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  • Oh my lol. Pretty much all gang-related things are pointless at least in my opinion. And to think all over just one person. Good thing it's all over (unless it is still going on).
    Yep, even though Michigan hasn't been great in terms of economy, population, and crime rate, I still enjoy living here. It's the only home I've ever known XD. I bet the same applies to London (minus the economy, population, and crime part) for you, right?
    I'm from the Great 'ol Mitten, known as Michigan. Lol. And you said you were from Northern London, correct?
    Darn it lol. But the description I provided was the stereotypical one but it does have some truth in it a bit though. XD
    The north is more industrialized usually and the south is usually more country. Plus there's a difference in accents too.
    Or unique. You should be flattered to be the only Brit. I'm one of the hundreds of Anericans. XD lol
    Cool :D now I can say that I know a British person lol. But actually quite a few other people here are from Europe.
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