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  • Of Course I am. I just got really busy in recent days, so I really didn't have a chance to work on my characters.
    I have been very well actually joined the air force, have a job, and I am currently texting from a handheld... okay that last part I am not happy about lol.
    Dunno yet. Along to my own digimon rp, I got about three others i have, and I'm also getting a KH rp together.
    Been working on a KH rp for the last two hours. Making rather good progress, if I do say so mayself :D
    Well, its been pretty good. Went out. Did a bit of growing up. That was awesome! Seriously, I doubt if you guys saw a picture of me now compared to back when I was twelve - do think you would be amazed at the change. Had a bit of fun chilling. Catching up with assesement. All that jazz. But I started talking about roleplaying with my friend the other day and I mentioned the commish and by the end of it, I was just like 'you know what? I'm going back. I miss those bitches! XD'

    Hows your year been sweetie? <3
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