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Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Seen this before? Maybe, but like a Nobody, I was just a shell. Body, soul, but no heart.

"Time amongst the tide is slim before the water returns."

Waves rose and fell along a shoreline where few have treaded. A person clothed in a silk black hooded robe stepped up to the water’s edge; his bright blue-green-yellow eyes peeking beyond his light blue wavy bangs to the sea nearly hidden by night, and rock formations that can only be described as “unique of the elegant.” The waves rolled back and forth, with their sound mixed of bated breath. His eyes smiled - and the sky, once draped in eternal night, gave way to dawn stretching her scenic rays upon land once mysterious to the warmth of sunlight; the light of the dawn revealed the boy’s translucent wings.

Darkness - Ssenkrad

Sharp footsteps echoed down a long dim hallway. The glow of candles with black flames shied their light away from a Lady clothed in deep satin cloth of Red; she stopped at the end of the Foyer of Dusk, “My loyal adherents,” she smiled, “What news do you have for me?” Sharp, incisive yellow eyes opened, followed by a grin portrayed of teeth sodden in malevolence …Empty, white eyes opened, followed by a playful, high-pitched laugh,

“The entities revealed that the Door to Light has been tamed out of hiding milady!”

“The systems are now calling for the Seraphs to take stand, however -” the yellow-eyed monster spit a bloodied keychain at the Lady of Red’s feet, -“we have seen that they have yet to breathe.”

The Lady’s smile turned as twisted as the beast’s, “Go then – finish them off – anehay fo ecnatsiser eht rethgualst!”

Thgil - Light.

A short young lady draped in spring green cloth (with skin tone of the same shade) rocked on her heels in the sand. Her long flowing olive hair, radiant in every strand, swayed with the night ocean air. A monarch butterfly perched on the side of her head, slowly beat its wings to keep steady with the wind. Her eyes were a brilliant yellow almond, and her face, usually gentle of a young maiden, had a somber look which made her eyes shine even more in the moonlight, of a beach, were few have tread.

Waves rose and fell drenching a deep pink shawl that hung from the side of a tall woman whose feet were just out of reach of the waves; her hands on her hips. She was dressed in a simple pink summer dress with short sleeves. The deep pink shawl that was tied around her waist, slowly turned an even deeper pink with the wet of the water crawling up. Her skin tone was bright peach and her long hair was shocking pink with shades of blonde; her eyes were the brightest sky blue ever witnessed, above a sarcastic smirk on her mouth.

Though these two females stood upon the beach, thier steps made no impression in the sand, unlike the smudge that was where two boys once sat. A third person arrived; he made no impression in the wind.

"Its warm right here,” said the green girl happily (the butterfly flapped its wings), “They really were here."

"Funny, how someone can just tumble to all sorts of places,” smiled the pink lady (the green girl returned the smirk), “I wonder if they even realized where they were."

"I doubt it," said an elder voice, “they came, and went, like the passing of the ocean's tide. It is truly them, the ones so many have been waiting for."

"I wonder if they know how much will ride atop thier choices," said the green girl concerned.

"We'll just have to wait and see," said the pink lady, “I know by the remarkable shape this system is in, they've made some excellent choices."

"The ultimate line of defense," smiled the green girl, "Aw, but didn't they just return home?"

"Yes, but the fact that they even get to see thier world should be enough," said the elder voice.

"That’s true," said the green girl sadly, "the universal worlds are so full these days, its ridiculous on how powerful this enemy has become!"

"I agree,” said the elder voice, “this enemy has a force behind it unlike that of which the stars have ever seen before, or us for that matter. The doors...they quivered, and now -"

"Now the tide will be met," said the pink lady wringing her shawl of water.

"I hope thier ready," said the green girl coaxing the butterfly onto her hand. “They are still so young.” The butterfly flew off with her sending into the night sky.

"Whatever thier case, in three days, the way will be open for them, and then, they will have no choice, but to act.”

"Sora! Riku!"

Sora and Riku bobbing in the ocean turned and smiled as Kairi waved them home at last…

Kingdom Hearts Anime
By Etu =^. ^=​

Intro (Part 1) – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Blue waves crashed upon the shore, sparkling in the sun's bright rays. Sora held up to the sky a young papou fruit which made a shadow across his smiling - SMACK! - A volleyball bonked him right on the kisser and the papou fruit went flying out of his hand into the jaws of a crashing wave. "Sorry Sora!" yelled Wakka; Sora blinked stars from his eyes as Kairi ran over and stood up his wobbling stance,

"Are you okay Sora? – Geez Wakka, watch where you’re bopping that thing!," Kairi yelled back.

"Tso al righ' Airi," Sora slurred, "Bidn't even hurt." A small drop of blood began to trickle down Sora's nose.

"Great," Kairi sighed as she put Sora's head back, "Yall aren't home but a couple of hours and suddenly its like being back at the Organization's castle."

"I thought he was gonna bounce it back!"

"Ah it's just a bump Kairi," said Riku walking up with a cold towel; he put it over Sora's face, “Nothing a great Keyblade Master can't handle." Wakka jogged over with Tidus and Sophie in tow as Sora stood himself up,

"Whe’ de thsa sky be-ome puunk?" asked Sora wobbling around with the towel on his face,

“Tsk, I stand corrected,” said Riku – (“ACK!”) – watching Sora trip into a wave.


Goofy pressed his nose on the window of the gummi ship as stars passed by their reflection on the ship. "Did we have to leave so soon?" he moaned," I wanted to stay with Sora a bit longer."

"Me too," said Donald, "but we have our responsibilities at Disney Castle so that a crisis like the heartless ,and nobodies, can never be out of control again; right your majesty?...Uh, your majesty?"

"Your majesty?"

"Huh? - Oh right, our responsibility," said Mickey fidgeting in his seat.

"Your majesty," said Goofy scratching his head, “you seem a little jittery."

"Are you okay? You never told us what that transmission from Minnie was," said Donald (finally showing his agitation of King Mickey's actions), "You just whisked us away on this ship."

"Well, I wanted yall to be happy when yall said goodbye," Mickey's voice was higher than usual; he was clearly upset. Donald and Goofy were unnerved at thier King's answer after the defeat of Xehanort, the man behind two years of turmoil amongst thier worlds. Goofy leaned forward by the King,

"Your majesty, is everything alright?"

"(*Sigh*) I thought it was Goofy"...*but apparently, our system wasn't the only one who saw the heartless’ eclipse that night, two years ago.*


Waves rose and fell along a shoreline where few have treaded. As water trickled back to the sea, a black burning hoof stepped upon the shore followed by a decaying hoof; foot of the same black horse. The decorated steed, with a headdress protruding two scythe blades on top, snorted embers and soot, the ebony fire from its mane and tail gave light to the water as it passed back and forth. The rider was dressed in a black velvet robe, and his hood covered only passed his eyes leaving his sweeping white locks to portrait his smile.

An emerald stag walked up besides him; the creature a definition of posture and beauty, contrasted with a gaping gash in its throat which bled fresh blood from veins with not but supply; it's rider sat upon a saddle with the impression of heavenly wings on the stag's sides. Her green robes shinned in the moonlight, her hood also covered her eyes, and her wisps of blonde hair flowed with the sea breeze. “This shore was always a gateway,” said the Green Rider looking to the pale fading sunrise, “And now it has opened up its final path.” The Black Rider looked to the displacement in the sand made before his arrival; the black horse shook it mane, and emerald stag pawed the ground. With the passing of clouds in the moon's vision, the riders and thier steeds, faded like shadows across barriers to worlds beyond.


The night sky twinkled with diamonds and star dust in glittering trails across the horizon. The ocean was silently illuminated by moonlight in the graceful darkness, the sound of its powerful waves cradled Sora, Riku, and Kairi's hearing as they gazed at the night sky, atop the tiny shack, on the small island where so many of thier childhood memories where kept. "We're probably the only people left awake of all the islands," said Riku.

"That’s kinda a cool feeling," said Sora, "We have the whole world all to ourselves."

Kairi sighed, “You’re still as philosophical as ever Riku."


Kairi and Riku laughed as Sora blushed at his remark. A large wave sent a light mist of sea-water on thier faces; Sora sat back, "Our world has been lucky, after all we've been through, and seen, it’s like this world had been spared the second blow.” Timing sensed the feeling - a beautiful shooting star crossed the night sky. “Wow, did yall see that?" Another shooting star crossed the sky, then another, then two at a time, and all three were captivated by the silent dazzle.

"How pretty,” Kairi breathed.

The shooting stars dribbled in a timed parade, and then like candles, thier glow was flickered out, and thier spark dissolved back into the night sky.

"Now that was a nice welcome home," said Riku.

“Thank-you!” called Sora waving to the sky.

Kairi giggled and leaned back while stretching, allowing her sight to gaze down to the brush by the ocean. Relaxed in their movement, her eyes suddenly honed in on two dots in the darkness - two other eyes looking right back! Kairi gasped grabbing Sora's arm,

"What’s wrong?" asked Riku –

"What is it Kairi?" asked Sora; both turned to where Kairi was looking, but saw nothing in the brush. Kairi peeked up from Sora's hold, and breathed a sigh of relief, seeing for herself that whatever it was, was gone. "Kairi, what’s wrong?" Sora asked again, his adrenaline kicked up and subsided within him with Kairi’s settling. Riku called out his blade,

"Want me to go check it out?" Riku asked.

"Nah, if it was anything dangerous, our Keyblades would have responded in the first place," said Sora as Kairi sat herself up,

"Eyes, I saw these two eyes looking right at us from the bushes."

"Just eyes?" A little tingle ran up Sora’s spine, “Were they mean looking?"

"No, not really, eh, in fact, they were kind of pretty.”

"Anyone hiding in those bushes better make themselves known right now," Riku called.

The brush looked back at him silent.

"If your some peeping Tom," yelled Sora, "You’re gonna be in alotta trouble," and he motioned to himself and Riku who crossed his arms. The wind gave a quick cold gust, and the hair on the back of their necks stood straight up - they felt a stare, and the brush behind them rustled with a giggle - Sora called out his keyblade as everyone spun around to only the wind blowing long and hard, rustling the brush and the palm trees.

"Y'know," said Riku," I don't think we're the only ones awake on the islands anymore."

Out of the corner of her eye, Kairi saw a lone feather floating by in the winds, and Sora, though it may have just been the waves, thought he heard the faint flapping of wings.


"Oh Mickey, I thought I'd never live to see the day!," cried Minnie looking in a spherical floating object known as the Tell-Tale Orb with Pluto growling viciously at it, "What could cause such a drastic measure?"

"I hoped we'd never get the chance to see that,” said Mickey sadly.

"Well we're gonna find out real soon what’s causing this mess,” said Daisy.

Donald burst through the Study door, but was run over by Goofy who went directly to Mickey -

"The Cornerstone of Light is going berserk! Your majesty please tells us what is going on?!" Mickey looked away as Minnie and Daisy were silent with a look that said ‘you haven't told them yet?’ Mickey inhaled and spoke,

"Pieces of worlds from another system are merging with ours -"

"The old By-Laws?!," quacked Donald un-sticking his face from the ground; Mickey nodded,

"Whenever a system is on the brink of desolation, it has the right to merge with its closest system in a final attempt to keep the most severely damaged worlds from disappearing forever, and to relieve stress of the heart of the system."

"But, didn't the same thing happen when the heartless came two years ago?" asked Goofy, “There were no merges from our worlds then.”

"The crisis the heartless posed could be corrected, and, was not a strong enough reason to activate the By-Laws back then -"

"But entire worlds -?!"

"Only when entire systems have been destroyed, is when the By-Laws activate, as it is a By-Law itself that systems are to remain separate, and it takes a terrible force to make the By-Laws contradict themselves." Donald and Goofy gawked at King Mickey.

"Entire systems, gone?" Goofy breathed. The Tell-Tale Orb became cloudy, the sky outside grew dark as ebony, and the ground began to shake. Minnie squeaked and Donald took Daisy's hands,

"Stay calm everyone,” Mickey ordered, “Looks like it’s our world’s turn, this is a merge, and by the looks of it a nasty one!," Mickey took Minnie's trembling hands, "It'll be over soon,” he said softly. The stained glass windows behind them began to crack; Pluto jumped into Goofy's arms. The castle moaned, and shook, and outside the Study, the shattering of the hallway windows echoed closely and distantly. Minnie and Daisy were pulled close with the rising howl of the tempest outside, and then everything, gave way to darkness.

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Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Thank-you so much! ^-^ This part is a bit long though, it's the longest part of the Intro

Intro: Part 2 – A Secret

Sora and Riku stretched as Kairi entered their room with some breakfast, "Thanks for keeping watch," she said; Kairi didn't ask them to, but the act was much appreciated.

Riku munched on a rice patty, "This is a nice place you have here on the mainland, I was worried we were gonna sleep in that ol' shack."

"Well my home is your home," smiled Kairi.


Kairi turned to Sora for a response, or at least a thank-you, but his cheeks were so full, that he pushed them in with his hands to swallow the lump in one big GULP; Riku waved Sora off to Kairi, "C'mon he can't even hear us right now,” he said.

"Mmmmmmmh, I haven't had Coconut Pancake Supreme Surprise in so long (CHOMP)."

"We don't even exist now," whispered Riku using an Australian accent, "look how he devours his prey - "but his own humor caused him to laugh.

"Well this will get his attention," and Kairi whipped out her purse from behind," We are going to go shopping today." The carnivore looked up, and so did Riku. "As soon as yall finish eating we're hitting the Central Square." Riku, and the carnivore, slowed thier chewing immensely -"Oh c'mon yall!"

The carnivore and human finished up, “Hold on, I have to go wash my hands,” said Sora, and Kairi, eventually, had to pull Procrastinator one and two from the frame of her front door, and under her chant, “We won’t be here long,” whisked them to shop, after shop, one Shoppe, and then back to another shop, and Riku, and Sora, just stood in utter amazement that Kairi hadn't bought one thing yet,
"She's just sizing up her prey," said Riku, "and then it will be all over."

"C'mon yall! Don't dilly daddle around! I know that shop is around here somewhere."

"How can she be so perky?" Sora moaned, "I mean she stayed up with us."

"Sora, this is Kairi, Kairi has unlimited energy when she searches for something -"

"Found it! C'mon yall come over here!"

"You have all the money, what do you need us for?" Sora moaned

"Yall’s opinion, now come on!"


Riku cleared his throat, "It's her way of saying we're carrying all the bags."


Goofy heaved a bookcase off himself, “Yeouwch! That really hurt!”

"Is everyone alright?" asked Mickey pulling up Minnie.

"Well that wasn't so bad," mocked Daisy; she and Donald crawled out from under a table. Pluto started to whine loudly looking at the now darkened windows; there was a large break in one, and cold, cold air began to blow through, Goofy shivered,

"What kind of world did we merge with?" he asked.

"Who knows?" said Mickey, "this was a pretty rough merge which means our world was not really compatible with it, usually merging worlds are drawn to other worlds that match thier characteristics, and little, if any, distortion is caused." A sharp breeze blew in -

"Well this is the exact opposite of ours!" cried Minnie.

"Looks like it," said Mickey, "such a merge could have destroyed our world and the merging world; I don’t get it, the By-Laws don’t allow a merge this incompatible to proceed."

"But the By-Laws are unbreakable, aren't they?" asked Daisy," These are laws that go back to the dawn of time, don't they?" Mickey scratched his head, and realized the fine print,

"Well, our world wasn't destroyed," he crossed his arms, "so the merge was justified." The crash of a chandelier outside made everyone jump.

“And we had just redecorated too," Minnie sighed. Goofy in awe stuck his nose by the window, but Mickey ordered him back,

"We must be very careful," said Mickey, "when worlds merge, everything within them gets taken, the good, and the bad."

"Well then lets hope we got a piece where there's only good," said Donald. Mickey huffed and thought to himself what kind of new evils they had to deal with now, but then again, he knew ‘over there’ has the same darkness as here, as everywhere, same thing with the light; such is Natural Law, so (sigh) they’ll just deal with it. Mickey picked up a shard of broken glass and rolled his reflection over it,

*However, the good in the other system was most likely filtered out into its universal worlds to stay and defend their system from...well whatever spurred the merges,* if Mickey remembered right; it’s been so long since... Bottom line, they would be stuck with the bad barrel of apples. *I wonder if anyone beside the Royalty of each system even knows what's going on, so, the evils shouldn't give us too much of a hard time, but then again, who knows how much time has passed with the worlds deteriorating before the merges were activated ... surely, to cause merges, this must have been happening for some time, or else, we're gonna have a real fight on our hands.* Mickey set the glass piece down.

"Where are you going?” piped Minnie.

"To send out a signal to the heroes of each world to be on guard with thier merges, show hospitality to thier new neighbors, but be wary of any signs of an evil; it's a good thing our worlds are in a time of peace since it looks like were gonna need all our strength to deal with whatever is causin' this mess." Mickey's assertiveness melted the icy air in the room. Goofy sprang up,

"We should go bring Sora, and Riku, and - Oh no! What if thier world got merged?!"

"Well Sora, Riku, and Kairi are more than a match for anything," said Donald.

"Actually, there is something really special about thier world," smiled Mickey, but then his smile did a back flip.

"What about thier world?," asked Goofy.

Mickey stepped in place, "Well, they're not gonna get any merges, because their world is what’s known as a linking world, a world that connects a system to another to assist in guiding merges, or once in a blue moon, wayward paths.”

“Oh, so that’s why we were brought to thier world when Namine opened the Dark Portal,” said Goofy.

“How’d you guess that?” Donald muttered.

“The merging worlds will pass by the linking world like an array of shooting stars, but when the merges are complete, that is every merging world finds a host, the link will go into submission since the systems are now interconnected,” said Mickey sadly.

"Meaning?" asked Donald with a note of dread –

"It disappears -”

"Then what happens to Sora, and Riku, and Kairi?!" yelled Goofy.

"I'm not sure, but I know they won't disappear, they, are the three very special people that have the power to Change, Secure, and Balance,” said Mickey.


"It's a very old By-Law of this system, an old defense only activated in extreme crisis, like now, that’s what the transmission from Minnie was, but with the world thier from, they are not really bound to a system, however, this was our By-Law, and it was writ to have chosen from worlds within our system,” said Mickey.

"But it chose from only one world," added Daisy.

"And it chose a linking world," finished Minnie.

"Which means the decision of the By-Law turned universal for us and our sister system," Mickey sighed, "which, means, this problem we're up against, is a really big one."

Donald and Goofy looked at one another, “How come we’ve never heard of this By-Law?” asked Donald.

“The same reason the worlds were supposed to be kept secret from one another, f-for, protection,” said Mickey, averting his eyes. Goofy raised his eyebrow,

“There’s more to it than that, isn’t there?” Goofy asked, “About why this By-Law activated? That not even your most trusted friends knew about?” Mickey put his head down -

"Well it can't pick them," spat Donald as he crossed his arms.

"Donald Duck you be nice and you share," tut-tutted Daisy.

"Ooh, phooey, why didn't we just take them with us?" Goofy moaned, “If you knew–“

"It's the decision of the By-Law, we have no power to interfere with it, I doubt the ship would have even left the islands with them on board," said Mickey (he did think of trying that) “They are the only ones that can do the job."

"But, that's such a load," said Goofy, "to look after two systems? That's over-worked."

"The other system should have thier own Keyblade Masters," said Donald.

"Yes, every system should, and it’s a cold dark day when there are no Keyblade Masters to comfort a system in pain. That’s, the other thing, the thing that’s, ‘more to it’ as you said Goofy," sighed Mickey, "Every system is protected by Keyblade Masters, which, makes the decision that much more justified, and scary, since it just so happened to choose our Keyblade Masters...When I became King, and informed of the By-Laws pertaining to this system, Yen Sid warned me of this particular one, and told me to never allow anyone else in the Kingdom except myself to know about it, because, it was a law that would strip everyone of those so dear to us." Minnie clasped her hands, and Daisy averted her eyes from Donald, “But eh, some friends can just see right through little ol’ me,” Mickey added.

"But wait a second Kairi's not - "and Donald stopped himself, Kairi did wield a keyblade back in the Organization's castle....

"Well then, what happened to the other system's Keyblade ‘ers?" asked Goofy.

"I don't know, but one of the strongest causes for tweaks in the laws, is, death."

Donald and Goofy gawked at Mickey. “And it chose Sora, Riku, and Kairi?!" Goofy yelled.

"They're not going! ,"quacked Donald, "That’s way too dangerous if the evil can take down Keyblade Masters!"

"It's the decision of the By-Law," stated Mickey, "They, and we, have no choice."

"That’s not fair!" yelled Goofy," They just got back home, all together, and -an..."

"I know," said Mickey feeling his pain, "but that can't be helped now, now, there is a new evil at hand, and it must be dealt with whatever means are available." Mickey called out his keyblade. "Enough talking, those signals need to get sent." * My dear friends if only I could tell yall more, this is, all my fault.* Mickey looked at his keyblade, *I just hope we’ll once again be able to protect what we’ve fought so hard for...* Donald and Goofy swallowed the thick lumps in their throat, and raised their weapons, while Minnie and Daisy cast thier magic for the ready, and Mickey, slowly opened the Study door with a loud creeeaaaak…..that revealed a dimly lit hallway from the remaining, dangling, chandeliers. All the windows were blown out, but not a thing could be seen outside; the stagnant darkness acted like ghostly shades. A breeze, though small, had filled the hallway with a low howl, and a chill unlike any felt before.

"How far is the Tattle Room again?" Goofy squeaked.

"On the other side of the castle,” stated Daisy.

"Well, this ain't gettin' any easier, c'mon,” piped Mickey.

"Lady's first," said Donald and Daisy bopped him on the head.

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Silent Avera

Night Pirate Graphic Lemonade Maker
Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Ah, thank-you, thank-you! Now this part is pretty long too since I combined two parts to try and pump out this intro faster; thanks again!

Intro: Part 3 – Something There That Wasn’t There Before

"As much as we appreciate your generosity in refilling our entire spring, summer, fall, and winter wardrobes Kairi (Riku slumped to his knees in bags) this is still slave driving!"

"Oh come off it, this is nothing," said Kairi, maintaining her grasp on a stack that went well above her head; she popped herself up, and shifted the entire load to one arm while picking up her purse to her shoulder.

"Sora, buddy, can you still hear me?” cried Riku under his mound.

"Riku, where are you? Everything's so dark!" yelled Sora, who also collapsed under his mound.

"Yall are unbelievable," mocked Kairi, "Together yall took down the leader of Organization 13, and now, yall are conquered by a couple articles of clothing."

"Couple?” came Sora's voice, "I can wear nothing but briefs and I’d be covered from head to toe -”

"Preparing for Halloween early are we? " stated Riku, *Behold Underwear Form!*

"Besides, my clothes change themselves without me taking them off."

"They change color Sora, that’s all, now come on, we need to get back to the house - "

ZHOOM; as if a surge of elixir had struck them, Riku and Sora picked up thier mounds and dashed away as fast as they could from the ribbons of Central Square. Kairi huffed and followed suite, "I have the keys!” she yelled after them.

Once home, Kairi pulled out several drawers for them to put up thier new clothes. “Well who could have predicted this? Everything doesn’t fit,” said Riku.

“That’s why folding was invented,” said Kairi, but upon looking in Riku’s drawer, all his clothes were nice, neat, and folded, with only a pair of socks stranded–Riku pointed to Sora–who was stomping in his shirts, and even pulled out his Keyblade to stab them in better.


After Kairi made Sora toss all his shirts in the iron hamper, they made thier way back to Central Square (Kairi shuttling them with the promise she was done with her shopping) and ate lunch at the Papou Spot, a cute little open eatery surrounded by palm trees with a clear cut view of the beach at a far table (where Kairi growled off prospective sitters while Sora and Riku waited for thier order).

After lunch, they met up with Wakka, Tidus, and Sophie and began chit-chatting across the spectrum of gossip walking up along the beach shore; Sora eyeing Wakka's beach volleyball should it decide a second assault. Before they knew it being mixed in their conversations, the six of them had made it back around to where the tiny island lay that housed thier days of play two years ago, "First one back to the island - !" – Sploosh! - An all out swim race broke out in which Sora and Riku fell behind quickly, "No fair Kairi!," yelled Sora, "You weakened us with your shoppi - ack -bleh!" A gulp of sea water smacked Sora in the face; up ahead, Kairi hopped out of the ocean sopping wet and danced her victory as Tidus and Sophie stumbled ashore with Wakka floating in on his volleyball.

"Come on yall! Doggy paddle! Doggy paddle!" yelled Sophie.

Sora and Riku exchanged the wicked eye and began to doggy paddle - barely managing to keep thier heads above the water; Kairi fell to the sand laughing at the silly spectacle.

"And it's Riku in the lead with Sora chasing close behind," narrated Wakka," as they come into the club-house float at 2 miles an hour - look at those waves slosh from the sheer tread of thier mighty speed!"

"But what’s this?!" piped up Tidus, Sophie joined Kairi on the sand laughing, "It's a palm leaf coming to take on the leaders!" Sora and Riku looked to thier left, and a lone palm leaf was gaining on them bobbing on the water; they sped up thier pace, "Unbelievable! The palm leaf is out-shinning Sea-biscuit and Lake-muffin as they come in for the home stretch!" Sora ducked down his head in hopes to cut back on wind resistance, which didn’t work by the way, as salt water sloshed up his nose; yes, there was Sora and Riku, two great denizens of light, paddling as hard as they could, not moving any faster than a snail’s pace as a bobbing palm leaf passed them up -

"It's gonna be a photo finish!" yelled Wakka. A large wave suddenly surfed up Sora, Riku, and the palm leaf, and crashed them into the shore; Wakka and Tidus ran up to where Sora and Riku had been dumped, spread eagle, face down.

"The winner is the palm leaf!," declared Wakka in a dramatic pose.


Sora and Riku looked up with the palm leaf between thier view; Riku turned to Sora,
"Boy, we've really let ourselves go, beat down by underwear, and out run by a palm leaf."

"Who cares?" laughed Sora, "we've got no -" a feather landed itself on his face and Sora sputtered it away, "Durn seagulls."

"Where are those birds anyway? They usually swarm the beach at this time of day if I remember right," said Riku sitting up; Sora sat up as well with a wave sloshing under them. Wakka, Tidus, Sophie and Kairi had started a volleyball game, boys versus girls, and Sora and Riku kept score for the close game.

"Six to seven!," called Sora, "C'mon Kairi, you can take 'em!"

Wakka sized up his shot, "Think you can handle my Beach Volleyball of Death?"

"Only one way to find out," Kairi taunted right back; Wakka leapt up and spiked the serve - Kairi dove in for the save, having her sights set dead on target - when in that moment – her eyes caught the feeling – drifting again to the shadows of the brush, and there, were the two eyes again along with a dark figure; Kairi's expression alerted Sora and Riku - they looked - SMACK! The beach volleyball knocked Kairi in the head, her knees collapsed, and down she went out cold -

"Kairi!" Sora and Riku raced over to her as Tidus and Sophie propped her up.

"You accursed volleyball!," yelled Wakka as he drop kicked it to the interior of the island.

"Kairi, c'mon now, wake up! Wake up!" Sora called cradling her, his hand held the glow of cure* as he gently rubbed Kairi’s face…Kairi slowly came to, putting her hand on her head as she moaned from her throbbing headache,

"Again," she mumbled covering her face," those eyes -"

"It's back?," said Riku.

"That’s it," Sora muttered helping Kairi sit upright, and then he, and Riku, ran out into the brush. Tidus took out his stick, and Wakka was thinking perhaps he shouldn't have kicked his volleyball away as he looked to the shady brush, once again, empty of its stalker. Sophie helped Kairi up. "It shouldn't have gotten too far, spread out on the island!," Sora yelled, and off they went. Sophie took out her jump rope should they have an encounter with the shadow as well; Kairi sat herself back on the sand,

"Whoever this creep is that’s spying on us better have a good excuse," she said holding her tingling nose.


King Mickey and his court made thier way through the castle, the chill in the air and the low howl of the wind took away any warmth and kindness the castle used to house in every stone, drape, and tile. They passed window after window blown out with darkness completely obscuring the outside view. Some walls showed damage, the ceiling especially, was heavily cracked to a treacherous point where it looked like it would collapse if any more punishment was delivered. Mickey's foot hit a fallen armor - Goofy screamed -

"What?! What?!" -

"What?! What is it?!" -

"I heard a sound! I heard a sound!"

"It was my fo -"

"It sounded like a sword stabbing a -!"

"It was my FOOT!" yelled Mickey.

Everyone looked at Mickey's foot as he displayed the sound.

"Oh, gawrsh your majesty, that scared the bejeebers out of me," Goofy blushed.

"You could refrain from screaming like a chipmunk -"

Everyone looked at each other, "Oh my gosh! - Chip and Dale!"- They bee-lined to the Gummi Ship Hanger, Mickey out sprinting everyone as he rounded the corner and burst through the hanger doors; he stood there in surprise as the others caught up behind him,

"The Gummi Ship - it's gone!" squeaked Minnie. Through the mangled hanger of metal, rubble, and spitting wires, there was no ship amongst the debris.

"You don't think the merge scared them so much they'd run away do you?," Daisy blurted.

"Ah -I wouldn't think -," Mickey stammered, he looked down to the floor where a message scratched by some sharp object looked like it was written, but it was written in a language Mickey had never seen before, *I wonder what this could mean, could Chip and Dale have written it? No, I don’t think they know *-

“AAAHHHHHHHHH!” – From outside the room – came a scream, one of such terror that it cut through the sound barrier and filled the halls, destroying what little nerve everyone had left. Mickey's wide eyes peeked outside the room, and a feminine figure, draped in tattered robes, stumbled down the hall,

"WHERE AM I?! JENI! SISTER ANSWER ME!", the lady tripped over a stone from the walls and hit her head on the floor.

"Oh my goodness!" Mickey squeaked and scrambled over as the lady sat up on all fours with her hand on her head," M'am are you alright?" The lady looked up and Mickey's breath slipped from him; her eyes, he had never seen such beautiful, burning, shinning eyes as hers, though filled with fear and tears, they never lost thier brilliance, in fact, the tears seemed to only enhance her amber eyes," Ah...are you alright?" The lady's face, portraited by her black side bangs and ruffled long red hair, contorted to a sadness that squeezed more tears from her eyes,

"My sister...," she cried, "my sister is dead isn't she?" Minnie and Daisy came up from behind Mickey and Minnie gasped,

"Oh, you poor thing!"

"Donald! Goofy! Bring us blankets that you can find!," ordered Daisy.

"Are you from the world that has just merged with ours?" asked Mickey.

"Is that what happed?" replied her rich childish voice, "Then my sister can't be dead!"

"You know of the old By-Laws?" asked Mickey.

The lady enthusiastically nodded her head and wiped her eyes with a sniff from her nose, "I can tell by the aura of this place that you must be the Royalty of this system."

"Then are you the Royalty of yours?" asked Minnie, and the lady nodded her head.

"Well that’s no way for Royalty to dress," said Daisy and she scuttled off to her room with hope that her closet held up in the merge, "I'll be right back!," she called.

"I'll go prepare the study with a nice warm bed and some tea," said Minnie and she summoned the Brooms, "Please look for Chip and Dale and clear the halls of debris too," and they went off to work. The lady looked back and forth at the sudden hospitality; Mickey took her hands and helped her to her feet (she was considerably taller than he was),

"Let me be the first to welcome you to the Disney System, I am King Mickey, and this is, uh, well Disney Castle, trust me, once we get this place cleaned up it’s a lot prettier."

"I'll bet that it was very beautiful before," said the lady in a kind tone, "Your majesty, who are Chip and Dale?"

"Two very dear friends of ours, I hope they’re alright, thier small, they're chipmunks."

"Let me thank you for your hospitality by helping you on your search for them," replied the lady.

“Well, gee, thanks a lot, but you look like you need some rest,” said Mickey.

“Oh I’m quite alright now,” said the lady, “I just lost my bearings there for a minuet, please, I must represent the system that I come from as a helping neighbor.”

“Well, alright, but don’t push yourself,” said Mickey.

“My dear majesty,” the lady smiled, “our system is known for our endurance, I will fair alright.”

“And we are known for our benevolence,” Mickey smiled back, and the two started thier search about the wounded halls. “So tell me,” Mickey said breaking the echoing silence, “Do you know exactly what is going on? I mean, what was it that caused your worlds to get merged, and, have the other Royalties been in contact with one another? Surely this has been going on for a while, but this is the first time our system has had a run in with it, literally.”

“Believe me your majesty, you have met this wickedness before,” said the lady quietly, “two or three years ago was it not? I remember observing the barrier between our systems become cloudy from the arrival of the heartless” Mickey put down his head. “But, your encounter was not like ours. This chaos we faced, has ravaged many systems, and when it came to mine, it seeped in, like a poison into water, one world at a time; an exact time period, I cannot give, since it varies from system to system, but whenever we could, we Royalties, including myself, have been in contact with one another, but only allocated as the By-Laws have allowed; I’m sure you know that systems are to remain separate, as well as worlds.”

“Yes,” Mickey sighed, “I know, but that doesn’t account on why we haven’t heard anything. *Unless…..* “The By-Law states ‘Royalties are to touch the hem of one another, as affected the common crisis, to inform, collaborate, and comply to disperse the crisis.”

“ ‘As affected by the common crisis,’” the lady recited, “What you have managed to deal with here is not the crisis the other systems are up against, though, they are related. Only systems who are dealing with this problem, since it is the greatest at hand, may interact in order to keep it an isolated incident as possible, which is why we were unable to contact you.” Mickey looked at the ground. “Did you misinterpret the Law?”

“I just can’t believe, how far this has gone,” Mickey sighed. The lady looked empathetically at Mickey “And to add insult to injury, these Laws are really only preventing us from stopping this crisis from spreading. They’re so strict on keeping everything separate in order to protect us, but this protection doesn’t make any sense at the fact that there’s an even greater protection when we’re connected, especially now when we’re up against something this big.”

“I agree your majesty, the Laws, make little sense, but then again, what do we know? Who are we to say there’s really strength when we’re together? They were created for a purpose, whatever purpose that may be, a long, long time ago, and we can only do what we can to live and abide by them; we Royalties, above anyone else must understand that, or our systems are doomed to fall.”

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Wow really great chapter I can't believe what I've been missing out on, keep up the good work.

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Thank-yall so much for the comments! This one is a bit shorter 'cause when the mess hits the fan, I wanna keep that section together ^-^

Intro: Part 4 – The Messenger

Sora, Riku, Wakka, and Tidus spent the rest of the afternoon, till the sun began to set with night trickling in, turning the whole island upside down, but found not a trace of the eyes or what they were attached to, and returned to the beach front of the island where Kairi and Sophie stayed. Sora and Riku were coming up the left side while Wakka and Tidus came up the right; Sora waved to Kairi and she got up and trotted to them as Sophie went to Wakka and Tidus. "Sorry Kairi, we couldn't find anything," said Sora,

"This guy's a slippery one," said Riku.

"That’s okay, I bet yall scared it off into the ocean," smiled Kairi.

"Hope it can't dog paddle," stated Riku crossing his arms.

"When we get home, I'm gonna practice my mean look," Kairi joked making a face," maybe I can just stare it away, you know fire against fire."

"Trust me, your not gonna have any problem with that," said Riku shying away from Kairi who took a playful swipe at him.

Sora laughed, "I'll practice my mean look too."

"Well if those eyes just so happen to be attached to an opposing-opposite-friendly mademoiselle," said Riku, "I think I would make a very different face - "

"Yeah like this," said Sora holding the expression, and dodged Riku's swipe.

"Come on yall!" called Sophie, "let’s just drop this whole thing with – (Sophie pulled out of her purse) marshmallow time!"

“Marshmallows huh?” Sora said looking to Riku and Kairi who smiled back in agreement.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” stated Kairi.

Night claimed the sky, and once again Sora, Riku, and Kairi were atop the little shack, with Wakka, Tidus and Sophie around a campfire below; Wakka sulking over his volleyball which he didn't find as he looked for the stalker. Riku stretched, "Man, I'm still sore from all that stuff we carried." Sora gave a puppy whine as he swung his limp arm by Kairi who giggled and pushed it away,

"That reminds me," she said and Kairi pulled out a small thin white box from her pocket, opened it, and took out three shinning gold bracelets handing Sora and Riku each one.

"Wow Kairi, these are really nice,” said Sora.

"Look on the inside," said Kairi. Inside the loop was engraved "Sora, Riku, Kairi; together...Think of it, as a memento of our journey and the promise we kept." On the outside of the bracelets were thier individual names.

"When did you get these wrist bands?," Riku asked.

"Thier bracelets, and I got them when yall were supposed to be looking for some jewelry, but slept instead,” said Kairi.

"Can I call it a wrist band for masculinity's sake?"

"When did you tell us to go look for jewelry? I'd of gotten a big giant clock necklace -"

Riku gave Sora the "zip it" look -

"I told yall the same time I asked for yalls opinion for my new hat."

"Did they just kinda stand there and nod thier heads?," called Sophie.

"Yes!," Kairi called back.

"Don't fall for that trick, it's a programmed response, Wakka and Tidus do that all the time when I ask for thier opinions."

"I told you I liked your blue shoes -"

"They were orange!,” yelled Sophie.

"Anywhoooooo," said Riku trying to change the subject, "these bracelets are really nice Kairi."

"Yeah, thanks so much," said Sora, reminiscing on all they've been through, seen, and done; for at least one more moment, they were here, home, and all together.

"You’re welcome.”

All three slipped on thier bracelets and held them up to the sky……..The warmth of the moment drained from their faces. "What's wrong with this picture?" breathed Riku.

"There are no stars," replied Sora.
A sudden strong breeze nearly knocked Kairi off the edge, Sora pulled her back, and Riku sprang up on his feet with his blade outstretched in front of him,

"You!," he spat. Sora and Kairi looked down - and there were the eyes, whole with the figure draped in a black hooded robe in front of Wakka, Tidus, and Sophie who sat in shock -

*The Organization?!* Sora drew out his keyblade but the figure quickly crouched down, crossing his arms,

"Stopbrega*," he whispered - and sprang back up, flinging his arms out, casting a bright burst of light as white magnificent wings manifested from the rays on his back; Riku stumbled backwards, and Sora shielded Kairi from the light. The person’s wings obscured the view of Wakka, Tidus, and Sophie frozen in mid reaction - he flapped his wings down, and they disappeared -

"Hey!" -

"You bring them back!" yelled Sora and he and Riku both leapt with jump attacks, but the figure immediately retaliated with two keyblades of his own, one appearing in each hand - and in a sweeping angelic motion, reflected both Sora and Riku's attacks (one with each blade) sending them back on top of the shack, "You, you have keyblades?" The figure stood in his finished attack pose, the keyblade to his right was gold and blue, a blade long and decorated with rushing designs almost like feathers; the keyblade to his left was green and gold, a blade long and decorated with airy designs, like wind caught in metal. This person was not displaying any signs of aggression, except when Sora and Riku attacked, but still, those black robes...

"Are you a remnant from the Organization?" Riku asked. The figure relaxed and stood up straight pulling back his hood revealing an emotionless, yet gentle boyish face, with sweeping wavy light yellow bangs that reached to the bottom of his face; the rest of his flowing wavy hair was blue that came no more than the length of a boy cut. All three were taken back a little on how silent his beautiful hazel eyes (of spring colors) were. Sora took a good look at the winged boy's robes, it had no zippers, or what not, it was just plain black -

"What do you want?" Kairi spat. The boy closed his eyes and his blades were recalled; opening his eyes again, (and for the first time), the boy showed emotion of a kind, welcoming look that melted away any begrudging feeling Sora, Riku, and Kairi felt,

"I am here on account, that I choose to be here," said his light strong voice, "I am here as a sign of a decision made long time ago.”

*Uh*.....Sora, Riku, and Kairi took a quick side glance at one another, however Sora, couldn't take his eyes off the boy's magnificent wings.

"What are you?" Riku asked, "You...look like an angel."

"If an angel is what you see me as, then I am so," said the boy.

"So, you’re not an angel?" asked Kairi.

"I am what your hearts deem me to be, based on your knowledge upon this plain, I am what you see."

"Sooooo....your an angel?" asked Sora.

"If that's what you see me as."

"How about you tell us what you see of yourself," said Kairi.

The boy smiled and softly laughed, “I see myself through the eyes of Lilith, I am what I was birthed to be."

........*Well great lot that did,* Kairi spat internally.

"Alright, you see us, we see you, let’s just leave it at that," said Riku, "and so far as I'm concerned, I'm looking at a stranger."

"My name is Avera, Riku -"

"Wait - "

"Sora, and Kairi," said Avera turning to the corresponding names.

"How do you know our names?," Sora asked; Avera smiled,

"You told me the moment I saw you, your names were spoken so clearly amongst your entities that I could easily tell your names."

"Our entities?"

"Can you read our minds?," Sora blurted.

"Not your minds, your entities, your beings, your auras, basically what defines you, as you," said Avera.

"Whoa - whoa -whoa, back up, let me get this straight," said Sora going into his thinking stance, "Okay," he stepped in place, "you can tell who we are by reading our," Sora's hands measured his thoughts, "horoscopes - per say?"

"If that’s what you call it - "

"Oh let’s not go down that road again -"

"Wait, you through me off my thinking groove, so -"

"Don't hurt yourself Sora," said Riku; he turned to the winged adolescent and crossed his arms, "Alright, your not here to hurt any of us, and obviously you got ride of Wakka, Tidus, and Sophie because you wanted to talk directly to us."

Avera nodded, "They are safe."

"Alright then, why were you popping around before? Why didn’t you speak to us then? You know Kairi almost had her nose broken," said Riku.

"Yeah what was with the creepy treatment then?" blurted Sora.

"I did want to speak to all of you then," said Avera looking at them with a somber apologetic look, "but I felt I didn’t have the right to interfere; yall looked like yall were having so much fun."


Across a border, not of matter, not of space, charged four mighty creatures, urged on by their hallowed riders – “The way, the way is finally breached!”

“Hah! Equos, it is time for the last gateway to unlock*!”

The fiery black steed screamed, and coughed up fire and soot along with the three other fiends who spouted thier elements in equal heaves.

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I thought that this was a great chapter but I did find a few grammar errors but other than that keep up what you are doing xD.

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Squee! Thank-yall so much for the comments, and now, here's the next part!
(I scanned it like a hawk for grammer errors, hopefully I caught them!)

Intro: Part 5 – The Breath before the Jump

Daisy stumbled over the rubble in the hallways with dresses she salvaged from her closet to the Study Room where Minnie was with Pluto setting up the room back to the way it was; Minnie making a bed with Pluto pulling the sheets over. The tea pot was starting to bubble on the portable stove as the Brooms brought reports of no sign of Chip or Dale. Donald and Goofy had arrived from relaying the message to the good of all their worlds, "Ah-huyuck, I've never seen such spooked faces before, you know we really shouldn't have our worlds so separate with all these boundaries and laws and such, like they've never seen a monitor pop out of thin air before."

"Well some of these worlds don't even have technology; Simba almost tore the monitor to bits!" Donald growled, he wasn’t letting go of his anger and shock from earlier that easily; truth be told, Goofy hadn’t either–

Daisy stumbled in, "Where's Mickey and the lady?" she asked.

"She and Mickey are still looking for Chip and Dale aside from the Brooms," said Minnie.

"I think they high-tailed it outta here," Donald spat, "I'm gonna knock 'em for that–we're stuck here now!"

"Donald shush," Daisy spat and turned back to Minnie, "But, what about the bad things he said the world might bring? I think Donald and Goofy should accompany them, especially with the lady in tow."

"Oh Mickey is more than a match for any ol' thing, and the lady said she was Royalty so her world would be really benign in the first place, however, that doesn’t explain on why the merge was so violent." Pluto suddenly snapped up, lifted up an ear, and tore out the room snarling up a tempest, knocking over the tea, and nearly mowing down Daisy -

"Hey!" -

"Pluto what on earth?!" squeaked Minnie and suddenly, the Tell-Tale Orb began burning a bright red and showed - "OH!"- Everyone tore out of the room after Pluto.


“Your majesty, I have not seen your system’s Keyblade Masters yet, if I’m not mistaken, aren’t they supposed to be here to service you? Our Masters are very loyal to their system’s needs.”

“Things work a little differently in our system, I know it’s commonplace for systems to have their Masters by their side at the immediate crisis, but our system was unique in being granted a special Protection in exchange to look after someone, who, I don’t have a single clue, since the Royalty who pleaded with us wanted to leak out as little information as possible, but anywho, our system’s Masters weren’t chosen until the Heartless got out of hand.”

“Don’t you mean to say when the Heartless crossed over?” Mickey shook his head. “So, the Heartless came from within your system?” Mickey nodded. “But - how?”

Mickey sighed, “A long story short, there was a man who tried to, decode - ”


“Eh, dissect if you will, the heart–”

“Your majesty, that is of the most forsaken taboos–”

“Yes, he realized what he was doing–and he stopped, but others, continued his work. I had been thinking, that if we corrected his problem, our system would stay safe with the continuation of the Protection, but apparently, a wrinkle has been made in it, however it all works out for the better, eventually. See this Protection before was to ward off some kind of Evil Beyond from finding the secret person within our system.”

“Personally, I wouldn’t use the word ‘evil’ to name those sacred few that can cross the By-Law’s borders; please continue.”

“The Protection also had a side effect with our system’s borders though, absolutely nothing could get through,” Mickey stopped, “Not even cries from our sister system.”…

… "Mh, so you could see our distress, but couldn’t hear what was wrong. I was wondering…” She looked to King Mickey, who clearly looked guilt ridden. “But your Majesty, you were assisting fellow Royalty, the Laws allow that–to a certain extent, a-and you couldn’t have been sure of the Protection’s full penalty until I arrived-”

"And by then it’s too late, your worlds are merging; for a system to be forced to do that, to break itself apart, to give up it’s, it’s like tearing up it’s heart, and the people, there have had to been, a lot of killing ‘cause worlds only merge when…I’m so sorry our system couldn’t do anything to help you.”

"You majesty, I do not blame you for anything, and apparently your system had problems here that needed to be fixed in the meantime, and, because of you, and your system’s Masters, this system is in a time of peace, the perfect environment for worlds to be merged with; think about it, it all works out in the end.”

"Yes, (*sniff*), thank-you, everything really does happen for a reason,” said Mickey, “It’s now our turn to take a crack at this Evil. Sora, Riku, Kairi, somehow, I’ve got to tell them about their destiny, of what this new journey will beckon from them.” *’ That By-Law,’* Mickey remembered Yen Sid telling him, *‘is one with no basis, I fear it will take those so dear to our system’s heart for another’s purpose, one too great for them to handle.’*

Sora, Riku, and Kairi were the one’s chosen by the unstable By-Law…They’re Keyblade Masters, of course, why would it choose any one else? They’re perfect. For a By-law so lenient, it struck dead-on of those who were so dear to this system…
Ah, that little persistent thought that bleated over and over ‘something bad is about to happen’ ticked in Mickey’s head as he started back down the hall…However, the lady was also busy in her own thoughts, and did not follow.


The steeds’ breath churned harder, and harder.


Avera looked to the sky. Sora interpreted his glance that he was looking at the palm trees in the foreground, thier leaves frozen in the soft breeze of the wind.

"Did you do that?," Sora asked.

Avera blinked. "Yes," he then turned to all of them, “In this moment, I want all of you to think of something not many people have the time to do." Sora, Riku, and Kairi listened. "I know of what you all have been through, I know that yall were separated as a sacrifice of restoring everything distraught, each of you taken to the far corners of this system, but in the midst of it all, deep down, you knew this division would not last, whether you knew in the course of silence, spoke them in the guise of laughter, or wrote your feelings to see their truth, deep within yourselves whispered…-“

*Thinking of you wherever you are, we pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend,
Now I will step forward to realize this wish,
And who knows, starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it's already begun.
There are many worlds, but they share the same sky.
One sky, one destiny.*

…Subconsciously, Sora had taken Riku and Kairi's hands; thier bracelets glistening in the moonlight. "Whether you are able to touch one another, or not, you will always be together,” said Avera.
Sora rocked on his heels, "Aw, we know that," said Sora, "You didn't need to come all this way to tell us."

"I only thought that it would be something you needed to hear, before your new journey began," smiled Avera.

"New journey?," they said together.

"Already?," Riku laughed.

"Alrighty then," piped Kairi, "Ready? This time we're going together!"

"Hold up, my arms still hurt from all those bags you made us carry," Sora whined.

"How can you have so much energy?," said Riku.

Avera gave a soft silent smile as they talked. He turned to the empty night sky and made an unseen path in his Stopbrega* magic allowing Sora to spot the faint trail of a Gummi Ship in the sky–

"Is that, the Gummi Ship?," asked Kairi following the glowing object.

"Right on queue," said Riku, "Looks like our new journey has already begun."

Avera silently smiled again.

"I thought they left a little too soon," said Sora and he turned back to Avera, "Thanks for the pep talk, don't worry, we'll always remember." The ship stopped in orbit and–"Chip and Dale?!" came sprinting at Sora from thier teleported landing–

"Sora! Sora!," they screamed running by Avera, not even noticing him and his silent smile turn somber. They tore up to the top of the shack and started screaming and chattering and bickering in thier high pitched chipmunk voices.

"Whoa, whoa, guys, slow down, tell us what's wrong," said Sora.

Both were hyperventilating, and blurted one after the other, "An Evil Beyond has crossed our borders!"-

"Disney castle is being overtaken!" -

"WHAT?!," screamed Sora and Kairi.

"By who?," asked Riku sternly, "Heartless? Nobodies?"

"The Lady of Red!," they yelled together, "She said she's going to kill us all!"


"MICKEY! THAT LADY IS GOING TO HURT YOU!," screamed Minnie as if her voice would carry through the castle walls to where ever her love was.

"WHERE ARE THEY?!," yelled Goofy.

Pluto desperately tried to regain thier trail that he had lost in a pool of water from a busted pipe–he found it, and started barking up a storm down a hallway to the right.


Stillness; the steeds crashed through a barrier, its glass remnants scattering through a plain, not of matter, not of space–

"The way is open."​

The mess, has officially, hit the fan - da, da dum!

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Really nice update I still have chills after reading this one great job xD!

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Thank-yall sooo much again for your comments!.... Okay, as said in Angel Sanctuary, throw your hands up high and kiss the blue world good-bye!

Intro: Part 6 – Worlds Collide

WHOOSH! Avera's magic was canceled - everyone looked up, and from the center of the main island, dark winds swirled up palm trees, homes, dirt, sand, forming a storm that spit lighting in every direction!

"What’s going on?!," the chipmunks squeaked over the howling winds - Sora, Riku, and Kairi turned to Avera,

"The way is open," he said; Sora gave him a confused, scared look - the storm began to morph into a giant swirl–

"For what?!" Riku screamed. A jet of light spewed from the center of the swirl and twisted and contorted into a vortex that resembled a tornado sucking up the island from the inside out with a resonating roar, the ground began to shake, the sea trembled–just like that night from two years ago.

Avera called out his blades, "You must all go! Get aboard the Gummi Ship now!"

"Guys lets go!," the chipmunks screamed, and they ran to the teleportation point to the ship. The vortex suddenly contracted to a thin ray–then exploded into a bright burning light engulfing what was left of the island, and everything around–


Splinters, shards - were all that was left of pillars, thier remains showering down upon Mickey as he shut his eyes from the bright attack–Crrrsck-thk!–Mickey felt something sharp whiz by his ear, he opened his eyes and held up his Keyblade to block as a glint of the glowing whipping blade made contact with his own–Skeene!–the force of both weapons repelling each other shattered what was left of windows, and sent the hall on the verge of collapsing!

Everything seemed to slow as Mickey got a good look past the ribbon-like-blade that extended toward him from his assassin, the lady, her robes flying in tatters around her revealing a tight low cut, knee length, red dress extended with her legs in fighting stance. She had a terrible, wide, wicked smile showing sharp teeth that seemed to get longer as her smile broadened more and more. Her long black and ember hair whipped to her movements about her–and her eyes, they burned black with white slits lined with amber! She opened her inhuman mouth and a long forked tongue licked the air about her–she sent a sharp whip in her blade that lashed it back to her, "Am I what you call an ‘Evil Beyond’ your majesty?” her unnerving double voice laughed–

Minnie and the others rounded the corner and froze in shock as Mickey's Keyblade buried itself in the ground before them, they looked up, and saw the Lady of Red's arms spread dark magic into the walls that crumbled themselves around them–"RUN!" Mickey screamed, but they stayed, Daisy's Reflega* and Donald’s Aeroga* protected them from the dark magic and Minnie let loose Holy* with Goofy on the ready for extra protection with his shield up, but with a wave of the lady's arm, a strong breeze nullified thier magic,

“(*tough inhale*) Is this how you defend your system?!”

Mickey's blade came back into his hand–he blocked another blade attack from behind, SKEENE!, causing the ceiling to fall from the force as Mickey back stepped to his court–“Watch out!”–Minnie and Daisy performed Reflega*, but the lady waved her arm and again the magic once was nullified–"Wake the night*!", yelled Mickey and a beam of light shot from the end of his blade disinigrating the rubble above. Calling back on his own dark magic with everything he had, Mickey opened a Dark Portal* and shoved everyone inside with uncommon strength as the long blade wrapped around his chest like a rope, making him drop his keyblade -

"MICKEY!" Minnie screamed as the portal swirled to a close; the last thing she saw of him, was his smile knowing that his friends, and love, were now safe. Mickey was harshly yanked backwards, but he managed to call his blade back to his hand and broke out of the grip of the ribbon weapon simultaneously blocking – SKEENE! – yet another attack; the lady whipped her blade above her head, and with a flick of her wrist, it burst into corrosive, black flames, blooming lazily over the lady, and her wide smile,

“You sacrifice the source of your strength by sending them away,” the Lady laughed. Mickey went into his fighting stance. “Mh, think that blade in your hand will defeat me? That keyblade in your hand, is only in your hand because of that stupid Protection Deity that kept the real Keyblade Masters from awaking. You’re just a mere placeholder respecting the duties of Royalty, until,” the lady motioned with her finger ‘come here’, and Mickey’s blade zoomed out of his hand into her grasp, “the true Masters were settled into place.” Mickey called for his blade to return…but it didn’t so much as budge in the lady’s hand. “What I’m going to do to you is nothing compared to what I’ve done to others, be glad in that fact.” The lady crushed her grip, and Mickey’s blade exploded in light and shinning fragments. “That Protection, no longer applies to this world, or you, nor will it to your Masters once they come here, your majesty.”

*No–that’s what she’s after?!*

“Mh, I expected more from the Royalty of a system that was chosen to host a Sovereign Royalty.”

*Sovereign Royalty?*

"I really thought that since this system was given such a protective shell, the yolk within would be sweeter to drink, but then to my disgust, I find an imposter holding the weapon of light– the moment I saw you, I wanted you dead.”

"If you want me gone so badly, why not kill me before? What’s holding you back now?” Mickey was using these precious moments to internally gather the full strength of his magic, sensing his time running out…
“Before, I needed to hear the names of the Masters of this system, Sora, Riku, and Kairi,” (the lady’s voice turned exceptionally cold as she spoke their names), “For my own purposes, I must account for every Master slain. I know my colleagues would kill on sight with at least a world of this system breached, and,” the lady went into a relaxed stance and her voice simplified, “I find it rude to kill someone without giving a reason why, though my colleagues would disagree with that.”

… “Why are you after our Masters?”

“Well since you so blatantly labeled me an ‘Evil Beyond’, my purpose is to personally rip them apart, one piece at a time–”

*I know I can’t stop her,* Mickey breathed internally, *but maybe I can buy them some time.* “I know that I was just a placeholder for the Masters, but I fulfilled my duty as if I was one of them, and I was granted one gift in return from Yahena itself!”

"As if!” The lady rushed toward Mickey and whipped her weapon down in retaliation–

"Iriak dna, ukir, aros tcetorp–ahk!” *Ah, ouch, gtk–* Mickey, couldn’t stop now, he, had to finish it, “T-tcetorp, (crack, creak–crack) ot, anehay–”

From the hall beyond the struggle, a portal of dark and light opened upon the incantation carved in the Gummi Ship hanger. Something, slouching in its stride, made its way into the current hall where Mickey was being strangled to death, and a long shadow, stretched from the originator towards Mickey and the lady. “F-fo–ksa, i!” Ahh, Mickey had finished it. The lady suddenly dropped her torture, and smiled pulling Mickey up to her face,

“You waste your breath,” the lady whispered; she laid Mickey’s head back to show–


"Reflega*!" yelled Avera and a large bowl barrier formed over everyone diving to the ground for safety, the wave of heat washing over them, "Hurry!" Chip was frantically resetting his remote to the ship to board five people,

"It's not responding!" he squeaked, and from where the light exploded, a door of fire burst open, and a steed of fire and ruin, a stag of grace and death, a bull of rage and power, and a wildebeest of haste and temper, leapt from the door, thier presence upon the island, the world, everything, burned in wild flames of black and gold, everything began to disinigrate into darkness as they, and thier robed masters aboard, urging thier unruly steeds forward, charged directly towards Sora and the others. The blue wildebeest’s shrill unworldly cry was melodious with the red bull's roar and the black horse's vicious WHIIIIIII!

"For love of life and king!," yelled Dale, "give me that!" He snatched it, smacked it, and it responded -

"Go!" yelled Avera as he took up a double bladed stance with the riders nearing, thier steeds now running with frantic pace towards them. Sora could see the burning eye of the Black Rider looking straight through his soul as they drew thier weapons. The ship finally cast its beam upon them, and the last image Sora saw of the islands, his home, was the riders and thier wild fearsome steeds bathed in the destruction around them, rear over Avera as he slashed his glowing blades–

WUMP! Sora landed on his bum as he now looked about the interior of the Gummi Ship; Chip pulled back hard on a gear,

"We are out of here!" and the ship blasted forward. Sora, Riku, and Kairi dove to the window and witnessed thier world collapse into itself, disappearing in a swirling dark mass that left not a trace of its existence. A space as empty as a sky with no dawn; stars glistening all around as if nothing had happened...Stinging emotions tapered off, and their minds attempted to begin to absorb what just happened.

"We've got to get back to Disney Castle before that crazy woman kills everyone!," cried Dale from thier original mission, "You've got to stop her Sora!"

"Wha - wha -?!" Sora's mind reeled from the double blow.

"Kill?," cried Kairi.

"Radio a signal to the castle,” said Riku.

"We can't, the signal antenna got damaged when our world merged with some other freaky world," said Chip.

"Merged?” asked Riku.

"Yeah, pieces of worlds coming together on stable worlds, it's a last ditch effort that a system uses to preserve its worlds from being eradicated from existence," said Chip.

"It was probably our sister system that merged with us, that’s perhaps why yall’s world got the boot–"

"But I don't remember the By-Laws saying anything about those wild riders, and hey, who was that boy with the wings?" asked Chip.

"I hope he’s okay,” said Dale.

Sora's mind was an internal mess with thoughts pressing themselves on his battered emotions, his world, thier home, was gone–again. Avera, did–did he get away? But those riders...how could he have–and, who the heck is this woman trying to kill his friends?! Who are any of these people?! He held his blade tightly, focusing in on current matters, *She better not of touched any of them.*

"There's Disney Castle!" piped Chip.

"What’s left of it," mumbled Dale. Sora, Riku, and Kairi looked; the world had an amazing black growth consuming it, it looked nothing like its glory before, "There's only one transportation spot open, the hanger, and it's not in the best of shape,” said Dale.

"Everyone watch yourselves, that lady is nuts!" Chip and Dale set the ship for orbit, no way were they docking, the plan was to bring the court out alive and then to head for Wonderland, the nearest world, and sort things out from there.

"Yall stay here," said Sora to Chip and Dale.

"Right,” squeaked Chip

"For a quick get away,” added Dale.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi were beamed down into Disney Castle.

Chip and Dale went to the window, and watched as thier world seemed to get eaten more and more by the dark mass.

Intro: Part 7 – It’s Not So Small a World Anymore

In a state of disbelief, all three walked out of the crumpled hanger to the desolated hallways of the castle. Sora looked all around, was this, really Disney Castle? *This…can’t be happening,* Sora breathed internally. The low moan of a breeze sifted through the hollow hallways, no birds were chirping, no other sound was made, except for the crunch of glass as Kairi stepped forward,

"King Mickey! Donald! Goofy!," called Kairi, her voice echoed in a radiant tone among the dead walls, the stones moaned of exhaustion from the vibration of her voice, "Queen Minnie? Daisy?" The only reply was silence, "Pluto! Come on, here boy!"

"Lets get moving, take different directions, the faster we find them, the faster we can get out of here," said Sora.

"Hold on a sec," said Riku, "we have to take into account that woman, if she's crazy enough to take on the King, then she must be packing some kind of strength."

"Unless she's just plain crazy," said Kairi.

"Leave her to me then," replied Sora, "I'll show her who she’s messing with."

"I think we should stay together, we don't know what we're up against - I mean look at this place, what could do something like this to Disney Castle?" Kairi stated. Riku looked to Sora,

"She's right, we've never faced something like this before,” said Riku.

"Okay," Sora exhaled, and they made thier way down the hall. The ruined structure of Disney Castle sent a deep sad feeling within them; it felt so heavy.

They were walking down the hall where the struggle took place; they walked over the splinters left from the Brooms, where Holy* was canceled, and where Mickey opened the Dark Portal*...The carpet, originally red, hid any and all traces...If the castle could speak to them it would have screamed for them to turn around and run, but it sat, and watched as Sora, Riku, and Kairi passed over these grounds without a second thought. The castle, seeming to know that what it witnessed before may become thier same fate, sat with tension tangled in the air about its quiet, mutilated halls.

The three walked down hall, after hall, after hall, with no trace of the King, Queen, Donald, Goofy, or Daisy, or even Pluto, and thier hopes grew saturated with a deep, choking sadness. "They've got to be here somewhere," said Sora, his voice cracking, "They can't have just disappeared."

"Maybe they got out somehow," said Kairi, her voice high and wavered.

"We'll just keep looking," said Riku, even his voice had a waver in it.

The air suddenly turned very cold, and a long loud sound, like a person with a dead rotted throat, exhaled its high breath all around them. Riku and Sora drew thier blades up, and Kairi had her rose one appear from Riku to her. Down the hallway, in the creases of double doors, a light came on - they dashed for it, weapons up, Sora and Riku burst the double doors – and froze to an abrupt utterly horrified stop as thier eyes were hit with an image that defied what couldn’t possibly be allowed in all that was of the Disney System…

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