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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:the Cloudisawesum1 version

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Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
this story begins where the game begins but is the exact same thing as the first 1 until the storm so f*** the beginning im gonna skip 2 the storm on Destiny Islands

Chapter 1 :The Storm.

A storm starts raging out on the island.Sora looks out side to see how bad it is.

Sora:A storm?...........OH NO!!!!!!THE RAFT!!!!!!

He jumps out the window to rescue the raft.Little does he know it's his friends he will be saving and not the raft.

Sora's mom:Sora,dinners ready.Come on down.Sora?

outside Sora's house............

In the sky,a ball of darkness is floating in the sky.

Sora:*looks at big ball of darkness*What's that?

Shadows start coming out of the ground and attack Sora.Sora tries attacking the black creatures with his wooden sword but it just goes through them like they aren't there,so he keeps running around looking for his friends.He then sees Riku.

Sora:Where's Kairi?I thought she was with you!

Riku:..........the door.......has opened Sora..........

Sora:What are you talking about Riku?We gotta find Kairi!

Riku:Kairi's coming with us!


Riku:We can finally go to the outside world!But when we step through.....we might never be able to come back.I'm not afraid of the darkness!


Riku holds out his hand and Sora tries to grab it but he can't.He is being pulled
into a vortex of darkness along with Riku.A few minutes later,Sora finds himself alone in an extremely dark place.Then a light appears and Sora walks torward it.He appears in the same place him and Riku was except Riku isn't there and Sora is holding a strange,key-shaped weapon.

Squeaky Disembodied voice:..............Keyblade............Keyblade.........

He runs torward the secret place,destroying any shadow-like creatures that get in his way.He gets there safely,but doesn't notice that the shadows all started joining with each other,getting bigger every time another shadow joins in.Inside the secret place Sora finds Kairi.


Kairi:Sora!Whats happening?I'm scared.

The door that was always there but never opened finally opens but sends out a powerful wind and blows Kairi off her feet.She screams.Sora catches her and holds onto her.


Kairi:please don't let go Sora!


He stands there holding Kairi but soon he is blown off his feet and lets go of her on accident.Both are blown to what's left of the island.


He looks up and sees a black giant from his dreams.It reaches into the Earth and pulls out a black sphere and squeezes it.It shatters into a bunch of smaller dark spheres.Sora is rained down upon by them,trying to stay alive from the rain of pain.

Sora:I........can't go on!

His vision slowly dims down,slowly dieing with it.

Kairi:Sora please dont die!


A spark of energy inside Sora makes his vision go back to normal and pulls out the new weapon he gained.He jumps up and slices off the Darkside's hand.It picks up Sora with one hand,squeezes him with immense strength,and then throws him at the ground with extreme force.He just lays there motionless.Sora hears Kairi scream and jumps back to his feet.He starts whacking the Darksides feet.The Darkside falls down on it's knees.It struggles to get up.While doing this,Sora throws his weapon at the Darkside's head.The Darkside finally gets up,but he floats and disappears into the floating ball of darkness.Kairi gets out of her hiding place but is pulled into the ball,but Sora grabs her.Slowly he is taken off his feet but grabs onto a rock while still holding Kairi's hand.

Sora:Kairi!Don't let go!

Kairi:You too!

He hangs on as long as he can but in the end he lets go and him and Kairi disappear.

BUM-BUM-BUMMMM!!!!!!!gee i wonder wut happened to them?ull hav 2 wait!
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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
atnihs:kairi don't let go!*sobs*
shinta:suck it up wuss*turns and sheds a tiny tear amd looks back with dry face*
atnihs:will they be together again?WILL THEY?!
shinta:i can't take it kairi and sora have to be together!*cries with atnihs*

cool! :D


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Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
thanks all u people that posted!

Chapter 2:Traverse Town

Sora wakes up dazed from the battle,unaware that he is no longer on Destiny Islands.Kairi is with him with her head on his lap resting.

Sora:uhhhhhhn.........Where am I?

Squeaky Disembodied Voice:Let her rest.

Sora:uhhhhh who was that?

Voice:You will meet me in time.Just wait until then.

Sora:please just tell me?

Voice: Dang your impatient.Just wait will you?


He falls back asleep.Hours later he is awoken by a familiar voice.

Kairi:Wake up Lazy Bum.


Kairi:There's a yellow dog staring at us.


He looks up and sees a yellow dog.It scratches it's ear.Sora looks at it's collar and sees printed in yellow lettering the name "Pluto".

???:pluto!Come here boy!

The dog hears the voice calling it and runs after it.Sora gets up and runs after it.Kairi follows Sora's pursuit of the dog.

Sora:Oh hey wait!

Kairi:hey!why are you leaving without me?

???:Maybe Cid'll know where Leon is.

?????:Yeah lets go ask him

The two mystery "people" go into a shop that says "Accessory Shop"


Kair:Yes Sora?

Sora:Where are we?


Both start looking around at their new surroundings.It was completely different.No tropical coconut trees,no smell of the ocean,no sound of the cry of the sea gulls.........nothing was there that looked like Destiny Islands.

Sora:I think we're in another world!

Kairi:What!?No way!Thats impossible!

Sora:Then where are we?

Kairi:I............don't know.

Sora:Maybe someone in here knows.

Kairi:Alright.Let's go.

Sora:Wait for me!

Both go into the "Accessory Shop".But the 2 "people" are leaving it through the back door undetected.

???:Thanks Cid

?????:yeah what the big palooka said

Cid:your welcome.Come on down anytime you need a place to sleep!

???:Shouldn't we go to a hotel if we need somewhere to sleep?

?????:I hear that place is over run by heartless though!

???:Well I prefer staying there rather than with some old country guy.

The 2 "people" go through 2 big doors into the second district of the town.Sora and Kairi walk in the shop and the shop keeper greets them......"warmly".

Cid:Welcome!How can I help..........oh it's only kids.

Sora:Hey!The names Sora gramps.

Kairi:and mine's Kairi!

Cid:Alright.Simmer down,simmer down.What can I do for ya?


Sora and Kairi explain what happened to them but Sora forgets to mention the Keyblade.

Cid:Well this place is big.......it might be impossible to find your friend...........but you should have a go at finding him any way.


Kairi:We'll be back.

Sora:Well i guess the only place out of here is over there.

Kairi:That's what it looks like.

Sora pens the same doors the 2 strangers went throught into the second district.

Kairi:thanks Sora


As soon as they walk in a guy runs and trips in front of them.A creature with a helmet on reaches into his chest and takes out his heart and then disappears into a vortex.The guy disappears as well but just into thin air,not through the vortex.Sora tries to grab the guy before he disappeared but he also trips.Kairi runs up to him.


The shadow-like creatures from the island start appearing from the ground and surround Sora and Kairi.


Kairi:What about you?

Sora:I can take care of these guys!


She runs through them back into the first district.A Shadow jump at Sora.He catches it and throws it another one and they disappear.A Sneaky Shadow turns as flat as paper and sneaks up behind Sora while he is busy fighting other Shadows.It slowly comes up from behind and slashes Sora with it's claws.


The Sneaky Shadow jumps up on Sora's back and repeatedly scratches his back with it's claws.Sora grabs it and swats it with the weapon then destroys the remaining Shadows.Afterward he starts panting for breath and runs to the third district.Seconds after he enters the third district the 2 strangers exit out of the hotel.

?????:hmmmmm I wonder where Leon is?

???:uh-hyuck,Cid said he'd be here or in the 1st district.

?????:yeah but he wasn't in 1st district but he's not here either!

Back in the 1st district,a powerful-looking warrior exits the Accessory Shop.

Leon:...........................He's here now Yuffie

Hmmmmmmmmmm i wonder if thats good or bad.Just wait 4 tomorrow 2 find out!(geez that sounds like sum tacky cartoon nararator 4 sum reason :D )
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Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
Sorry i didnt know u could do that.this is my first fan fic.

Chapter 3:The Keyblade,the Heartless,and Ansem.

Sora enters the third district looking for Riku and calling out his name.

Sora:Wow this place is huge!RIKU!RIKU!RIKU COME ON OUT!..........sigh...........But still no Riku.

Hey what's that on the roof of one of the buildings?

Riku:..................he's probably looking for someone to show that Keyblade off to.

HOLY $H!T!!!! IT WAS RIKU!!!!!!

Sora: oh well I better go check on Kairi.GASP!Oh no!

He enters the first district and sees that Shadows are running around every where you look.One of them sees Sora and attacks him.Sora just swats it to the side and runs into the Accessory Shop.

Sora:Where's Kairi?!

He looks at the couch and sees that Kairi is just sleeping peacefully.


Cid:SHHHHHHH!she's asleep!

Sora:Oh.Well when she wakes up tell her not to go outside.Alright?

Cid:K.Did ya find your friend?


Cid:Well dont give up.Have at least one more sweep around town.


Sora walks out of the shop but a man walks around the corner and starts talking to Sora.The shadows seem to have disappeared.Sora wonders if this man destroyed them all.

Leon:They'll come at you out of nowhere.As long as you continue to wield the Keyblade.

Sora:You mean this thing?

He holds out the weapon in front of him.The man just keeps talking as if he Sora didn't even say anything.

Leon:Still.It's hard to believe it chose you,a kid,out of all the people in the universe.

Sora:What are you talking about?

Leon:Now let's have a look at that keyblade.

The man starts walking torward Sora,but Sora prepares to attack him.

Sora:This is the only thing that'll protect Kairi and me!There's no way your getting this!

Leon:Yes there is.

The man continues walking torward Sora with a sword in his hand.The blade looks like a gigantic revolver.

Sora:Fine.You want it?You can have it!

Sora throws the Keyblade at the man and hits him.He backs off a little.

Leon:Uhhn!Fine.Have it your way.

Leon runs at Sora.Sora does the same.Leon swings the Gunblade but Sora dodges it and hits Leon in the leg.Leon shoots a fire ball and it hit's Sora.A hole is burned on his right shirt arm.Sora retaliates by trying to hit Leon's right hand but Leon blocks it.

*Metal CLANG*ow!that hurts my ears!

Sora jumps over a wall and Leon hits and shatters it.Some of the rubble hits Sora in the head and impales him.Both start panting for breath.Sora then runs at Leon and keeps hitting Leon non-stop.He jumps backwards and throws the Keyblade at Leon.He falls down on one knee and Sora starts walking torward Leon dizzingly.

Sora:Now your gonna..........your.......gonna...........

He passes out and Leon gets back on both his feet.A young woman walks out of the the second district and walks to where the fight scene ended.

Yuffie:ahhhhhhhh your slipping Leon!

Leon:Looks like things are worse than we expected.A lot worse.

Meanwhile in the alley,the 2 strangers are walking around but don't notice a woman slowly getting closer to them.

???:Boy this place sure is spooky.

?????:Aw-phooey!I'm not scared!

The woman taps the shorter stranger on the shoulder and he jumps on the taller strangers back.


Aerith:Excuse me?Did the king send you?

Both of them look at the young woman named Aerith.

Meanwhile in Leon and Yuffie's room.............

Kairi:Come on lazy bum.Wake up!

Sora gets up rubbing his head after hearing Kairi's voice.

Sora:eek:ooooo my head.......

Kairi:Those creatures that attacked you are after the Keyblade.But it's your heart they really want.Because you wield the Keyblade.

Yuffie:She's right.

Sora:How did they find me though?

Yuffie:The darkness in people's hearts are what attract them.

Leon walks into the room as soon as Yuffie finished her sentence.

Leon:And there is darkness,within every heart.

Sora looks at Kairi with a large grin on his face.

Sora:I'm so glad your ok Kairi.

She giggles.


Yuffie:Have you heard of someone named Ansem?

Kairi:Hm.That kind of rings a bell.

Meanwhile in Aerith's room...........


Aerith:Yes.He was studying the Heartless.He wrote all of his findings in a very detailed report.

???:uh well could we see it?

Aerith:It's pages are scattered.


Aerith:To many different worlds.


Aerith:All we know is that the only thing that can truely destroy the heartless is the Keyblade.

Meanwhile in Leon and Yuffie's room...............

Sora:So this is the Keyblade.

Leon:The Heartless have great fear of the Keyblade.But enough talk......Aerith should be here by now with the other visiters.


She points at a Soldier heartless that just appeared.Leon throws it out the window and gets his Gunblade out.

Leon:Sora,let's go!

Sora grabs Kairi's hand and the 3 of them jump out the window.????? walks slowly torward Leon and Yuffie's room and reaches for the door when Yuffie slams the door open on him.Aerith follows her and leaves ??? and ?????.



Outside in the alley...............

Leon: Don't bother with the small fry!Find the leader!Stay close behind and don't fall too far behind me!

Sora:Hey wait for us!

Leon,ahead of Sora and Kairi,dodge and destroy all the soldier heartless and gets to the 3rd district,Up above in a balcony........??? and ????? are being attacked by heartless as well,but they lose.??? falls from it first,then ????? falls next.


He lands on top of Sora.


He falls on top of ???

Sora:Oooooooh my head again.

???&?????:Uhhhhhh.........oh!The Key!

All right, the next chapter!The Battle against Guard Armor!
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Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
thankee Atnihs.I NOW DECLARE ATNIHS MY #1 FAN!!!!!!

p.s. : i should tell u guys that Sora still has that paopu fruit in his pocket.U'd do well 2 remember that.


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Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
Sorry i havent posted the next chapter yet.I've been going places.

Chapter 4:Sora and company vs. Guard Armor.

???&?????:eek:ohhhhhwhooooaaa........Oh!The Key!

The ground begins to rumble and the ground rises,trapping our heroes and being attacked by a bunch of Soldier Heartless that just appeared.One of them attack Kairi but Sora lunges at it and destroys it.

Sora:Leon!Protect Kairi!


He obeys Sora and stands in front of Kairi,hitting any heartless that get close enough for him to hit.??? bonks a Soldier on the head with his shield,????? casts fire magic from a staff on another Soldier and it starts running around while on fire.Sora then hits it back at a wall.Another Soldier scratches Sora from behind and Sora retaliates by throwing it at the same wall.Leon shoots a Soldier that was heading torward him and it explodes.Everything is quiet and safe until Sora looks up at the sky and sees something giant and purple falling from the skay


???:Uh whats that?


????? hides behind Kairi as soon as he sees the giant heartless that looks like floating armor falls from the sky.It assembles itself so it looks like real armor and starts walking torward Kairi.Sora tries distracting it by throwing the Keyblade at it and yelling at it.The Guard Armor changes direction and starts walking torward Sora and spins it's sharp hands around itself like a barrier.Sora is repeatedly scratched by it and makes tears in Sora's shirt.??? charges at Guard Armor,shield in front,pushing it back and harming it.Guard Armor retaliates by stomping ??? and knocking him out.????? runs torward it and feeds him a potion and wakes him up.????? casts fire on Guard Armor quickly before ??? hits Guard Armor's hand.Kairi watches as Sora gets scratched and runs torward him.



After yelling this Sora destroys Guard Armor's foot,causing it to break into a bunch of glowing green balls.???,?????,and Sora absorb them and get healed by them some how.

Guard Armor:!!!!!!!!

???:Golly,I feel a lot better!

Sora:I feel stronger!

?????:Me too!

He casts fire on Guard Armor's hand.??? jumps up and whacks Guard Armor's head section.Guard Armor ignores the attack and body slams Sora,trapping him under it's massive body.It gets off of Sora but squashes him with it's remaining foot.??? uses Charge and knocks Guard Armor off of Sora,causing it to lose balance and trip on the fountain and get knocked out.????? repeatedly whacks it's hand and makes it explode,Sora jumps up and puts the Keyblade under him and lands on top of Guard Armor's foot,piercing it with the Keyblade.Guard Armor gets back up and hops torward Kairi,but Leon gets in the way and hits Guard Armor's foot.Guard Armor just kicks Leon to the side and picks up Kairi.



Sora jumps on Guard Armor's hand and tries to ply Guard Armor's fingers open and falls off when Guard Armor lifts Kairi and puts her inside it's empty torso section.

Kairi:Sora!I'm scared!

Sora:Hang on Kairi!

He throws the Keyblade at Guard Armor's hand and it explodes.Leon wakes up and destroys Guard Armor's foot with with a fire ball.Guard Armor starts spinning in circles and rams every one,knocking Sora into a wall,??? backs off,????? ducks before it rams into him,and rams into Leon's armor,giving him a bruise.


Wall:(OW!That hurt!)




Sora gets back to his feet and stops Guard Armor's attack by striking it at the right moment and jumps inside it's torso section to find Kairi.


The inside looks like outer space except you would usually feel happy that your in space,but for some reason,this space was a little depressing.

Sora:Gotta find Kairi!

Hmm I wonder where Kairi is?
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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
shinta:shut up for once!
*runs around room jabbering senselessly*
shinta:i hate it when gets like this.

cool fic!


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Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
dont you mean NOW not KNOW?

Chapter 5:Sora's..........Death?

Sora:got to find Kairi.

He runs off into the seemingly endless space and a few seconds later he sees Kairi and a jet black entity standing over her.It starts reaching into her chest.........


It pulls it's hand out and is holding Kairi's heart in it's hand.It brings it closer to it's mouth.Sora runs at it,Keyblade in hand,and raises it,ready to strike as soon as he's close enough.Kairi's heart was almost right in it's mouth when Sora striked it.The Entity drops Kairi's heart and glides away into the vast space.Sora catches Kairi's heart before it fell any further.He walked back over to her body and reunites her heart with her body.Kairi sits up and inhales quickly,but she falls back and Sora catches her before she hits the invisible floor.

Sora:............Kairi...........please wake up......................wake up!Wake up!WAKE UP!

A river of tears begin to fall from his eyes.Despair,anger,saddness,and frustration ran through him."Maybe I'm too late" he thought.




He smiles.Happiness began replacing all of his emotions.He picked her up and started wandering around,looking for where he entered.


He smiles at her again and finds the the hole he came from.

Outside Guard Armors..............I suppose body.........Guard Armor starts rattling.

???:a-hyuck!What's happening to it?


????? runs behind Leon and covers

Sora:Leon!Something's wrong with Kairi!


Leon:Hang on.......I don't think this battle is over yet.

Guard Armor begins to glow incredibly brightly and turned into the Entity that Sora saw in the vast space.Sora sees it and lays Kairi down slowly,ready to avenge Kairi.




Leon runs after him in hopes of stopping his recklessness.

???:Should we help em?

?????:Might as well.


The two strangers follow Leon and Sora so they can help Sora gain his revenge for Kairi.Sora takes out the Keyblade and hits Entity in the head.It counters Sora's attack and scratches Sora with it's knife-sharp claws.

Leon:Leave some for me!

Leon swings the Gunblade with immense speed and force,but the Entity jumps out of the way and, focused on Sora,runs past Sora and scratches him in the heart-area.He stands very still,holding his hand near his heart.Kairi begins to stir.


The tall stranger hits the Entity with his shield and holds in front of him so it can't move.The shorter casts fire on it while it struggles to break from ???'s grip.Leon then runs to it and hits it.A gunshot noise fills the air.The Entity finally breaks free of ???'s grip.


She runs faster.Sora slowly walks backwards,not knowing what happened,where he was,or who he was.Then falls flat on his back.The Entity knocks Leon and the two strangers out of the way and makes a noise between a laugh and a hiss.It reaches into Sora's chest and pulls out his heart.Kairi runs faster.


Out of nowhere,Yuffie jumps up and throws a throwing star at the Entity's hand,causing it to drop Sora's heart.Kairi finally reaches Sora's lifeless body.



Leon:Thanks Yuffie!

Leon swings the Gunblade and hits the Entity,the short stranger casts fire on it,and the tall one uses Charge on it.The Entity's vision starts getting blurry.It begins glowing and then bursts into light.


She slowly lowers Sora's heart into his body.Sora remains motion and lifeless.


Kairi:Sora..............please.............wake up............please.......

Yuffie walks to Kairi's side and puts a hand on her shoulder.

Yuffie:.........Kairi......I'm sorry but I think that Sora is.........

Before Yuffie could say her last word,Kairi yells and glares at her threatingly.

Kairi: DON'T SAY IT!


Kairi:........Sora.............please don't leave me

She starts crying,puts her ear next to his heart,and peacefully listens to his heartbeat as it starts to slow down.


Kairi:...........Sora........sniff..........no.........don't leave me!Please don't leave me!

She starts banging her fists on his chest,but it does no good.Finally after what seemed like an eternity........Sora's heart stops.

Kairi:........no............no don't go!I'm telling you to not go!SORA!DON'T GO!

She starts crying harder than ever.The only noise heard that night was the echo of Kairi's crying.

................................I can't say anything but...........just wait for the next chapter. :(*cries*
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Sep 13, 2005
DANM I BLAME MY TEACHER FOR MY BAD GRAMMER BLAME HER NOT MEEEEE. great chappy!!!!! wait soras dead.......? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO who will get the keyblade???? Riku?????? that would be cool if Kairi turned evil to get sora back in stead of Riku gettin Kairi?? that would be weird...... plz make another chappy!
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