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Fanfiction ► Axel's fan-fic

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Mar 17, 2007
oh don't be so hard on him! Any ways good chapter Eliza! it is getting really good!


Mar 27, 2007
Very nice fan fic I'll be checking up often to see how things are going.


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Apr 15, 2007
That's cool, but I would watch that next time, unless she wants me to do the next one, doesn't matter, I'll be at Band camp till the 10th...

The only reason is, I've seen so many other FF's with ALL double spaced paragraphs, Idk if it's anything bad, just thought I'd say something, I have only been writing 2 anyways, almost on another one

Take my advice if ya want, leave it if ya don't

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Jun 27, 2007
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I know that this one took a long time!!!! Here it is the first 4th'chap part!This time all the credits are going to foreverkinngdom :thumbsup: cause shadowknight couldn't do it.Well here you are!
Chapter 4 part 1 :The journey begins


Day:7th's end

It is night on Destiny Islands,everything looks calm,no storms,no nothing,but Sora and Kairi can’t sleep,they just
keep on hearing voices "TRAITORS" the voices weren't talking to Sora and Kairi,but to Roxas and Namine...but suddenly,a strong wave of light,made the voices stop,then another voice,a pure and clean voice just like the wind...
"You are not completed yet" the voice said,Roxas and Namine are now on an empty place...

"Huh?? B...ut we are one again with our real selves...we...we are completed"Namine said

"No,you are not,you are different,like some other nobodies,in fact you are not nobodies,you have a heart,your own hearts”

"Our own hearts??!!We are not nobodies???!!!" Roxas said confused

The voice replied "Yes,never believe something that you haven't search yet,so will you accept or refuse??I warn you from now,if you do this,you won't be able to open dark portals,and the heartless could freerelly steal your hearts,like the normal people,in other words,you won't have your old Nobodies powers"

"Will I be able to weild the keyblade??"Roxas asked

"Yes,and Namine still will have the abillity to control memories,you will sacrifice the power to open the dark portals. Please hurry and decide,someone is watching us..." the voice started sounding really worried

"B...but dark portals always helped us..."Namine said with low voice

"I think that it’s worth it Namine,let's go ahead,we could be together more often then..."Roxas said

"Y...yeah,right...Ok!We will do it!" Namine said with a voice full of hope

"Tomorrow...you...meet...a...friend...your...heart s...connected...since...our...last meet..." The voice started
dissapearing little by little,a pale light covered the two friends...


The next morning found the two -not anymore-nobodies,they were lying on the beach,suddenly a really loud sound came from the sky.
It was the sound of the gummy ship which was landing and it made Roxas and Namine woke up,they couldn't believe that they were again themselves.Suddenly
Sora appeared,it took him a while to understand what exactly was happening,he thought that he was still dreaming,
you cannot lame him,he just saw his nobody back...But then Kairi and Riku appeared...

"So....!!!!!What the??"Riku was staring at Roxas and Namine...

"Oh,so it wasn't just a dream"Kairi said

"Kairi??You...you saw it too??"Sora asked...

"What is going on??!!!" Riku was looked at Sora,then at Roxas,then at Kairi and Namine and again,and again...he was really confused.

"EARTH TO KEYBLADERS!!!HELLO???" A voice came from inside the Gummy ship,it was Donald...

"Oh Hello!!!!!"Sora said

"Riku let's go and i will explain everything on the Gummy ship" Kairi tried to calm Riku down who had almost exploded.

"Can we come too??"Namine asked worried

"Of course guys!!!You remember what the voice said don't ya???"

"WHAT VOICE??!!!!" Riku's face was almost red

"C...calm down Riku!"Namine said a little scared"We will explain you everything on the Gummy ship ok??"

"Ugh ok whatever!"Riku answered kinda angry and get on the Gummy ship...so did the other heroes.
After 5 hours journey,with Sora and Kari trying to expalin to everyone what happened,they finally landed on Disney's Castle.

"Awww man that was one of the most tired travel with the Gummy ship that i ever had" Sora said sounding childish

"Sora you are lazy" Kairi replied,she just couldn’t stop laughing.

"Yeah...he is...silly again"Riku said looking Sora,well he sounded like he missed the way they all acted once...
before they start their long journey

"Hello fellas!!" Mickey's voice came from inside the castle,"Riku!Sora!Kairi! And...ohmy!!!!"Mickey said confused
when he saw Namine and Roxas

"Aww here we go again with explain...BFFF"Before Sora says anything else.Kairi shut Sora's mouth with her hand

"We are glad that we meet you again your majesty,we will"Kairi said

"Don't worry we will explain everything"

"Welp,I am sure that it will sound weird,but i think that it might be for a good reason"King Mickey said

Sora stared at the short king with an enigmatic face

"Ehmm....your majesty...you noticed...at your letter,something about an old friend...what...did you mean??"

"Everything in time,be patient my friends,let's go inside the castle"

"Uhmm....where IS our visitor your majesty??"Goofy asked(sorry disney haters,i really had to do this>.<)

"Everything in time,he or she, had to do something first"

"We can't even learn the gentle??!!!"Sora asked

"Nope!It is a surprise.

So,they got on the castle,the entire day,Sora,Kairi,Namine and Roxas were trying to explain what happened,at least to Donald,Goofy and Daisy(?),and they just couldn't understand a word,because Mickey and Minnie had already understood everything

It was about 19:00 in the evening,the strange request hadn't appear yet,it was almost dinner time,when suddenly someone dressed in a black coat,grabbed Kairi and said

"Don't make a move or the princess is dead!!!!"

No one could do a thing,just then someone broke the giant window of the castle's hall, that person was fast,it was someone familiar,everyone gasped,no one expected that they would see that red spiky hair and those green huge eyes ever again.
Yes,Axel,Axel hit the surprised man and free Kairi,the man jumped back

"How could this happen?!?!!" and he dissapeared into the darkness of the portal he opened.

"Are you ok princess???" Axel asked

"Huh??Excuse me?...UH...I am...ok..."

Everyone(Sora,Riku,Namine and Roxas)was staring with their mouth open...

"What do you mean with "princess??" she is KAIRI!!!!!" Sora said...

"Huh??I am not sure that we have ever met before,nice to meet you,my name is Axel,got it memorized?Sorry for being late your majesty..."

Hope you liked it^-^ Well sorry for putting too much disney,promise that it won't be for a long time!!
THANK YOU FK!!!!!!!!!!
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May 8, 2007
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So awesome, Eliza. But I wish you would let me beta for you, the chapters aren't that long and wouldn't be much of a hassle. After all, if you check, who made the least amount of mistakes after editing on one of your chapters? So awesome right now...

Now this story has alot of doors opening.
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