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  • Friend told me about it when i joined highschool and then i sorta fell in love with sora haha but bad thing was that i thought sora was roxas and roxas was sora haha wbu
    My main point was that we should wait for a film to come out before we decide if it would work in KH or not
    Hey Blue, Since Zootopia won't come out till next year we can't really give a solid opinion on whether or not we want it in KH3. Maybe we should do the next movie on the list.
    I am sure Nintendo has the power to carry on the things he didn't beside its there game mostly anyway as well as his hehe
    Oh wow so whats the point in creating a game if u don't like making more of it most games do need a add on series to continue its epic adventure on really they cant just be put on standby N left on a shelf as a game that was only just one of its kind its kinda not fair. If i had the skills to do game programming i would make loads of game series to games haha wbu
    Ye it was Lol it was good but maybe in the future there might be more we don't know lol but just hope that there could be more
    Well evidently we're not quite in the dry period we thought we were. On 2.8 what are your biggest hopes? I'm particularly excited to see Back Cover and 0.2, and what it might show us. I am interested in how the title of Back Cover and how it alludes to obviously a book of some sort, and how significant this might be to the plot and how it connects with the larger picture of the series.

    D23 Japan? Well not entirely sure at this moment, I usually tend to wait and see rather to expect that much. But if i were to, i'd love to see more worlds.
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