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Fanfiction ► Broken Chain of Memories (Kingdom Hearts Infinities 2)


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Feb 20, 2009
South Africa
I'm surprised at how long and good it is. So it's basically just a giant AU?

Yeah, well I was inspired by the Star Wars Infinities comic book series where it was Alternate timeline for the first 3 films and I wanted to see if I could do a similar thing with Kingdom Hearts. The first one I did was if Sora had stayed a heartless and Kairi had to go through the events of Chain of Memories and KH2. I try to add in more FF characters and make it a little darker. I'm glad you like it. ^^ It's still far from over.

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Jun 24, 2009
Yeah it is the Free states flag from DMZ. ^_^ I just thought it looked cool. I'm not a nationalist or anything. XD


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Feb 20, 2009
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Roxas’s eyes opened. He knew his arm was gone before he opened them. He knew how bad it was and he could feel the pain. Pain, it was a thing he had known since the beginning of the nonexistence he called his life. He sensed Axel in the room. He knew what was going to happen. Axel was going to tell him he had lost his arm. He’s going to struggle with an explanation for it happening. Then He’ll be pulled out of the room, talked to by someone higher in command, then someone else would come back in and tell him some lie behind a sick grin and look at him in a way that showed that he would have to accept his current state until it could be mended.

Just as Roxas had thought, the next few moments went exactly the way he expected.

“… So You’ll have to accept the situation for the time being” Xaldin said with his customary toothy grin that made him appear like a tiger that was eyeing its pray.

“The Organization has plans for you and will see to it that you’re fixed. Fixed in a way that will get you back to fighting strength…” Xaldin added as he pushed his night dark hair from his eyes and walked out of the room.

As he walked out Roxas felt something warm on his cheeks. They were tears.

Axel walked back into the room.

“You’re different you know…” Axel said as he closed the door behind him.

Roxas looked up, the tears still flowing freely down his face.

“You’re special.” Axel walked over to the younger boy and brushed his tears from his cheeks gently.

“I… Don’t understand…” Roxas said, his voice cracking as he whimpered slightly.

“You’re… just not like a normal nobody.”

“But A…” Roxas started but he was cut off by Axel pulling him into a light hug.

“Just…don’t…” Axel said in the calmest way he could, “Just don’t go thinking about your problems like they don’t matter to anyone else.”

Axel felt the younger boy’s arm wrap around him and the bandaged stub of his other awkwardly brush up against his side. He knew that since Roxas lost his arm, Namine did as well. He Held him closer just thinking about it. He knew that his feelings weren’t real, just memories of feelings, but he hated what the twins had to go through. He hated that he couldn’t tell Roxas about his sister. He looked down at the sobbing boy in his arms. So light, just like his sister. And the same ice blue eyes and golden locks of hair.

“It’s okay. You don’t ever have to keep up your strength with me. You can just rest for a little bit.” Axel said as Roxas continued to cry. “Just rest…”

“I-is this okay?” Roxas asked, “Won’t you get in trouble for doing this for me?”

“I don’t really care if I do anymore.”

Axel slowly pulled away from Roxas. He looked at the boy. He slowly walked out the door. He leaned up against it and let his legs cave in, hitting the ground with his rear as he slid down the door. “I… Need to try to get him out… both of them… I can’t stand this anymore.”

Sora looked around. He had remembered fighting heartless. How they disappeared after he struck them, releasing a heart as they faded away. He remembered how… there was never a smell to that. He saw the trenches, the blood, the bodies. But the smell, the smell of burn flesh and rotting meat. He heard some gunshots in the distance, most likely some of his comrades finishing off any stragglers. This really wasn’t what he expected. He Held his rifle. It was heavy. Heavier than his keyblade. He didn’t like using it to kill people with. He felt that if he used the rifle then it wasn’t really him doing anything. Just pulling a trigger. He had to think of it that way, or everything that they were doing felt too wrong.

He walked to the edge of an enemy trench that had been blown out. He looked down in it. More burnt bodies. Then he saw something movie. It was a Slecus soldier. Not even really a man, but a boy. A boy that didn’t look to much older than himself.

The boy struggled in agony as he tried to move out of the ashes of what use to be his fellow soldiers. He screamed in pain. He was trying to say something but Sora Couldn’t make it out. He tried to reach for something in his Jacket.

Sora lifted his rifle up and pointed it at the boy.

“Don’t do it!” Sora yelled

The boy continued to struggle for what was in his jacket.

“Please! I don’t want to have to shoot you!”

The boy moaned something Sora couldn’t understand. Sora was just about to speak again when he saw something black being pulled out of the boy’s jacket. His instincts kicked in and Sora pulled the trigger.

Cloud seeing Sora and hearing the sound rushed over to him. Kairi was soon to follow.

“Sora, what’s…” Then they both saw the dead boy. Cloud cringed and Kairi held back a gasp at how young he looked and what horrible condition he was in.
“H-he was reaching for something… I had to shoot.” Sora stammered.

Cloud pulled his head away from the scene and walked away with him. He remembered the first time he actually saw the enemy he killed face to face. It had nearly caused him to break down.

Kairi looked at the dead boy, his lifeless eyes looking up at the sky. She walked down into the trench and kneeled down to him. She closed his eyes shut. She reached and moved the boy’s hand from out of his jacket. The thing he was holding fell out with him. It was a black leather bound case. Kairi took it from him and folded the flaps open and looked inside. It was a photograph of a happy family. Kairi gasped and held back a sob. All the boy had tried to do was look at his family one last time before he died.

“Kairi!?” Sora yelled from off in the distance.

Kairi was pulled from her thoughts. She opened the boys jacket back up and tucked the Photo back into the boys coat. As she was leaving she looked at some of the other bodies in the trench or at least what remained of them. They were all young. Kairi gulped hard and stepped out of the trench. She knew there was still more work to do.

Saix looked into Namine’s room. She was sitting up and holding her sketch book. He looked down at his shoes before deciding to walk in.

Namine looked up upon hearing the sound of the door opening. Her face instantly brightened as she realized it was Saix who had walked into the room.

“Before you say anything” He started, “You should know that… your friend is in critical condition And is likely to die.”

Namine’s face grew pale as if life itself had slid out of her.


Saix saw her face and looked into her eyes. He got up and started to walk out. He stopped half way to the door and turned around. He walked back over to Namine and lifted her up into his arms. Before she could say anything he walked out of the room with her.

“Sir, I’m sorry but you can’t do that with her just yet…” One of the doctors started to say before Saix interrupted.

“It’s my Damn ship. I can do whatever I want!” He said as he stormed down the hall, Namine still in his arms.

He walked down the hall to the common soldiers room where rows and rows of hospital beds were lined up all with wounded soldiers on them. He walked and walked and finally stopped in front of a bed. It was James’s.

James struggled and looked up and saw Namine. His eyes went wide and he almost actually smiled.

Saix knew what the boy was looking at. He walked over to his side and dipped Namine down to him.

To James it appeared as if Namine was an angel looking down at him.

Namine knew James wasn’t going to live. The damage done to his neck and spine was just too much. She didn’t want the last time that he ever saw her to be a sad time.

“Hi James.” She said.

The only response she got was a look in his eyes that showed how happy he was to see her

“I wanted to thank you for saving me.” Namine said calmly with a smile on her face. She reached down and felt his face gently.

For a long time Saix held her there above him until eventually the pain made the boy start to fall back into a sleep; A sleep that would be his last before his eventual death shortly after they would leave the common soldier room.

Before James closed his eyes for the last time Namine kissed him on the forehead. James’s eyes brightened with happiness before the slowly slid closed.
Namine wished she had tears left to cry but they were just gone, all gone. She didn’t have the power to cry.

Saix took her back to her room and set her back down on her bed. He made sure she wouldn’t fall off and started to walk out.

“Daddy…” Namine said finally.

Saix turned back around to face her.

“I love you.”

Saix looked at her and turned back around.

“I…” he said “I know.”

He walked out of the room and back down the hallway.

Short this week but I feel I had to write this part of the story now or I wouldn't be able to later. I hope you enjoyed the new chapter. New one up next week.


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Feb 20, 2009
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Hey guys, Sorry this chapter took a little long. I broke my thumb at the gym. >.> My spotter was to busy talking on his phone to help me. That jerk. Anyway here is the chapter.

Xigbar looked over the burning city before him. Ukiz was his.

“Sir, Some of my men wanted to know what we should do with the Chrisen population that we’ve captured.”

Xigbar looked over at the Slecus officer.

“Do as you want with them. I don’t care.” Xigbar said. He didn’t like working with people in war times. He preferred the husks of his Assassin nobodies.
The officer’s face brightened up. He said the order into his radio and shots rang out over the city.

Xigbar did however like captain Olshalger. He was ruthless and commanding.

Olshlager stood a tall 6 foot 5 inches. He had short blond hair and bright blue eyes. He spoke in a voice that had a natural hardness. He came from a wealthy family and how he took control of a room showed it.

He had a hatred of anything that was from Hollow bastion. The only thing he hated more was Chrisen. Their existence was a threat to the glory that was the human race. Their disgusting eyes; Olshlager hated that the most of all. Those disgusting green eyes made him want to vomit. All Chrisens did, after all, was steal jobs and stab normal people in the back. It was a fundamental thing he learned from childhood that stuck with him since.

“Sir, what exactly do you have planned for the S.O.L.D.I.E.R. led invasion force that is suppose to push us out?”

“Don’t worry. Luxord’s fleet will be here soon. To make sure they are kept in check though, I’ll send a division of my assassins over to their encampment. They’ll suffer so many losses they won’t be able to keep a occupying force that will be a threat to ours.

Riku walked alongside Joshua. He had told them where the information Tono is. He is held up in a large private owned estate that was formerly a castle. Not an uncommon sight on worlds that had been controlled by Hollow Bastion and not uncommon to be used by all kinds of people. They were making their approach now. Riku and Joshua would take the lead and go in through a side entrance, while Trevor and Holly went through from the roof. Donald, Goofy, and the others would cause a diversion to draw the attention of the guards and mercenaries. If everything went well Riku’s team and Trevor’s team would have taken out the more elite guards so Donald and Goofy’s team wouldn’t be fighting anyone the kids couldn’t handle.

Neku, Shiki, Rhyme, and Beat had armed themselves with different pins to defend themselves with. They weren’t strong fighters but they would have Donald and Goofy there to keep them out of any real danger.

“We’re here Riku.” Joshua said as he motioned towards the men guarding the small hidden door on the side of the castle. “We going to take them out?”

“NO!” River yelled at Trevor from atop Riku’s head.

Riku agreed, “River’s right. We’re shouldn’t kill anyone if we don’t have to! Knock them out with magic”

“Fine, have it your way,” Joshua rolled his eyes as he focused his telepathy pin and thrust the one of the two guards towards the wall, knocking him out.
Before the second guard could react Riku cast a sleep spell, causing the man to drop to the ground. The boys approached the door. Of course the door was locked but one tap of the keyblade opened it right up.

“That is a great tool…” Joshua said underneath his breath, “I may have to get one of my own.”

“I have only used this spell a few times Trevor.” Holly’s voice wavered,

“It’s okay Princess, I’m sure you’ll have it dead on.” Trevor responded reassuringly.

“Okay, here it goes,” The young girl said.

Holly closed her eyes and put her hand in front of her as she drew the magic from her body. A white portal slowly but surely opened. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“See,” Trevor said cheerfully as he patted her on the back, “I knew you could open up a portal princess. Portals be they dark or light are much better than having to walk or, in this case, climb somewhere.”

Trevor and Holly stepped through the portal and disappeared then reappeared on top of the roof. Holly was short of breath. She still wasn’t use to making portals yet. They spotted the guards patrolling the top towers where they now stood.

“Don’t worry princess,” Trevor whispered, “You catch your breath while I take out the guards.”

Holly nodded as Trevor leapt down the steps to the stone walkway. He silently approached the first guard. He got right up behind him before hitting him in the pressure points on his sides making him drop to the ground and then punched him hard on the side of the head. He didn’t want to accidentally trip any alarm system that would go off if a guard’s heart rate was being monitored.

He repeated the process with the rest of the guards before returning to Holly.

“You ready?” He asked

“Yeah,” She responded.

“Then let’s get this show on the road.” He said with a wink.

The monsters stormed after Latika as she ran down the hall. She still couldn’t believe that she was actually trapped on a ship with… monsters, real monsters. Her heart pumped faster and faster still as she reloaded her pistol with a magazine she took off a monster she killed. She snapped the clip in place and turned around and shot at the legs of the monster in front.

The bullet hit just above the shin causing the monster to fall to the ground and trip the others behind it. Latika didn’t know the man that had been turned into that creature but she knew that it was someone’s friend and she had pry past him plenty of times in the mess hall. She still couldn’t deal with the fact that
those things that now hunted her and Sam through this ship had been their crew mates.

She sprinted over to the monsters that now lay on the ground and shot them all in the head before they could get back up.

“Hello!?” said a voice, “Is anyone out there?”

“I’m here!” Latika answered

“I’m in the janitor’s room, I locked myself in. There aren’t any of those things out there still are there?”

“No,” Latika said, “It’s safe.”

She walked towards the janitor’s door and knocked on it. The door opened and she saw a man in an officer’s uniform.”

“Who are you,” She asked

“I’m head officer of this wing of this deck.” He answered, “I hid in here when I realized you couldn’t kill those… those THINGS.”

“You can kill them,” Latika corrected “You just have to shoot them in the head.”

“I see,” The officer nodded, “Then it must be that that thing they took on the ship that’s causing this. It’s not super natural at all if you can kill those bastards.”

“Wait, what thing?” Latika asked

“Well… we… were here picking up a weapon. A biological weapon developed by our Allies in the Organization. I was told we would be holding it until we got to Ukiz. Well… Last time I checked in with anyone on the radio they said something about the weapon leaking out of the containment room. I guess those things is the result of the weapon.” The officer said.

Latika put her hand to her head. That was a lot to take in. She shook her head and tried to regain her composure. “Do you still have your radio?”

“No, one of those things grabbed it. It’s on a private station for officers so we can’t get the signal if we use a normal soldier’s.” He responded.

“Do you remember where they grabbed it?”

“yes, in hallway 9F.”

Latika knew what she had to do. She had to get that radio. It was the only thing she thought that would give her and Sam a chance at getting out of this mess.

“Stay here, I’ll go find the radio.”

The man nodded.

Latika took in a deep breath and started for Hallway 9F and the only chance she had to getting off “The Nero”

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You broke your thumb? Ouch. Cool set up xi. I can't wait to see what happens with the information tono.


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Hi guys! Sorry this has been taking so dang long to finish. >.> I've had a lot on my plate and this has kinda been in the back of my mind and the bottom of my to do list. I'm sure I'll be able to get something up around Spring brake. Since my little brother will be out of school for a little bit and So will Mikey I think We'll be able to get something done.
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