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  • i dont really mind, lol.

    what i actually want is something that matches 'gold' in my username lol
    not at all! i meant, if you're done with classes then now hopefully you have time to relax from your studies~

    i did notice :s

    I want a new avatar :I
    time to relax right o3o

    i asked someone else to, but they said they weren't mod for the right section and told me to ask gildragon so i did... :c
    for some reason i could access the sections by clicking the most recent threads... haha

    april fools is already waaaay over for me lol


    Yeah, I should probably change it now, I've just really stopped caring about avatars and sigs. We'll see.
    By the way, I know I haven't been on MSN lately, I've been pretty busy. I'll probably be on tomorrow though 3-8 because I'm finally getting some downtime... before another hectic week.
    Say "light" again. Say "light" again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say "light" one more goddamn time!
    give thanks to Ubi Ty for it!

    I love that CG of her, it's beautiful. :) Goes to show how much technology changes in a few years, no?
    Oh, and rogues. EVERYBODY hates rogues except for people who play rogues because rogues are complete dicks.

    However as soon as somebody rolls a rogue and starts playing one, they quickly become the very dick that they hated other rogues for being. It's true, check out the forums.
    Like a Holy Cow? Tauren Paladins are fucked up.

    Right now, besides my NE Hunter, I'm doing two Worgen and a Dwarf. The main Worgen I'm doing is my male Worgen Fury Spec Warrior, as well as a female Worgen Arcane Mage, and a Prot Spec Dwarf Pali. I'm gonna have me a tank because tanks are in short supply.
    Gnomes!? I HATE GNOMES!!

    I actually made it perfect. The only Gnome character I have is a Rogue, and she's also my banker. Therefore I will never get her above level 2. My most hated class, Rogues, and my most hated Alliance race, Gnomes. Playing her as my banker confines her to Ironforge for all eternity.
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