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  • XD yeah, its about dinasours. theres an island where humans and dinasours co-exist. the only way to get to the island is by plane or boat...crash that is
    they get stuck on the island (im thinking plane crash)...and thats all i got!.....
    well, i dont want to do the same plot, and it wont branch out between charters, that would be way to complicated!XD
    its a little diffacult to explain. you start out as either claire or sam (who later becomes eric, becuase it turns out eric is sams twin) and after you beat the game the first time you can be either james or this jappanesse girl whose name i cant recall at this moment. each charter has a diffrent take on the story, for instance, if you play as claire eric or james you meet the last girl after her plane crashes and you find her unconciuss, but if you play as her, you dont met them like that, you have to find them on the island.also, if you play as james or the last girl, you never meet the real sam
    the first one is. i've only played the third, which has two girls and two boys and has a really awsome story line!
    orginal, but im inspired by the tv show lost (though i have never seen it!XD) and the game "lost in blue"
    ..i compeltly forgot about that!actually, im trying to a strandoned on an island rp.
    Darn it, the chocolate always works. Oh okay, well g'night. Hope that wrist modification does the trick! :D
    I demand a treaty! I'm Switzerland, a peaceful nation! Lol. Does this mean you're getting off for the night? :(
    Dun dun dun dun. I smell a devious plot. Hooray for sleep, it saves lives from being destroyed by bionic women. XD jk.
    Eh he was just a waste of laboratory funds anyways. He could never tell the difference between a 2x4 and a microscope. We have the solution, a floppy disk that has all the upgrades needed. Lol.
    The lab geeks are still working on it. *turns to scientist* "damn it, Johnny!! Hurry up, she's gonna destroy us all if you don't hurry up!!"
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