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  • There are three things certain in this world; death, taxes, and judgement. From the beginning you meet someone you judge them, be on appearance, habits, the way they act, etc. *Gets up from chair* But perhaps something like this is just going over your head?

    The grandfather died, thanks to a fat cat :T
    lmao I wasn't saying it in a bad way darling, I'm just implying that us rpers need to stick together. Don't be sorry be happy that you've made a great rp <3
    *rests head on fingers and smiles sadistically* Even if I were judging, would I be the first, and can you say that you've never done it to anyone in your entire life?

    It's newer, and the VAs are pretty good. Mostly southern, but there seems to be one french guy, but it's hard to say if it's a genuine accent :/
    I got you. Like I said, realism is key.

    I shouldn't have to VM anybody lol they should know to help a fallen student in need but yea. It'll all work out fine.
    I will eventually. I just like to be realistic. Tobias is in no condition to just walk there and Tyra sure doesn't have it in her to carry a 16 year old teen by herself. I'll see what happens. I'm actually thinking that maybe after the nurses, that Tobias' powers change or something since the rp has just started.

    I'd make a third character but I'm not sure yet. I had a simpler idea for his powers previously but didn't use them.
    Bite through a cord surging with electricity and what do you think will happen unless you're made of rubber -_-'?

    Oh, I'll check it out ;3
    You mean to stop the seizure?? Sure, it'll stop after a bit, he probably would be taken to the nurse or something though I'd assume.
    That's not really up to me. I'm not head of the school or the teachers, maybe they plan to cover it up. xD its your rp/
    lmao I dunno what made me want to add that, it just seemed like a good ending. Who knows what even happened to Tobias in the first place right??
    Aww I feel like I've missed something great now xD I just recently posted in your rp btw.

    Tobias is having a seizure in front of everybody...
    it is!? WOOOOO PARRRTTTTYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy (early/late) B-DAY!

    oh yeah so important i posted it twice~ :cool:
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