going around asking different shops to make you so many sigs, i have seen you in 3 so far, if your going to ask you better use them
    Alright so, the stock you gave me to work with is kinda hard to have a good execution since it's 'long'. I can easily include Zidane or the Moogle. Not both. So you can either give me another stock to work with, give me a name and I can go find one, or you can just have an extremely small stock.

    Thanks - SDD~
    two things:

    1. good name choice. i approve. :3 i love zidane.

    2. you're supposed to go to the person's profile to respond to a profile message. that way they're notified of it.
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