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  • Better. Helped a little with the graininess too.

    I think you got yourself a solid piece.
    Try adding a white fill layer at the very top with an opacity between 10-20%

    Should bring together your darker values
    Tremendous improvement from your last piece, this might be your best yet.

    You have a dynamic composition and flow as well as a diverse background. My only issue with it is that it's a little grainy on the right side but other than that this is fantastic.

    Your using photoshop right? If so I have one other tip you can use to make this look a little more unified.
    That's not too bad actually. I think there's just a bit too much going on around his arm. I like the right side though.
    Great! I'm sure you'll hear back from him soon. Let me know if you have any questions!
    Oh right and just message zook and let him know want to join so he can add you to the list
    That's cool :D I remember when I first left khi I came back for the same reason.

    I saw that you were looking for a shop too, I wouldn't mind having some help in SDD.
    Haha yeah with all the KH3D hype I don't see it being to inactive for the next couple of months (well the KH sections at least lol)
    Sorry, but the problem is that I have no way to edit the front post because I wasn't the person who created the thread, and since they left, then I can't do anything about it D:
    I'm super sorry :/
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