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  • hello yoyo. I miss you, I really wish youd get on so we could talk. I broke up with superkindomheart a couple weeks ago.
    look at my new glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    these things so much more awesome then my last awesome pair! ITS LIKE THEY WERE SPRINKLED WITH EPIC SALT!!!!!!!!
    they even turn into shades in sunlight....know what that means? IM NEVER SHADE-LESS BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    eh good for you tho.

    i'd get a desktop next time to, something breaks on them just replace it with a laptop the whole damn thing goes -_-

    ....thats one of the stupidest damn reasons ive ever heard in my life....

    http://forums.khinsider.com/forum-games/165924-whats-your-blues-name.html haha just call me....:cool: Old Boy Rivers~
    aaah now i bet you got more of one than me~

    then try those places cause thats bout the only way to get yerself a computer thats worth a damn.

    grounded for what? yelling NYAH at your mom? XD
    its alright unlike me everyone else has a life xD

    your actually old enough to work? and dont matter my job is just flat out sh*tty but i was able to get this new keyboard (FOR A LAPTOP! >:[) with it.
    lol your mom's funny xD

    good you best know since im guessing you do the facebook thing. i've been following it in the thread they got here.
    fine now i havent had anyone to talk to in days :[

    haha sounds like your luck is bad as mine with these damn machines. ask for a new one for your bday or sell something for cash hell get a job.

    read this Announcements - Creative Media and yes it really is important.
    *pats head* you to short stack :3

    again? so how you on now? o,o you need a new computer.

    xD your not the only one my keyboard on mine aint workin right.
    what did you do to your laptop?
    Happy New year err Day!!! XD
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