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Eternal Snow

Hopelessly Confused
May 13, 2006
Ok, I have off Thursday and Friday, so while JJ's at school *and can't keep me from writing the chapter cuz he wants to talk* I'll write the rest of the chappie then. So chappie sometime this weekend I promise!

Probably Saturday

Gullwing Yunie

Nov 30, 2006
I haven't used my bat in months...wow.

Oh and:


Something tells me you're gonna have to get in line.

Either way, the chappie shall be delayed no more. And Sammii can write to her little heart's content!

Eternal Snow

Hopelessly Confused
May 13, 2006
Finally everyone! The moment you've all been waiting for! Chapter 11! YAYYYYYY! Anyways, cuz I'm exteremly tired now, and I officailly cannot think anymore, and I have nothing else left to say here. Except that when we tie JJ to a tree and make a pinata out of him. . .I get the first hit. So uh yeah, Enjoy! I'm working on the rewrite. Which will be posted as soon as I can do so. Now, I really do give you Chapter 11! P.s - Sorry It's kinda short. P.s.s - Proof of how tired I am: I thought this was Chapter 14. XD P.s.s.s - Now I shall go to sleep. Cuz it's 3:08am - Nuh Night Peoplez <33

Chapter 11 ~ To Twilight Town!​
Sora yawned, it was like three in the morning for him. This was the last time he would take the night shift of driving the Gummi Ship for Donald and Goofy. It had an autopilot, they should learn to use it. But the autopilot could fail and send us god only knows where! Donald’s words echoed in Sora’s head. He grinned a bit. Donald and Goofy were so weird sometimes.

It would be about 3:30am when they finally got to their destination, a.k.a. Radiant Garden, formally known as Hollow Bastion. Then again, its name was Radiant Garden originally. Then somehow it was changed to Hollow Bastion. Most likely by Maleficent, Sora thought. Then the “gang” changed it back to Radiant Garden. That’s kinda confusing, Sora smirked.

Sora looked over to the clock and groaned, “Only two minutes passed!”

This is gonna take forever! Sora thought half asleep as he flung his feet up a rested them on the dashboard, then leaned back in his chair. Geez, from now on we’re using the friggen autopilot.

Sora sighed as thoughts of Kairi filled his mind. To tell the truth, he didn’t mind that kiss. He was shocked yes, but he didn’t mind that it actually happened. Sora blushed a bit, he kinda wished it happened again. He had always liked Kairi that way, but he was always to shy to make a move. Maybe I can use this to my advantage, Sora smirked again.

Or maybe that would be wrong to do, Sora’s sense of right and wrong kicked in, so maybe doing that would be taking advantage of Kairi, er something. . .

Sora was over thinking. . .again, but he always over thought everything. He always acted pretty serious before, but after becoming the Keyblade Master it just got worse. He sighed and rolled his eyes, “I need SLEEP!” he accidently yelled out loud, then looked around to make sure he didn’t wake up Donald and Goofy.

Goofy probably wouldn’t care if he was woken up to the sound of Sora yelling, but Donald. . .

Sora cringed, “anger problems. . .” He whispered to himself remembering what happened before.

||~*Sora’s Memory*~||


Sora turned around to find a very tired, very angry duck behind him, “Uh Yeah?”

“Do you know what time it is?!” Donald yelled, obviously annoyed.

“One in the morning?” Sora answered half afraid of what was coming next.

“Exactly!” Donald basically screamed at him and then kept going until his accent got so bad Sora’s name sounded like, ‘Schowra’

||~*End of Memory*~||

Sora laughed a bit that was one cooky duck. Then again, he probably shouldn’t have been up at one in the morning blasting “Thanks for The Memories” by Fall Out Boy, but he couldn’t sleep. So it was really his fault, or maybe it was, either way it was funny and kinda of scary at the same time.


“AH!” Sora screamed causing him to lose balance and fall out of the chair onto the hard floor.

“WHAT ARE YOU YELLING ABOUT?!” Donald screamed as he huffed into the room.

“Er, uh, nothing?” Sora quietly said while getting up off the floor.

“SHOWA!” Donald growled, “GO TO YOUR ROOM!” Donald pointed to the door as he walked forward to the Gummi Ship controls.

“YAY!” Sora yelled happily.

Donald looked back and glared at him, “I mean, uh, boo?” Sora walked out of the door head headed toward his room, slightly laughing. He didn’t want Donald to see he was happy about it. That would mean he would have to stay and drive the Gummi Ship the rest of the way, only worse, Donald would be watching him the whole time. Sora grinned, crazy duck.

After going through the hallways of the Gummi Ship he reached his room. It was small, and could only really fit a bed and a dresser, but it wasn’t like his permeant room anyways. Though Sora did manage to fit his stereo and tv in there, he was a master pack rat after all. Before going in Sora looked at the clock at the end of the hallway toward Goofy’s room.

“3:25 A.M.?!” Sora yelled extremely frustrated, “I WANTED TO SLEEP!”

He sighed. This always happens to him. Geez, he thought walking into his room, I wonder what Kairi’s doing.

There was a 6-hour time difference between Destiny Islands and Radiant Garden. Remembering that only made Sora even more tired.

Sora yawned, and laid down on his bed. Kairi was probably still sleeping, after all she didn’t usually wake up till one in the after noon. Sora laughed. Kairi is such a girly girl most of the time.

Sora started to close his eyes for a quick nap, five minutes was better then nothing after all.

“SHOWA!” Donald’s voice echoed through the small hallways of the Gummi Ship.

“AH!” Sora screamed while falling off of his small bed and doing a face plant. About five seconds after Donald crashed into his room screaming for him to get up. He was always grumpy in the morning, especially if woken up. Sora groaned as Donald finished yelling and left his small room on the Gummi Ship.

Sora slowly got up as he recovered from his face plant he “gracefully” landed while falling out of his bed from Donald’s loud squeaky scream.

He rubbed his face from the sting quickly and then ran out of his room into the Gummi Ship’s lobby area. Donald and Goofy were waiting there like they always did. The impatient Donald tapping his foot on the floor while scowling, and Goofy looking around while he day dreamed. “What took you so long?!” Donald huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. Sora sighed, there was nothing he could say to help. So instead of answering Donald he simply walked toward the Gummi Ship door and headed outside to go find the “gang.”

* * *

Radiant Garden had actually changed a lot from the last time Sora saw it. There were flowers and trees planted everywhere. It somewhat reminded Sora of Disney Palace. The area where the entrance to the Gummi Ship hanger was. With all the flowers and shrubbery everywhere. Except there were tons of more flowers everywhere, and not as many shrubs. There was a tree planted in every corner of the shopping area. All the flowers were different types and colors, though there were noticeably more pink flowers then the rest. Probably Aerith’s doing, Sora chuckled. Like Kairi, Aerith was a pink freak. It looked like the entire area was decorated. There were flower beds made on top of the walls. Which also meant Sora couldn’t jump them anymore, he frowned a bit and then grinned, I’ll jump over the flowerbeds too. Which would probably mean he would have to run and jump now. Especially considering how tall some of the flowers were. All and all, with everything that the gang had done the area was breath taking. It was even better if you remembered what it looked like before.

While Donald and Goofy weren’t looking Sora quickly ran and then jumped over the flowerbed on top of the wall just clearing the pink petunias that were planted in the flowerbed. He landed unsteadily, but somehow managed to balance himself enough so that he didn’t do another face plant for the second time today.

The time zones in Radiant Garden and Destiny Islands were different so it was about 9:45am when Sora, Donald and Goofy finally got there.

“Showa! What did I tell you about jumping over the walls?!” Donald scolded, he always treated Sora like he was two.

“Uh, to jump over them as fast and as high as I can?” Sora sarcastically replied while grinning to himself. He was about to get an earful.


“You’re here!” A soft familiar feminine voice somehow managed to come through Donald’s ranting.

Sora, Donald and Goofy turned around to see Aerith behind them. She was wearing her usual pink outfit, but it was completely covered in dirt. Which basically proved Sora’s theory on why there were more pink flowers. After all, Aerith was obviously the one planting most of them.

“Guys!” Aerith exclaimed, “I’m so glad you’re back!” She turned around to walk to Merlin’s house, a.k.a. the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee’s Headquarters, and then she paused and turned back to Sora, Donald and Goofy, “But why are you back? Is there something wrong?”

Sora, Donald and Goofy all glanced quickly at each other trying to decide who would give the bad news to their friend. Sora stepped forward to, but then chickened out and instead said that it would be easier for them to tell the whole gang at the same time. Which technically wasn’t a lie, considering that it really would.

Aerith had a worried expression on her face as she walked to Merlin’s house with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Once there she took a key out of her mud stained pocket and put it into the lock of the house. “Some people have been trying to break into the house to see what we’re doing, so we always keep the door locked now.” Aerith quickly told Sora, Donald and Goofy as she opened the door.

From a first glance the place hadn’t changed at all. The Pooh Book was still right by the bed where it always was. The chalk board usually containing Leon’s latest plan was right by the computer. Merlin’s colorful furniture was sitting almost precisely in the middle of the room, as usual. His books strewn across the table. Most of them being open. Which probably meant Merlin was looking for some kind of spell. Hopefully one Sora could possibly use. Sora smiled a bit. He loved learning new spells. Especially the really powerful ones.

“Well, howdy ho!” Cid quickly turned away from the computer to see who was there, “So why are you here in Radiant Garden? I can’t imagine that you’re just dropping by. I mean, usually you three come here for some reason. Not a good one usually, might I add.”

“So, what’s it now? Heartless? Nobodies? Some new organization that thinks they stand a chance?” Leon butted in.

“Well,” Sora started, “It’s a really long story.”

“We’ve got time!” The hyper ninja Yuffie bounced into the room as cheerful as ever.

Sora glanced at Donald and Goofy. He didn’t want to tell the story, but who else really could? Well, who else that was currently there, or not possessed. At least he slightly hoped Riku was possessed, because that somehow would make this slightly better.

Sora sighed as he started to explain exactly what he knew to the gang.

After Sora finished, not only was he out of breath from how long that story really is, but he was really depressed. Too much was happening all at once. It was a lot for him to take in. Heck, it was a lot for anyone to take in, but he couldn’t really dwell on that. He had to get Riku somewhere safe where he won’t hurt himself, or others for that matter.

“Well, that’s one heck of a story there Sora, good luck.” Cid saluted as he walked back to the computer and started typing again.

Leon sighed, and sat down in the closest chair to him, “Well Sora, there’s really only one thing I can think to tell you to help with this.”

“And that is?” Sora asked.

“Go to Twilight Town and talk to Namine. She should know where to find Riku, or at least she should have some way of finding him.” Leon answered, “after talking to her you should know what to do next, because it seems like Namine’s the key factor here.”

“All right!” Sora shouted triumphantly, “off to Twilight Town!” He stomped out of Merlin’s house and started heading to the Gummi Ship. Donald and Goofy quickly got up and reluctantly followed. There was a nine out of ten chance Sora would make a fool of himself with this.

The rest of the gang followed Sora too. They probably wouldn’t see Sora, Donald and Goofy for a while, so they better see them off. Besides seeing Sora make a fool of himself is always fun.

* * *

“AH HA! I made it all the way to the Gummi Ship with out tripping once!” Sora excitedly yelled.

“Sora! Watch out fo-“

“AH!” Sora tripped on a tree branch sticking out and fell off of the platform. For the second time today he landed a perfect face plant right into the ground. Even worse poor Sora did a face plant onto hard cement paving.

Yuffie laughed, Leon grinned, Cid hackled, Aerith went over to help Sora up and Donald and Goofy sadly missed it.

“Aw!” Donald whined

“Gee, shucks Sora. Do you always have to do that? Hyuck!” Goofy smiled.

“I’d prefer not to.” Sora rubbed his nose, as he walked on board.

Soon enough the Gummi Ship was ready for take off. Sora, Donald and Goofy waved goodbye to their friends and headed for Twilight Town.
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