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Bebop Blues
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  • i'll add you my mans. sorry to hear about you being depressed, last couple years seem to have been hell for everybody i know.
    swell. after being an annoying prick going thru the normal motions my family was homeless for a bit over a year and i grew the fuck up lol. all's good now tho. you got an fb or psn?
    holy FUCK

    do you remember me dude? welcome fucking back, i thought you were gone lmao
    I actually got a job too. Only keeps me busy from Monday to Thursday tho. But it is still money and I'm happy about that. You heard Cole, Ye, and Jay's albums ?
    Naw its all good bro. I'm barely on too. I'm good. things are all calm and stuff. summer break and getting a job soon. How about you ? How's life been treating you ?
    She knows i over think all the time. Thats the reason for most of the problems that happens between me and her.
    oh wow. yea you did. I need to rack up some money to get it eventually. ima be real late when i get it tho. which sucks.

    I made a mistake 2 days ago. I was under so much stress and was so angry. I was with that girl i constantly tell you about. and I over think things a lot when there is nothing to do. and we did nothing for 2 hours. So i was already thinking stupid stuff while she was looking for me to entertain her. I was helping her with her laundry. So after a while i was just out of it and a bit pissed off. So on the drive back to her house she was complaining jokingly about my driving skills and kept play hitting me. SO eventually she called me a dumbass for not making a turn she told me to turn too late. And i just raised my arm and slapped her. It wasn't a slap slap, it was more of my palm pushing her face away. but it had force in it. So she got mad and i got madder. I dropped her off home. Drove home like a maniac wanting to get into an accident, slammed every door possible, then brokedown when my mom asked me what was wrong. I let my anger take over me and bottled up emotions that i should've told someone about. I apologized after i cooled off a bit.
    Yea i still dont have that game. -___-. Thats cool tho. I want the Ratchet and Clank collection but i can't find it anywhere. I want BO2 for zombies. Its getting crazier with the new DLC coming out.
    Don't really have time to play any. The best i've played would be KH. because i found my PS2 and just went in on some FFX and KH. Other than that i don't have the money to buy any new games yet so i gotta be patient with that. hbu ?
    mp3crank . com might help you out there. I downloaded pretty much most of my albums from there. If anything just type it in on google and you should find it. or wait till the day it drops and the itunes version will be out.
    Yea its decent. Cole's album got pushed back. sadly. Cudi's album drops in march tho. so hype for that. and see Kendrick's video for Backseat freestyle. its a funny video.
    Thats whats up. and my bad i thought i repleied. ASAPs album is okay. Haven't really heard it in dept yet. But Happy New Years bro. Hope you enjoyed it.
    Happy Holidays to you too! Its been good. Got the new 5th generation iPod so im pretty happy with that. and a couple of clothes. Its been pretty good and dope. How about yours ? and I'm fiending to hear J.Cole's Born Sinner. And Kid Cudi's Indicud. Next year is going to be a good year for music.
    Oh thats cool. I was just chilling. I dont remember what i really did tho. ha. But i know i was making fun of everyone saying we were ganna die.
    My first semester was fun. Experienced a lot of things. But slacked a bit on the studies. -___-. Gotta make up for it next semester now. But everythings been fun. I did EOP so i started it with a lot of friends already. It was really interesting. Don't go back till the 22nd. So what did you do for the supposed end of the world ? :p
    i've been good. Just been chilling. Finished my first semester at NJIT. and shit is serious. but other than that im all good. hbu bro ?
    Yea i definetly am. But before i make that the official song do you know any better songs i can sing ?
    Iaght. I'l check it out one day.

    Tell me what do you think about this idea. My lady friend sang to me a couple of weeks ago. And we talked about singing to each other a while back and she finally did it. So its my turn. im planning to sing to her Hey There Delilah. Ima learn the guitar when i go see my uncle in Germany next month. Hopefully i can perfect it before i come back.
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