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  • Hey dude, just VM me later on when you're ready to battle, I should be online around the same time as you.
    no problem. i may be on a little later than that, but not much. im on eastern time, so i'll be having dinner aorund then
    yea i don't mind. my plans actually got cancelled for the weekend, so I'm free whenever.
    I'm fine with you going onto the next round. Ask noheartx if he'd be willing to drop his by to battle you. It's up to him. :)
    Hey man. Just a heads up, you have a day left until your round is up in the Tourney thread.

    If you need an extension, let me know.
    alright. i'm not sure if i have your fc or vice versa, so here's mine: 4727 7277 6943

    shoot me a message when you're on. i just put this p sweet team together so hopefully it ends up working out.
    Good thing i never sent out haxorus against it. Though without the scarf haxorus wouldve easily outsped it. I just finished that team today now im going to work on an ru team. Should be fun but i want more battles lol
    yeah good game after all the DC. Your kecleon was annoying and the random aqua tail i was like "No!"

    and yeah I seem to do well with water-types. Sweep a couple people with a Dragon Dancing Lapras and now Jellicent. Im working on an RU tier team
    Lol well thats why jellicent is a beast. Spe def wall and can learn wil o wisp and scald
    I figured he was choicebanded after the crit. And again im sorry its this thunderstorm
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