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  • Hey, Baymax! We're getting the new Ux world! (May 11th)
    スクウェア・エニックス BRIDGE | ゲーム・コミュニティ| SQUARE ENIX BRIDGE

    It's not the new not-implemented-in-any-other-game world, but I wanted to tell you nonetheless
    Okay, I was up at on the left side of balcony. And yes, it was absolutely amazing!! Can't believe I got to see Shimomura play live. Man......
    Aw too bad I didn't see that message, I was already on my way to London! But the concert was amaziiiing where was your seat?
    Good luck with that!!
    Yeah, everything is fine, luckily. Exams and tests are a bit too stressy, but it'll be over by next week. :)
    I played the demo for the first Project X Zone, it was interesting, I always meant to pick it up. The fact that it had .hack characters was what interested me. I loved Xenoblade Chronicles as well, so wow. I didn't realize the sequel had Yakuza characters in it. The first Yakuza I played was 3, and I've been an avid fan since then (I dropped 80 bucks on Yakuza 2 when it came down to being the only one I was missing).

    But yeah, I know KH has a bigger fan base and will do well regardless, I guess I was just in a funk about it because I've always been able to grab the new KHs. But oh well, life goes go on, I'm fortunate to be able to buy either of them.
    Yeah, I think I'm going with Yakuza 0. The series really needs the support more, and considering I've already played Dream Drop the only new content I'd be getting in 2.8 would be about 4 or 5 hours worth. Kingdom Hearts kind of blinds me with nostalgia, but damn Yakuza is also a special series to me (I'm really attached to the characters and Kamurocho. I even imported Kenzan and Ishin).
    I posted a link to the Pokemon thread, apparently Serebii updated the pictures of new Pokemon. I think we finally have Rockruff's evolution.
    Thanks! Lucky I have the day off work so will be sitting around and waiting for it to be released... It will drag I bet!
    yo~ sure In that last reply of yours you basically said what I was thinking in the most direct way, while I TRIED... tried... to make it sound like I'm not judging anyone xD
    my last bf turned out to be worthless, suddenly he was the victim while I was darn ill already, but did that matter? noooo... what matter was "us" and "us" and "holy us"... Give me a break. I asked him for some space, and what did he do? A crisis, in small but often steps. Oh screw him. As if that relationship was the only thing that I had to handle in my life.. *sigh*
    I'm better off alone for now. Though of course I'm a pathetic girl who wishes for an awesome lover still, but at least I know that's not gonna happen soon, and also I won't fall that fast ever again
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