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  • To everyone wondering where I was for the past two months, please see this topic.

    I am also writing another fanfic, but I plan to finish Kingdom Hearts: Reborn from the Darkness as well. I am currently in the process of re-editing the entire story I have posted so far for Kingdom Hearts: Reborn from the Darkness, and will re-post the newly edited story once it's finished. So please DON'T necro the old thread, and thank you. :)

    This new fanfic will take place during Kingdom Hearts 1's events, but it's also one of three Kingdom Hearts 3D fanfics I plan to write. It will take place AFTER Kingdom Hearts: Reborn from the Darkness's three scenarios which are covered in one fanfic, and these Kingdom Hearts 3D fanfics will happen before the "Final Episode" for Reborn from the Darkness.

    The first of my three KH3D fanfics will be centered on Kairi, and it takes place right before she get's her heart stolen. It also features the Mysterious Figure from BBS, and a BRAND NEW VILLAIN that is not Xehanort in any way, but the new villain has something to do with a certain character from 358/2 Days...
    Hey just stopping by to check on ya and just curious on when the next chapter will be ready. Just notify me when it's up okay?
    @Xeon{Myroku}: No problem! The part I posted recently is actually the longest one yet. Take your time, read it at your leisure. :)
    Hey I left a reason why I can't read your current FanFic. Sorry, maybe if I'm not working late tonight or prehaps some point tomorrow I'll give it a read.
    I read your fanfic sometime ago; well written! :D Much better than most nowadays. XD

    What up, btw? :D
    oh hey aqualung i read your story awhile ago it's good. so do i know you or something?
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