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    I dont know how to reply to that but some of my friends are really good friends! So you should accept my friend request too!
    Exactly what I'm going through as well. It's the little things that set her off; it's annoying but I deal with it. Thanks, I'm going to need some luck :C
    I got in a spat with my girlfriend a couple of times this week, which has made things increasingly worse. So I can relate somewhat; she tends to have a short fuse anyway, but yesterday and today were just over the top. Hope things work out for you.
    Oh I heard about that. Not my kind of movie but the perfect type to see with a companion and significant other. I hope you have fun :3 and I can tell you're a bit miffed. Something going on?
    Sorry about the long wait, was taking care of things.

    Meh I'm not one for crowds either. It's funny really, I'm a social butterfly in school, but when it comes to out of school activities I'm pretty much a loner :C sad isn't it. But at least you're going to be having fun tomorrow; what are you going to see at the movies?
    Oh I see, so that's why you're worried so much. Completely understandable. And that's why you get sick to huh? I just get common colds; I'm practically vulnerable to all forms of the Rhino virus :\ hmmm... just curious, what's with the lack of going out?
    Exactly what everyone seems to be disregarding :\ I don't understand it. And naturally most of the elderly do have low immune systems hence ones ability to fight off a cold naturally is dampened. I'm sure he won't catch it, and we don't have to worry about ourselves; if you have a good immune system that is... I unfortunately don't.
    Well, I never used to freak unless it was happening to me D8 but I see exactly what you mean. And if it's already state side there's no real reason to freak out. Taking the proper precautions is more then good enough to keep yourself healthy enough to fight off the bug if caught. The most vulnerable to this disease are the elderly and young, which are most likely the fatalities at this point.
    Jesus, people really are ignorant to the actual situation. Slaughtering pigs, especially in an uninfected area, is hardly necessary... the intelligence of man is lower then I expected. And sorry about there trip, I'm sure they weren't the only ones to have missed a fun day in the sun because of this whole dilemma.
    :eek: oh so you don't like it either. Ugh, the false accusations with this disease is angering me, I mean really now. How paranoid can you be? A ham can feed a family of 3 for christs sakes... fuck. Eventually the flu craze will be over and everything will go back to normal, just like when Sars and Bird flu hit.
    Lol well I noticed you were on my friends list and the last time we talked we had a good conversation xD I'm not much of a ham person, but I feel your pain v.v it wasn't because of that swine flu bs is it?
    I noticed, your last message was dated as 3 months ago o_O but I'm glad you still remember me.
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