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How do you all feel about midi on this site being remixed ? I do this all the time in another board
Looking for sealed Kingdom Hearts TCG boxes and packs for a project!
Im sorry I dont have any, but you might have some luck looking on eBay
hope you've been well, yo. this TWEWY news got me thinking about old times in the rp forums
دستگاه جوجه کشی که با نام هایی از قبیل دستگاه جوجه آوری، ماشین جوجه کشی و انکوباتر نیز شناخته می شود، محصولی صنعتی است که فرایند رشد تخم نطفه دار مرغ، بلدرچین، بوقلمون و ... را به جای پرنده مادر شبیه سازی می کند.
بسته به تعداد تخمی که در یک دستگاه جوجه کشی قرار میگیرد، می توان آن ها را در انواع ماشین جوجه کشی خانگی، نیمه صنعتی و صنعتی دسته بندی کرد.

I suppose it's been quite some time since I touched base with you last. I don't know how the GMs will respond, but if your silence has been indicative of how hectic your real life must be, then I don't fault you for not posting. This pandemic has likely only made that impossible for you. I debated my continuity, but my character is meant to be hinged off yours, and my autonomy (at least to me) wasn't substantial enough to keep me invested indefinitely without this potential of expanding on the 1 & 2 character bond that was presented to me in my first PM.

Whatever the GMs decide, i'll say that it was fun either way. I hope you are well Lumine.