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  • Yeah, it doesn't help that - having only recently returned to roleplaying - you don't have a whole lot of recent work I can look at, but give me time to compile the specifics. In the meantime, I can offer general advice, but it depends if you're looking at things from the point of a roleplayer or a roleplay manager.
    You'll notice in my most recent post, I added a couple physical details of Neils'.
    Haha. Congrats. I won't lie: I did set high standards for this RP.

    The thing about this RP is that things that aren't yet revealed are malleable. Provided it doesn't contradict an established fact, you're free to do and say whatever. Describe him however you wish, just remember that he'd been a top scientist since 1992, so he's gotta be pretty old now.
    I'd like to say, I'm okay with your ability as it is, but I do think it could be fleshed out more or described just a little differently. Here's an example I might use:
    Before I try and take the reins, is there any area of roleplaying you want to work on or tell me about first?
    Oh? You and Scribbles have a subplot? Now I'm intrigued to see how this will play out. Hmm. Love triangle? That would probably just score us more rivalry, and I'm looking for something deeper than that. It's cool. I've been pretty busy, too, so I haven't had much time to come up with ideas just yet. Sorry. :p

    Looking forward to it indeed.
    None specifically just yet, but I want our interactions to ultimately contribute to something more than just the superficial hate we show each other. Hmm, I'm thinking something along the lines of your home in Macalania. I assume that's where you'll be going to next.

    Glad you're game for it. Have any ideas yourself? I'll mull it over and let you know if anything crops up on my end.
    I've hinted that Henry had visited the Middle East in the past six months, this was the big reveal that he was there during the suicide bombings. More will be revealed in the next few chapters: it is all working towards the mid-season climax
    As characters interact and merge storylines, the chapters will not necessarily be in the same order. The Stroma chapter was not in this episode because he recently merged with Lila Wrothe
    Go for it (in reference to your question on the fanfic thread). More details the better! Thanks for reading
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