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  • I love pokemon, and I also love digimon or something like that. But they really aren't the same at all. People who are haters just say that because "mon" is in both their names..when that is obvious short for monster.
    I'm kind of having this digimon rush lol I made a this one too if you want a selection. Or both, doesn't really matter to me. I like making pressies
    Please read my post in the RP before you post( I edited it so now Hibari and Hayate have entered the scene with you and Seru).

    Sorry for the late heads up :/
    Ah, I see you're on. It would be fabulous if you could post as Karu, that way when I get back on, I can easily take care of w/e you post and also deal with this dude going bankai on me.

    Its up to you if you want to edit your post or not, but just so that you understand things, THIS is the hollow dragon you attacked.
    Heyy you interested in joining forces with Seru...a little side story to make the rp more interesting for the both of us and those within the rp itself.

    It has cookies...
    Here's a plight I have with your posts mang. How is it that when I post, your character continually knows what Seru is thinking or knows the monologue in its head??

    Seru never mentioned anything aloud about Karu charging to possible go into hollow form or anything like that but each time you post Karu's thoughts match the thoughts of Seru as if they are having a mental conversation.

    Here's a tip. You as the rper are omniscient because you read the posts...your character is not unless they have some psionic ability of mental intrusion or likewise an ability to get such information eh.
    I'd edit my post if I were you, if you are going to use shadow manipulation and powers based upon that idea, I'd know the science behind a shadow. Directly, I won't bother to explain it, but I can tell you that Seru doesn't have a shadow because its body isn't in a state that shadow's require to be formed. If it did have a shadow you'd also have to take into consideration teh fact that Seru is above the ground and then apply merging into such a broken shadow from that.

    I'll also tell you that in your post you stated that you can't take damage as a shadow, but that's impossible because absorbing yourself into a shadow makes you a physical direction of where light can't form properly; thus meaning erasure of the shadow before you get out of it, or inserting light into such a space via multiple means...could damage you.
    btw i just got the okay to reopen HA, im going to try to make the topic for the signups/occ today since it has been in active for who knows how long now and it dosnt seem to be going anywhere i asked Orion and he said it was no problem. You dont have to make new characters or temps, your still going to be able to use your character where you left off. btw you have a week before i give your character to someone else so that the rp may continue since you havent been on since may 18th
    Are you gonna post in world of whatever 2??? I think you might be the last one left to post their first post..
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