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I wanna thank really much my dearest friend KershaFangs for editing my first crap story^^

Chapter 4, part 2: Sleeping memories

Everyone was stunned. They had reunited with a friend who died, yet he stood before them, without his memories.

"H-hey, you are joking us... right?" Sora chuckled slightly, shocked.

"Uh...actually...no, I've never met you before," Axel said with the same apathetic tone.

"Guys, I'll explain everything to ya later. After that, I know that we are in kind of danger,"
Mickey said.

"What do you mean Mick- er... Your Majesty? Who was that guy wearing the Organization's cloak?"
Riku asked.

"Oh, about that. Your Majesty, looks like there are more than one of those guys around,"
Axel interrupted Riku.

"Yeah, the castle is in danger again, but the other worlds might be in danger too. But all of you should get some rest. We'll talk about everything in the morning." Mickey said.

Everyone went to their own rooms for the night, except for Axel. He wandered around the shadowy halls of the castle, quietly pondering to him, the only sound heard were his own faint steps.

'Those guys are absolutely weirdos,' Axel thought, 'but...still...what if... I actually...knew them...?'
Axel's self questions continue on and even more arose. Then he sighed and walked over to the room that King Mickey had gave to him. Though he laid in bed, Axel still wondered about what was happening to him, and why he couldn't remember these people if they were his own friends. Finally frustrated from not a single hint to answer his questions, Axel turned over in bed and abandoned all his thoughts as he tightly shut his eyes. He'll continue them in the morning.

At the same moment, Sora wasn't yet sleeping, but jumping in his soft bed, get ready for rest. Kairi was listening to music, Roxas was trying to find his way to the kitchen, and Riku was carefully reading a book. As for Naminè, she fell asleep right away, but...

'Naminè... seek out... Midgar...'.

A voice reached her mind, but the word were faint and broken, almost as if someone had stopped the voice from speaking to her...

"HUH!?! WHAT!?!" Naminè exclaimed, suddenly waking up in a terrible shock. She panted slightly, looking back and forth, examining the room to see if the voice was someone whispered to her as she slept. After realizing that she was completely alone in her room, Naminè sighed a short anxious breath. "What on earth was that...?"

She thought of getting a drink of water, to calm her shaken nerves. After finding the room and the castle too dim for her to properly find her way through, she dismissed the idea. The sole light in the room was the moonlight pouring from a window. Naminè strolling over to the window, opening it and feeling the crisp, chilling night air flooding the room. She inhaled the sweet scent breeze and sighed, now relaxed.

'Maybe I should tell about that weird voice with the others tomorrow...' Naminè asked herself, still looking out the window and at the bright full moon.

The next day...

"Morning everyone! Did you sleep well?" Mickey asked. "Uh...where is Sora?"

"He might be sleeping... that lazy guy...", Riku answered, yawning. He was up until the early morning reading his novel, only finally going to sleep after he finished.

"I'm here, I'm here..." Sora called out, his hair mussed up and eyes tearing as he yawned. He blinked them away and slouched against the wall, half awake.

Naminè hadn't been able to go back to sleep the night before. After her encounter with that enigmatic voice, Naminè was too alert to fall back asleep until the dawn rose. She slouched in her chair, slowly falling asleep and losing consciousness.

"You ok?" Axel asked, after noticed her drowsiness, in concern.

"Huh?" Naminè's eyes snapped open, and she look at Axel with a tired gleam in her half-lidded eyes. "Oh... yeah... I think...," she replied, trying to remain awake. She decided it was best to at least ask something about what the voice said. "Your Majesty, do you know a place called Midgar?"

King Mickey almost jumped and looked Naminè slightly worried. "I, uh... actually do... why do ask?"

"Um, well, uh..." Naminè stuttered for a bit. "We could check it... if you allow us to! Of course, I mean-"
Before Naminè could finish her words, the King cut her off.

"Of course you can. I'll prepare the Gummy ship, so, eat your breakfast and I'll be right back!" Mickey darted off, leaving Naminè wordless.

Sora sat down in a chair quickly after hearing about breakfast. He grabbed some eggs and toast and started eating fast, barely having time to chew all his food before having the next bite. Roxas stared him, both disgusted and worried.

"Slow down, or you'll-"

Sora interrupted Roxas half way as he began coughing and choking from a piece of bread caught in his throat. He pound heavily on his chest, attempted to regain his breath, while still hacking.

"Nevermind..." Roxas mumbled, looking away almost in shame of his Other.

"Here Sora, drink some water," Kairi advised. She passed him the glass of cool water and gently tapped him on the back as Sora gulped it down in a fury. Finally, Sora exhaled and slammed the glass down dramatically, breathing slowly short breaths in and out to calm himself down.

Riku started laughing hysterically at the scene. His strange sounding laughter made the others look at him with a raised brow. Riku slowed down and stopped completely when he noticed that everyone was staring at him. He continued to eat the rest of his breakfast in silence.

Axel had not yet touched his plate. He was too deep in thought that he unaware of his own hunger.

After a while King Mickey appeared and announced to all. "Everything's ready for your journey!," he said, and everyone stood up. Axel remained seated, in lost in thought.

"You're going too, Axel!"

"ME WHAT!?!" Axel was knocked away from his train of thought and back into reality. His voice echoed throughout the entire castle, filling all the once silent halls with sound. He continued to gasp and stutter somewhat afterwards.

"Dude man, no need to insist you come with us..." Sora sarcastically remark, closing his ears with his hands to block out Axel's still echoing yell.

"B...but why?!?" Axel stuttered out, still shocked.

"Because you might find something important of yours, maybe your memories. Those guys seem to know something about your memories," King Mickey replied.

"Dah... they don't look like important people to me..." Axel turned his head away and crossed his arms. "...but ok. I guess I could give it a try," Axel resolved in a light voice and started walking to the gummy ship.

When Axel left along with King Mickey, Sora turned to the other and asked, "Hey, he's acting weird, isn't he?"

"Woah, you mean he wasn't always a jerk like that?" Kairi asked back.

"He has lost his memories, after all, it seems..." Roxas said, thinking out loud.

"Didn't Axel die though, back at The World That Never Was?" Riku asked, staring Naminè who hadn't said a word and remained completely quiet.

"Hey Naminè, can you fix his memories? Like you did with all the people that knew me?" Sora asked in his usual hyper tone.

"Huh?" Naminè snapped back and look at Sora. "Oh, it doesn't work like that, I mean, he met you, and took part in your journey in a way... but, I can't help him remember any blanks he has when he didn't know you." Naminè explained, looking down.

"You mean you can't do anything? I thought that you two were friends..." Roxas said, sadden to be unable to help his own friend.

"I know, but memories are weird. He is not Sora you see, he only met him. I could make him remember the day we met and after, but the rest will still be empty... so I think we should to let him remember himself," Naminè said again, looking serious this time.

"That's the best thing we could do by now," Riku added and walked away.

"Let's go guys," Sora said nodding and left the room too, the others following suit.

"There you are all!" King Mickey said when everyone arrived at the gummi ship. Suddenly, the King's expression turned serious and he spoke lowly. "The place you want to search... it's actually very dangerous. I've never been there, but I know quite well it's a far from peaceful place, so be careful. I'll try to come and find you after a while. I hope you'll have a safe journey. Donald and Goofy are staying here, because the castle might still be threatened and we must be prepared for an attack at any time." When he finished his warning, the others boarded onto the Gummy ship.

"Are you sure this thing can fly?" Axel asked, looking around the strange spacecraft, with a smooth voice.

"IF WE LOSE SOME WEIGHT, IT MIGHT!" Sora boasted, loudly. Everyone began laughing, excluding a thinking Naminè, and the gummy ship's engines fired up and they blasted off.

~Thanks for reading^^
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I just started reading this and I love it already! Axel's so awesome :)


I've posted once since 2010
Jan 30, 2008
Ok! If you are making another chapter, I can't wait!
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