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  • That sucks D: but it can always be worse, right? Like getting hit by a train and living with the horrible wounds. Lol hope that doesn't happen to you. Hopefully your wrist recover with ease.
    I'm used to millions of Pikachus and their brainwashing as they flood my room. XD That's good to hear. What happened to your wrist?
    I think I did fairly decent, maybe average or a little bit above. What about you and your essays? Do you think you're doing good on writing it?
    Well kind of. The first test was a college placement test, the second test was a job skill assessment test, and the final one was pretty much an easier version of the first one.
    Sounds like some hardcore fun. Lol. Just some standardized tests that test what we've learned so far. Not as bad as I thought, but not too easy.
    What kind of essays? And I'm good, I just got done with three days in a row of testing.
    im talking to all my friends to see if theres anybody that can help me with it. then i'll decide to put it up. it probably wont be for awhile.
    Yes haha and I have many more different Pok?mon. Pok?mon forever, yeah! XD And oh okay :( , I'll talk to you whenever you're able to visit the forums.
    what?the rp or the show?i havent put the rp up yet, but the show is called cowboy bebop.
    Yes it does, there's always a girl in a Bond movie. Lol. And noooooo!!! I bet your parents killed it, they deceived you.... maybe lol. I just counted and I have about 26-30 different Pikachus (includes posters, trading cards, and game pieces). I'm a Pok?Geek. XD
    Glad to see that you're backing me with the hunt! I'll be all like James Bond. It would be an honor to be blinded by Pikachus. My profile is now just like my room lol, lots of Pikachu memorabilia everywhere.
    *hugs*sorry for making you feel embarrsed!its kind of like an interactive story.
    I gonna crack this one, I'll find the wheelchair! Even if it takes me an eternity! XD And on a completely unrelated note, my whole visitor messages is filled with Pikachus. Yay and I'm not being sarcastic either. Nothing more epic than a whole bunch of pikachu images on my profile. Lol!
    Who knew that an old person would be involved in that kind of stuff haha. "I'll torch your house, sonny!" and then takes off in his wheelchair that is equipped with rocket boosters. XD
    im thinking about making the rp set in that setting. and let the people be bounty hunters
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