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Dark Drive
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  • well, in my shop it is. I preordered it in... end of December. That sounds right. Or it was start of January.
    Hiya, thanks for welcoming me:)
    Your comment made me smile *smiles* and It's great knowing i'm not the only layton fan on here, I happen to like his top hat lol. Btw awesome name too!
    I'm going to bed. See ya, Rain, Dark, or Drive. Please tell me. I need to know what you wanna be called? Like I'm just Light.
    At first I only read that you were growing a beard. I went all o_O
    then it made more sense when I finished reading.
    Yeah, I've pre-ordered it.
    Ah, sorry, now that I've read through you're personality a little, I've noticed that you have used the words 'a bit' a lot. So, if you can, could you replace them? This will just make your writing sound smoother.
    Orion's too old anyway. Too old for us at least. So, tell me when you've got that Sig idea.
    lols please don't hurt me!
    Nah, Roxas is cool. hey, from your location update, you live in Melbourne. Somewhere along there you'll find Orion.
    I didn't pay much attention to Roxas. Now I don't mind him.
    Yo, thanks for teh post. Maybe people will actually see that our Roleplay is there now.
    As I'm sure Light has told you (Actually I'm certain because I am looking at it now through you profile's page) he and I will give you a hand with anything in the forums, mostly roleplaying though, since we major in that.

    Well, umm, welcome to the forums, and....hello.
    Hey, I'll do a sig for you! Just get me a stock photo, and let me know if you want any text. I did my signature and avvy. If you want to see my sig, check my profile under about me.
    So, yer, welcome to the forums. I'm sure that if you asked, either of us (us reffering to Bone) will be able to help you get around the Roleplaying sections.
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