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Okay. For the last few months, I've been saying VERY nasty things about the wireless.

Our router/gateway/modem from Uverse got fried in a lightening storm; since then I've had nothing but troubles with my connection. Horrible lag in XIV, disconnecting from the internet when I shouldn't, you guys can proly can guess the drill. Turned out part of the problem was Uverse had given us a bad replacement router. T_T I'd tried repping my wireless network card, but no joy.

I decided to flip the bird at windows finally (thinking that might be the cause of the last of the troubles; Sometimes Windows does funkeh things with drivers) and find me a cheap little router that I could use as a wireless bridge, since they don't sell separate wireless bridges anymore.

A friend of mine on Blue Gartr (Niya) suggested a Mikrotik thingy; once I got it, he actually helped me config it via TeamViewer. Well? NO MORE LAG, no more problems so far. I'm giving it a few days to be sure though. Tho I'll be glad if that was the whole problem, and I've also hooked my PS3 to it (Why should the bloody thing be using Wireless G when N's available?)

Here's to the end of my net problems, and that network card's getting yoinked out.
I'd actually disagree on this. Frozen's problems were probably a directive from Disney themselves. I'll just give a quick list because I've been wanting to really talk about this in depth for months:

Spoiler Spoiler Show

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Now the specific reasons that I think The Mouse did this on purpose is that they could easily use this game to keep Frozen in the public eye. Now at the time, KH3 was supposed to come out 1-3 years ago, and back then (and even now) Frozen was a good cash cow for them and even when the progress had to be reset that was still good that it came out this year as a little known movie by the name of "Frozen 2" came out this recently.

The problems with this level also line up too well. Frozen is shown off but not too much, making it so that if you didn't see it and/or buy it you may be compelled to pick it up, and if you don't already know the story you might be interested by the teases they gave to the full movie. To do that more easily keep the MCs out of the story as long as possible (mountain), Keep the villain away from the story too (irrelevance), and put as many nods and songs from the movie into this even if they aren't explored at all (Sven and his moose, all of the songs, Hans etc.) So though I might be crazy I think that whole world was just a reminder that Frozen exists.

EDIT: Wow the headers didn't show up. I'll fix that now.
It's not just Arendelle in fact most of the New Disney Worlds (minus Big Hero 6) had guidelines from Disney as well, even Pixar also put guidelines to Nomura and Square Enix on the worlds based on their movies (Toy Story and Monster's Inc.), of course not in the same level as the guidelines seen in the Tangled and Frozen worlds, but it was mostly noticeable In the Monster's Inc. given how picky and restrictive they were on not allowing Randall to be a boss (more so a mid-boss) in the level, compared to the Toy Story world imao. San Fransokyo, from Big Hero 6 was I say the ONLY new Disney world out of the 5 new worlds (Kingdom of Corona, Toy Box, Monstropolis, and Arendelle) introduced in KH3, that Disney didn't put Guidelines and restrictions on given that the story was set after the events of the movie instead of being a retelling of the original film which allowed Nomura and his team creative freedom, of course credit goes to Roy Conli (producer of Big Hero 6) who came up with the original story.

Lastly I feel in my unpopular opinion that Kingdom of Corona was more frustrating than Arendelle especially during the stories 2nd and 3rd Act.

Arendelle problems are because of Disney, not because they were working against the clock.

We're talking about Frozen here, guys. Disney being overprotective of their best selling animated movie back then is much more believable than Square not having time to do it justice.
I'm soryy but I have to disagree with you. In fact, I was more frustrated with Corona than Arendelle in my unpopular opinion, cause literally Sora, Donald and Goofy stood out like a "sore thumb" in the world and literally don't know what has happened especially during the 2nd and last acts of the world.

I made a lot of complaints on Kingdom of Corona, before which you can view here, here and here.

But literally, Sora and the gang never question Rapunzel's long hair along with witnessing Rapunzel’s magic powers through her hair, but they also didn’t know about Mother Gothel true colors and remained blissfully unaware about her after their first and ONLY time encountering her until Marluxia reveals her real colors to them through context. Wanna hear the worse part, they, especially Goofy (who is supposed to be the intelligent one of the trio) didn’t grow suspicious with Mother Gothel especially when she coldly dismissed them and said they were “useless and of no help”. I mean If I was present with them and after our first encounter with Gothel once she dismiss us and leaves, I too would be the first to question and feel suspicious about Gothel especially when she coldly dismiss us as “useless” and wether if she really is Rapunzel’s “real mother” (which she isn’t). Even they also remain blissfully unaware that Flynn/Eugene got knocked out and when they (particularly Donald and Goofy) see him again they don't question what happened to him they just say, "Flynn Sora's unconscious" and "Oh no Rapunzel is held Captive" etc. it felt too preachy and over the top.

Even Flynn/Eugene’s character in the game was vastly different compared to his role in the original movie. Basically as the Stabbington Brothers were written out of the game and replaced with Marluxia (believe me EVERYONE but their Grandmothers saw this a mile away when the film was announced as a world and knew he was going to replace the brothers) he is the ONLY thief that steals the crown and his reasonings on why he wanted to return the crown and Satchel in KH3 felt not only lacking and “forced” but it had little to no purpose compared to why he wanted to return it in the original movie.

Lastly, the rest of it when Flynn went out to rescue Rapunzel (Gothel stabbing Flynn/Eugene, Eugene cutting Rapunzel's hair causing Gothel aged to dust, Rapunzel healing Flynn/Eugene) just had Sora Donald and Goofy being just "There" in the background not knowing what's happening ever since Flynn went of to the tower to rescue Rapunzel (yeah they saw Gothel's cloak before it was immediately turned into the Grim Guardianess Heartless by Marluxia and witness Flynn/Eugene dying until Rapunzel revived him with the Healing incantation) but they weren't acknowledged by the cast until after Eugene was Healed.

Just Imagine if SDG were involved during the climax of Wreck-It Ralph, Moana and Zootopia but are just "there" in the background not knowing what's going on and doing their own conflict (e.g. Fighting a Giant Heartless), while the movies characters just primarily play out like in the movie but don't acknowledged SDG until after the conflict is solved.

Also, even Gothel and Rapunzel saw/Encounter Marluxia ONCE, none of them ever bring up his name nor mention his name again for the remainder of the world, which honestly made Marluxia's appearance in Corona felt "shoehorned". At least with Monstropolis, Toy Box and San Fransokyo, the inhabitants do acknowledged the Organization XIII member and not brush them off, particularly the former when Randall had a "teamup" with Vanitas.

So literally It's not just Arendelle and to a degree Corona, in fact most of the New Disney Worlds introduced to KH3 (minus Big Hero 6) had guidelines from Disney as well, even Pixar also put guidelines to Nomura and Square Enix on the worlds based on their movies (Toy Story and Monster's Inc.), of course not in the same level as the guidelines seen in the Tangled and Frozen worlds, but it was mostly noticeable In the Monster's Inc. given how picky and restrictive they were on not allowing Randall to be a boss (more so a mid-boss) in the level, compared to the Toy Story world imao. San Fransokyo, from Big Hero 6 was I say the ONLY new Disney world out of the 5 new worlds (Kingdom of Corona, Toy Box, Monstropolis, and Arendelle) introduced in KH3, that Disney didn't put Guidelines and restrictions on given that the story was set after the events of the movie instead of being a retelling of the original film which allowed Nomura and his team creative freedom, of course credit goes to Roy Conli (producer of Big Hero 6) who came up with the original story.
I just realized how often I change my avatar. Way too many times. I think it depends on my mood. What kind of mood I am in determines what avatar I have. That and I like experimenting with them to see which ones I like best. Think I'll keep experimenting until I find that right synthesis and synthesize the Ultima Avatar, lol. It's coming.
Question: What exactly is the point of responding to someone's thoughts with "Wow.. that's a terrible idea", and giving no actual retorts or criticism?

It's such an unengaging response, and comes off as needless and hateful because of it. What benefit do people see in giving replies like that? Is there some sort of satisfaction in arbitrarily letting someone else know their opinions suck (in your eyes) without ever telling them why?
Currently showing another one of my friends the Kingdom Hearts series! He didn't like the beginning of the game (mostly because the game kept saying it couldn't be read on the PS4 and he forgot to save since he thought it auto saved lol) but he liked Traverse Town and is enjoying Wonderland! Hopefully we will continue!
Hi Ballad, I know that my posts over the last few years have always insinuated me starting arguments but that has never been the case. Nevertheless, I want you to know that all of my recent quotings of you in the latest KHUX story thread have been quotes of agreement. I am fully on-board with what you say and I have a lot of built up frustration with KHUX that I always unleash when I post in a KHUX thread.

So yeah, please know it's nothing personal and I'm not attacking you in anyway. Rather I'm agreeing with you and am attacking SEJP and SENA for how they are controlling KHUX.
Ballad of Caius
Ballad of Caius
Hey! No prob, man! I didn't get that at all. Thanks for taking the time to clarify! :D Hope you're well

And yeah, KHUx, as a storytelling platform, is disastrous. It's like reading a book every 30 days.
No worries! In the last two years or so I've found that no matter what I wrote, people were upset or took it personally so I wanted to make sure you knew that what I was ultimately saying was in line with what you were saying.

And oh my gosh yes!!! That's exactly what it feels like. And like, not even reading a chapter every 30 days but more like three pages every 30 days! The story is criminally spread thin, it's a pain for every fan involved!

I feel bad for participating in the #ChitotheWest movement because this is far from what we wanted!
Ballad of Caius
Ballad of Caius
Remember that text doesn't always translate emotions. I've had it happen, it's why emoji sometimes are good in terms of expressing the actual sentiment of a sentence.

I think it has more to do, like you said, with Nomura's schedule. Even though he's slowly not being director of the FINAL FANTASY VII Remake project, he still has a say, needs to hold meetings and the same can be said about the main KINGDOM HEARTS titles. I imagine that, in terms of scheduling, FFVII and main-KH take priority over KHUx scenario writing. And who's to say what he has in stock with Verum Rex.

And from a Marketer point of view, KHUx's Marketing sucks. Story Updates should be a part of the game's Marketing plan, but this inconsistency really weakens the game. If the game had a better storytelling structure, I think the game would have a better reception.

But I guess the execs are satisfied with how much the game is making and the method of making "different seasons" for KHUx seems to be working in terms of rebranding.
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life.
- John 3:16
Ugh... So I'm posting this mainly to help vent my frustrations; my intention isn't to sound all whiny or bring down anyone's day, I swear.

Anyway, today my unpredictable grandmother probably did the most reckless and impulsive thing I've ever seen her do. After years of saying she never wanted a pet in our house because she doesn't want anymore mouths to feed, she adopted a dog completely out of the blue, and barely has any clue what she's doing with it, nor does she have all the necessary supplies to tend to it (at least, not right now). I've been trying to help her all day, but the process has been difficult to say the least. Needless to say, I was NOT prepared to have pet living in our house anytime soon, let alone today.

I'm tired, anxious, beyond exasperated, and desperately need some relief right now before I have a breakdown. But I also really don't want to neglect Chloe (that's the dog's name), and everytime I look away my paranoia goes out of control. I can't help but constantly think she'll be miserable if I don't tend to her, and I'm really not sure what do anymore. This is all just so jarring!
Why do I get the feeling that back in 2003 you'd be against the live-action Disney worlds? Reject change, resist anything new, embrace the status quo no matter how needlessly restricting it is.
Seriously??!?!? I was open to the idea of having Live-action Disney worlds (e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, just those in the Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi area) in Kingdom Hearts even the Pixar worlds (before Disney acquired them in 2006) just after the first game and before Kingdom Hearts II came out.

I'm saying it before and not going to say it again I feel that regardless if Disney owns Marvel, Star Wars and Fox, just "shoehorning" those properties as worlds in Kingdom Hearts, just wouldn't make sense in the grand scheme of things, IMAO.
Yo bro, I'm rereading your Persona idea for "Days" and i think you could just have shorter links for the Castle 5 or just have them be apart of the existing members links

Or just do an Axel game ;)
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So okay. I may finally be near done watching my diet so hard.

I'm down below 200 lbs (about 91kg, for ya EU folks) for the very first time in years. My goal is 180 lbs (About 82kg), which tech is still overweight for my height but I'd rather have a weight I can maintain at the moment.

Anyway, got 10-12 lbs more to lose, and then it's over tho I prolly won't EVER be such a pig again.
As far goes as films based on Princess and the Frog, Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, Moana and the forthcoming Raya and the Last Dragon appearing as worlds in a future KH game does anyone expect any of the actors/actresses reprising their roles?

Cause I do expect some of them (with some exceptions (due to cost, scheduling and "first right of refusals)) to reprise their respective roles in the game.

For Princess and the Frog (depending on which characters appear in the next game) I do see the majority of them to reprise their roles (Anika, Keith David, Michael Leon, etc.).

Ralph, I expect most of the cast (except John C. Riley and Mindy Kaling (if Taffyta appears, which is likely)) to reprise their roles as their characters. Regarding Ralph's voice actor I do expect Brian T. Delaney to voice him given that he has voiced the character since Disney Infinity and in many projects when John C. Riley couldn't do it.

Zootopia, I see many of the actors return, particularly Ginnifer Goodwin and Jenny Slate. Idris Elba and Jason Bateman will all depend on their cost, and availability/scheduling if they want to return, but I do expect the latter to possibly return than the former, it just comes down to his scheduling, availability and his "first right of refusal" as while he did return to voice Nick Wilde in Disney Infinity he still does currently does acting in films, along with doing Arrested Development and Ozark for Netflix, otherwise they may use Christopher Swindle (Sulley) instead as he did voice Nick in the Disney Dailies Stories for Amazon Alexa.

Moana, I expect Auliʻi, Rachel House (Grandmother Tala), Jemaine Clement (Tamatoa) and maybe Temuera Morrison (Tui) to return. Dwayne Johnson maybe unable to voice Maui given his cost and he's a very busy actor, so perhaps a sound alike actor?

Although Raya won't come out until next year, I do see Cassie Steele and Awkwafina to reprise their roles for their characters (Raya and Sisu) if it becomes a world in KH.
GEEZ. I just had to deal with a very disgusting mess.

You understand, the boys in our house never had to do "girly" chores like say, mop the floor or clean the bathroom. Well, I finally got disgusted by Shadowneko's bathroom in the basement. I have to USE that potteh after all.

So I cleaned the sink and the toilet, my sister (known online as Her Highness) talked me out of cleaning his tub too; wouldn't want him to think he had a maid after all.

Tho if he moves out, I'm scrubbing that tub within a inch of its life. I'm just THAT disgusted.
Twilight Lumiair
Twilight Lumiair
Oof, that sounds pretty rough. :sick: Sorry you felt you had to clean that up, and I don't blame you one bit. Hopefully it never gets to that point again. 🤞
Twilight: I hope not either but I ain't counting on it. 'Neko is a disgusting slob and never cleans; so I might have to later again in self defense.
I feel so bad I haven't seen Coco yet. I've heard so many great things about it, I really want to see it. Especially if it can be a potential KH world. Yes, I have that mindset in the back of my mind everytime I watch a Disney/Pixar movie. Could it be in the next Kingdom Hearts game, lol.

And I didn't know that about Pixar wanting original stuff for their worlds in KH. That explains Toy Box and Monstropolis. I'd still want a Bug's Life world not sure if Hopper would be in it now, though.
To be fair though, Pixar is know for their stories hence why the majority of their films received Critical acclaim which is the reason why they requested to Nomura and his team to do Original stories on the Pixar worlds based on their films, because if they "retell the plot" of the film with SDG and KH elements involved, it would take away the important lessons and values that made the original films great but drastically change certain characters personalities and act out of character compared to the movie. As in my thoughts with Pixar only allowing original stories based on their movies, I'm alright with this change cause it mostly give positive's and few negatives (to a few people who are upset with this):

  1. Allows Sora, Donald and Goofy to be involved in the movie's world, rather than retell the plot of the movie with them sticking out like a sore thumb in some instances, and having the KH antagonists be "shoehorned" in the plot.
  2. Takes existing Pixar characters in a new story exclusive to the KH series, while keeping the same behavior and personalities from the film.
  3. Protects the timeline and canon of each Pixar film without changing important events from their films, hence the Toy Story world taking place between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 and the Monster's Inc. world set after the events of the movie.
  1. Not exploring the plot of the film (A few people just wanted to explore the locations from the movie, hence their disappointment on the Toy Story world)
  2. Pixar villains (Frankly, I've seen a lot of comments mainly on YouTube with some users expressing on wanting to fight that specific Pixar villain only to be disappointed they aren't in the game or not as a boss (e.g. Waternoose, Syndrome, etc.)

In fact, in an interview from Nomura at D23 2017 following the reveal of the Toy Story world in KH3, he originally wanted to have the Toy Story world to follow the events of the First or Second film, but Pixar requested Nomura to "do something that is original and unrelated to the films" hence the original storyline for the Toy Story world in KH3 being an interquel to the 2nd and 3rd film.

Regarding Coco as I several posts based on this on this thread, I can envision the story could take place after the events of the film (before or after the epilogue) where Sora (and perhaps Donald and Goofy) ending up in the land of the dead but at the same time he encounters and helps Miguel's great-great relatives (Hector, Mother Imelda, Coco, Papa Julio, etc..) and Miguel on a new threat that is threatening the Land of the Dead and Santa Cecilia (e.g. one of the antagonists or Heartless and/or Dream Eaters is causing havoc on the civilians preventing them from reaching the ofrendas and seeing their living relatives. Or a possible route and the first for and Pixar-based world it could be a prequel to the original movie where Sora ends up in the land of the dead trying to find his way back and he encounters Hector who also wants to cross the bridge to reach Coco, which can also tie into Sora's character development.

Besides the connection of Family (la Familia), Remembrance and memory which were the themes of the original movie and could connect with Sora's character development and the KH plot, the alebrijes could be another important story plot connection for the world cause in the original film they are meant to be spirit guides to their owners and their families such as Dante and Pepita. What if there were alebrijes that became corrupted and turns itself into a Heartless or Nightmare Dream Eater and actually do the opposite? I could so imagine the world culminated with either a Heartless or Dream Eater boss based on the Mexican deity, Quetzalcoatl with Sora riding on Pepita and battling the boss in the vein of Sora riding on Baymax and the Magic Carpet.

But hey, I'm very excited on how Pixar and Square Enix will come up with the new story for a world based on Coco. Another interesting thing to note is that apparently Jason Katz who worked on the Toy Story movies and was one of the consultants with the Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts III also worked on Coco, plus Jason, Adrian Molina and some of the people who worked on the movie could serve as consultants giving notes to the Nomura and his team regarding on the Coco level. Coco definitely screams Kingdom Hearts level from both the environment, the story, the alebrijes and potential boss, so I'm very excited to see Square recreate it as a level.