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Fanfiction ► Just one little promise....

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Oh no the knife controls the princessofheart. I should be getting to sleep right now. All right. I will resolve this problem until tomorrow or whenever I get on. Peace out.


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Nov 18, 2006
I am going to reposses all of princessofheart's virtual knives until the next chapter! That is, if the knife doesn't take control again...


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Yes!!!! I finished the chapter finally sorry it took so long people....couldn't think of anything to put..... hope you like it!!! P.S it sorta got less crazy as I kept writing so sorry `princessofheart :toungesmile:

Chapter 6: The reason

“Riku…what is it?” Kairi asked still unsure whether or not to trust him or not.

“Kairi…” Riku sighed, “I have to tell you… why I did it.”

“Why you did what?” Kairi asked.

“Oh, so Sora still hasn’t told you, he hasn’t told what I’ve been doing and am doing right now.” Riku said grinning, “That silly Sora.”

“Riku, what have you been doing and why didn’t Sora tell me?” Kairi thought to herself.

Kairi started to back away afraid of what Riku was going to do.

“Kairi, I didn’t mean to do it I swear.” Riku said.

“Do what Riku… what did you do, just tell me.” Kairi pleaded.

“I’m sorry Kairi…I betrayed you…I was so stupid,” Riku said almost whispering.

“Riku, how did you betray me? Riku, why does Sora not trust you?” Kairi asked.

“Oh, Sora has good reason not to trust me…for you see I’m working with the enemy.” As soon as Riku said this there was a sudden bright light and a man appeared.

“Riku, hurry up…Blaze cannot wait any longer… there is little time remaining.” The man said.


“Rika, hurry up, Kairi could be brought back with Riku anytime now.” Sora complained.

“Yes, yes, yes the boat is going as quick as it can, if you’d rather swim then do so, and stop complaining,” Rika yelled.

With this Sora jumped out the boat and swam off towards the island.

“Wow,” Namine screamed in awe, “I never knew he could swim so fast.”

“Men will do anything when they’re in love.” Tieka laughed.

“Yeah, well we better go to the island or else Sora and Kairi are going to be in trouble.” Rika said.

“Wait, how do you know that?” Namine thought to herself.

“ I just do!” Rika yelled.

“Didn’t I say that to myself?” Namine thought.

“Damn, I’m not supposed to do that, I’m not supposed to show my ability.” Rika thought to herself silently.


“Hmm, I wonder where Kairi and her friends are.” Hannah asked a bit confused of her daughter’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile (yet again)…

“Yes, yes Duez, I’m sorry Kairi but I have to leave.” Riku said walking towards Kairi.

Kairi ran, she ran to the edge of the water, making sure she could get as far away from Riku as possible.

“Who are you?” Kairi yelled, “You’re not the Riku I grew up with, the Riku I grew up with would never do such a horrible thing.”

“Kairi, it is me and I did do those horrible things.” Riku said before disappearing.

“Kairi, are you there????” Someone yelled.

“Sora, is that you?” Kairi yelled back.

Sora came splashing towards Kairi’s voice.

“Thank god you’re okay, I was so worried that Riku might have came and…” Sora said.

“Riku did come, Sora.” Kairi interrupted, “And I did talk to him.”

“What, but I told you to get away from him if he ever came.” Sora stated.

“Yes, but Riku really needed to talk to me.” Kairi argued.

“That doesn’t change the fact that Riku betrayed us.” Sora hollered.

“Yeah well what does change that fact is that he is our friend and would never do anything to hurt us!” Kairi screamed back.

“But, I don’t even think he is our friend any more,” Sora protested.

“No Sora, he may not be YOUR friend anymore, but he is still MY friend, no matter what he does,” Kairi said, beginning to get annoyed by Sora’s ranting.

“Just listen Kairi, you may not know it but Riku is working for the man who tried to kidnap you earlier…” Sora said.

“Yes I know that, no thanks to you,” Kairi said bitterly,” Sora, I just want to be left alone right now, I don’t want to fight.”

“Fine,” Sora said discouragingly.

As soon as there ‘fight’ ended the boat arrived with Rika, Tieka and Namine.

“Hey, what happened, Sora, you don’t look to good.” Tieka asked.

“Nothing let’s just go.” Sora said in thought.


It's mostly talking so sorry if it gets confusing....:closedeyes:
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