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  • Oh and also, D.D.D, Traskix and I are making a graphics shop. If you aren't working for one would you like to join us?
    I will have to kind of spit ball. I use gimp, so if these are photoshop tutorials I will have to translate a little, but that is no biggie :) thanks man!
    Hey, bro. Do you think you could be a kind person, and teach me a little smudging? Or maybe refer me to where you learned some of it? thanks :D
    I did! I have to say, it was probably the most magical expierence that I have been too, everything about it was just too awesome for words, except for when The Yacht Club came on, then it had the giant dance party where you fist pumped and boogied all over the floor which was really fun ;w;
    /love gush

    Lol have you?
    I noticed you're an Adam Young fan.

    So I believe this is a good way to start a conversation and say hello.

    ....Hello c:
    I think the last time I was one it was either 08 or 09.
    Then finally I had some motivation few weeks ago to make a tag, and now here I am again xD
    Lol well it was kinda sudden to see you on here since you seem to have taken off a while ago.
    I dunno. Maybe. I'm not really friends with any of the mods here anymore, 'cause the whole staff's changed majorly. I could try, though, I guess.
    Ah, alright. Well, if you ever get on it, if you do have one, add me: CircusFreak14?s Music Profile ? Users at Last.fm
    that's not the only thing he sticks it in

    Hah, well I just requested one of those "fixes" or whatever for "Raging Future," 'cause the raging thing goes with the whole Kid Cudi fandom I'm on right now.
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