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  • lol your Levis ability is still bull dude.

    The second one is okay because based on the idea you can't do shit to my magick because it is too strong for you lol..

    Howevr with Levis you petty much have every spell. You have so many spells, but with that keyblade you can change wateraga into Firaga, or Thundaga and so on and so forth meaning that you are trying to cheat the template scheme altogether....

    This implies your other spells as well.
    LoC is now Rainfire, and Q, was a battler and prominent role-player on this site.
    Cross is alive because, ultimately I would've let him live, if Ref wanted to be humble, at any time he could've saved you, Grace, or both. Or if he wanted me to spare you, i could've just as easily made a branch to catch you, Grace, both, or neither.

    Ultimately I was just bored, so I decided to end it. Like how LoC fucked everybody up in that massive battle Q posted two years ago.

    12 is the youngest you can go.
    Chim, ultimately we'd have no choice but to save you if that continued X(

    Remember, and alternate Cross is in WtDC rp. That aside, i'll at least give you a "whats up"?
    Well I'm dealing with some crap at the moment with some girl who might dump me and I don't want our relationship to end.
    I thought so I just wanted to make sure... He mentioned people who just didn't get it so I had it narrowed down to two people and I was hoping it wasn't either of them and that it was someone else instead but had doubted I would be right lol.
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