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  • Leaves heartwarming story: My Corner — tryingtoenjoylife: dreamofdepp: Johnny Depp -...
    That's awful. Why the kids...=[ Its good he's optimistic. I wish I could be like that.
    He is young which is a good thing in some ways. If all is well he'll recover fast and be fine by the time he's older. =]
    If it had happened when he was an adult the damage would've likely been permanent to some degree.

    Kids see things for how it truly is. There is no complexity in their world. They can be optimistic because of it.
    I'm sorry to hear that. =[ How old is he?
    Surgery!? o_0 I hope they caught it early then so its all gone.
    lol Would you like to know how to be past that word count? Dont spam it a lot on the forums but just hold your space bar between the last letter and the .
    how are you btw? ^_^
    I hate thinking about the plot. I'm actually thinking of replaying all my Kingdom Hearts games (Except for Dream Drop Distance) to check the story, of course I could miss the secret movie aspects since it's hard for me to obtain them.
    Ah, I'm very bad at reading and writing, and describing things, explains why posts are always so short.
    I know nothing about Pokemon or Half-Life, so I guess talking about KH is fine.
    Your posts are very intelligent and your profile picture makes me hungry, so I thought I'd say "hi".
    I don't respect HiddenMew as a person that's what I mean. Although I'm starting to question whether or not they deserve that position.
    Yeah I just needed to vent all that. HiddenMew said I was complaining about rocket when the fact is that I gave up doing that a while ago. Wouldn't listen to a thing I said though and was stubborn as a mule. Which is why I don't respect HiddenMew.
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