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  • Well evidently we're not quite in the dry period we thought we were. On 2.8 what are your biggest hopes? I'm particularly excited to see Back Cover and 0.2, and what it might show us. I am interested in how the title of Back Cover and how it alludes to obviously a book of some sort, and how significant this might be to the plot and how it connects with the larger picture of the series.

    D23 Japan? Well not entirely sure at this moment, I usually tend to wait and see rather to expect that much. But if i were to, i'd love to see more worlds.
    I think the problem is that there is not as much to theorise about at the moment, so we keep having to come back to the same points, all of which don't seem to have a definite answer just yet when looking back on the series. While it was a long time ago, so i barely remember plus i spent a lot of my time in forum insanity, i remember when i first joined this site and it was just so much more livelier and people where legitimately questioning everything and theories came out left, right and centre. I think it's just gotten to that point in time where people want to get back to that, but at the moment we can't.

    Honestly i made myself a KHX account when it first came out... i did very little. i got to the very first world and i got bored, it was just like a lot of facebook games out there. But regardless if i were to play some sort of KH game i'd rather replay one of the other ones.
    Hmm thinking about that... Apart from a probable secret ending they're going to have, having a couple of hints at something more from the series could be interesting to hide in some of the side quests. Get the community speculating about the wondrous great unknown again. I want a whole lot of theories that get everyone speculating again. At the moment i feel like for the most part people have gotten pretty tired of speculating and as someone else had put it, are just waiting around instead of getting involved anymore. We need fire in people's bellies.
    I didn't realise they'd be side quests, oooh i am intrigued. Though i hope with that news they're not going to be too boring. I hope that brings in some interesting new mechanics or some kind of collectable to the game, as long as they're handled well. Possibly having those Hunt Board things from FFXII could be interesting. That was one thing i enjoyed about that game. While i still haven't been bothered to defeat a lot of the side bosses in the series to this day, i do enjoy the ones i have. I liked the Mirage Arena in BBS, despite the fact i only ever played it by myself.
    I think npc are going to be a little tricky, the easiest option will to have designated areas for npcs to roam for a more lively worlds. But in larger areas filled with heartless and stuff it'd be great to have roaming npcs as well so even those places don't seem as deserted. I think if that's implemented having like more final fantasy characters in the worlds would be easier to add as well.
    Okay, sure. How are you? If you like stories, I'd recommend checking out the RPing section. It's my own personal haunt on the site.
    I really don't think we'll see much a a difference between how hand drawn characters looked in previous games, and how they will look, they'd just look more polished(?) in the way that the biggest differences would probably be subtle texturing to aspects of the characters to make them fit with the increased graphics, but still look recognisable as themselves.
    Man, i can't wait to see how breathtaking the worlds are going to become. When that first kingdom hearts 3 teaser came out i was floored looking at how beautiful it was. Thinking about the lineup now, with the increase in worlds based on cgi movies, the worlds are going to become so much more detailed and in turn so captivating and immersive. That's also another aspect of the game that i feel will really grasp me in a different way kh games had before. New graphics + new worlds = a recipe for excitement.
    A friend of mine told me to try it about five years ago. I've always trusted her judgement on a good game. What's funny is that before she had me try it, I just would glance at this franchise, dismiss it as "weird Disney stuff," and keep my nose in Pokemon. I probably started with the two games a beginner should not play if they were hoping to understand anything abut the story- Re:Coded and Days, in that order. I was completely lost, but I loved how the Disney stuff worked so well despite how absurd the concept was, Sora and Roxas, the gameplay, the characters, and the music. The fact that there seemed to be a greater narrative that I didn't understand just drew me in even further.

    Now... heh. It's probably one of my favorite video game franchises right now, and I try to keep up with and understand everything. These forums have helped a lot with that. So what about you?
    I fully get that's the reason why the original Kingdom Hearts is so polished as a single game, but it's some of the core aspects to the games, especially visiting other worlds which truly was a great source for my initial fascination with the game. That's one of the things i am excited for in Kingdom Hearts 3 though, it seems like we're going to have so many new or revised disney worlds and i am so looking forward to how refreshing that's going to be (even if the reasons behind going to each world may or may not be a little left of centre since a lot of the time traversing to all the worlds is a core mechanic in the series, but is often given tedious reasons for doing so.) Also i am rather really intrigued into how the plot is going to pan out.

    I never really felt like Hayner, Pence and Olette needed to do more than the role they were given. This game likes friendship groups of three particularly with 2 boys and 1 girl, which having Roxas chucked in there, really just showcased how he was an outcast and never belonged. I feel like this group of friends seems to just represent normality more than anything. I mean, having them somewhat help in future would be good, but i feel like having them represent anything more than they are would feel out of place.
    Still haven't gotten around to playing 3d yet, i did do the possibly next best thing and just watch all the cutscenes for it...
    I found the original kingdom hearts to be more captivating, i find that the purpose for things seems to be a lot clearer. I can't even remember why exactly they were travelling to worlds in KH2, was it to find Riku? or Organization XIII? Oh my it's been a little while. I do find the game mechanics somewhat more fun to play around with though in KH2, boss fights were great even if sometimes they didn't always feel like they were bringing new things to the table. I do have really fond memories of playing it for the first time, i would have my pillows and blanket set up in front of the tv and i would just play it all day, i admit i was cruel in that i also remember my best friend at the time coming over to my house only to spend all of her time watching me play the game. eep.

    But i too was given the birthday gift of a console just to play the newest Kingdom Hearts game at that time. I got a psp just to play bbs, it was great. I also remember going into class and because i was pretty well known for being obsessed with Kingdom Hearts people were telling me 'did you know there's a new Kingdom Hearts game coming out??' and the conversation carried on like "yes, i have it.", "no, no, it's new. it's only just came out", "trust me, i have it."
    God, it's been so long. Well it was the first game we ever got for the playstation 2 when i was six, but it's strange, it was my sister who was more into it than i was, i passed it of as being 'too childish' despite well, being a child. We got stuck with just the first four worlds of the games for years because we weren't sure on how to progress. But finally when i was 11 i was bored so i picked it up again and like ??? all i needed to do was do one of the trinity thingos in Traverse Town and the ball started rolling again. We'd had the game for like 5 years without anything new happening so i got super duper excited, i remember calling up my sister who was then 18 at the time all excited that i'd actually gotten to Agrabar. From there it kinda consumed my life for a couple of years... I've taken a step back now but i still love it. What about you?
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