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  • Maybe someday~
    Yesterday is someday! Congratulations! ^^
    Uh, something something Superman!


    Feed the birds something really tasty, so you can attract a ton of them.

    All praise to cardboard. May it be board.

    Okay, that is a given. Make everyone line up behind you.


    Well, cutting stuff out is... shaving excess!
    I'm sorry I haven't replied. Things have gotten pretty thick on my end.
    I'll get back to you when I can; possibly tomorrow.
    I only have two classes this semester. Not a lot of opportunities to go back, y'know.
    Wear socks and sandals.


    That is incredibly unfortunate.
    I knooooooooooooow..............
    Buy a single piece of fruit with a coupon and then try to return it.
    I'd figured!


    There's a different kind?!
    Well, yes it was legitimately pleasant.

    Then you'll be eligible for retirement!

    (Unpopular Opinion) Charlie Hebdo is actually kind of racist.
    But that doesn't mean that killing the people there is at all justified. You don't just kill somebody, no matter how big a jerk they are!

    The shrugging or the pleasantness?

    I've been having some trouble with getting up the nerve to go to school, too. Good thing it's still early enough in the semester that I can make up for it. >.<
    At least you'll never have nothing to do?
    Not really? I've been marathoning The Office and Parks and Recreation lately, so I guess that's something.

    With the Charlie Hebdo thing? Well, no surprise there.
    Oooh! Try to explain! I could make up a word for it! :D
    (The best example I've got of something English needs a word for is when you think there's a step and there isn't; so you're surprised)
    I honestly love games but don't get to play as many as I'd like for as long as I'd like. So coming across glitches always surprises me. After about 3 glitches I was more cautious in certain scenarios, but I loved it when it happened.

    They were so sweet! My sister came to visit and they still clung to me. I'd be playing a game and laying on the love seat covered in blankets with them snoring in my lap. I played a lot of Mordor and The Last of Us (just bought it) so I got an overload of voice actor Troy Baker XD (both Talion and Joel)

    I do like that. I just watched Night at the Museum 3 in theaters. Hilarious Hugh Jackman pretending to be Wolverine while acting as King Arthur cameo.
    I've got Oliver, New Groove, and Atlantis; but I've yet to buy Home on the Range for lack of finding it. And don't be embarrassed you bought that! I bought The Land Before Time out of my love for the movies :3 (Home on the Range is fun)
    And no, I've never heard of those. But I love WWII stories and Monty Python, so I'd probly like them!
    Well, I beat the game. I've never wanted to get a platinum on a game before, but I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed enough with this game to get its platinum! I'm already almost there. The only trophies left are ones I need to set up myself. Since I lacked internet, I played it while I was away. About 36hrs so far. I never get to play games like that. It was SO GOOD! I'm not even sure why. Gameplay is basically just wandering around and doing missions when you feel like it. Repetitive as that is, I never got bored! :D
    And those glitches are so funny when they happen that I forgive them. There isn't really a punishment if you hafta quit for a glitch, either. I've been stuck in walls, hopped on my mount and then been left behind, climbed invisible towers, fallen through the ground, got frozen mid-jump...the list goes on XD

    I'm back now! (Obviously)

    I never saw either of the Muppets movies. What movies did you get?
    Well, I checked who the respawning guy is, and apparently he's my nemesis. Killed me once. But if that's the reason for his respawning, then how are you supposed to beat your nemesis!? XD I've yet to encounter any headless Orcs or Uruks, but you'll be the first to know of I do :3
    But I HAVE gotten stuck in a wall!

    Oh, I'm feeling infinitely better today. Sure, I've still got a cold, but my back is almost normal and my headache is gone. Now I can play more comfortably X3

    Yeah! She lost her ownership title papers! X'D Its hilarious~

    Oh, and I'm babysitting a friend's dogs from today till the 6th. She doesn't have internet, but I'm close to home so I can always swing by. But this means I'll be online very seldom in these coming days.
    I don't know hardly a thing myself, so I couldn't spoil it for you even if I wanted to! XD
    And the Captains are meh (they're Captains of various ranks in Sauron's army). You know...I've killed this one captain about 5 times with each time being an accident. He's terrified of Caragors (all Captains have a weakness) and I always just so happen to have a small fleet of them whenever I see him~ He runs away terrified and I hop on the nearest Caragor and run him down :3 But the thing is...I understand ME coming back from death. But why does this guy keep coming back and I keep accidentally meeting him? STAY DEAD!!! XD

    Oh good grief, so do I. I'm just over the moon with painkillers and cold medicine at the same time~ I've got a headache and my voice is practically gone, too X3
    So much going wrong, but the house is all mine today, sooooo...hooray.

    It's in perfect shape. We've just gotta find the title X'D
    Aww man. I started playing it without knowing what it was about. I was just happy to find a Lord of the Rings game that didn't use freakin button combos like all the new ones seem to. I mean: "Press O O X to take down opponents" and all that fluff isn't my thing. I like pressing buttons strategically to win. Such as how in SoM you can stun enemies with circle and then slash them in a flurry with square. It's awesome.
    But anyway. Like I said; I didn't know the game. My sister bought it for dad for Christmas and he hates games where you can't just smash 1 button to win. So he got frustrated and gave up. I picked it up wanting to understand the beginning of it (since it confused me and he wouldn't play) and I'm totally hooked. I've played about 6hrs and only done 1 story mission. I've just been wandering around killing stuff and upgrading Talion and riding the Caragors (mountain lion dogs). I found Gollum, though. I'm a huge Middle Earth nut, and I love all the info they have in-game. But you hafta read to get the details.
    Elf guy is cool. Talion is such a nice dude. I'm totally confused on who elf guy is, which is awesome. The graphics on the PS3 are pretty good, especially when you phase between the two characters.

    I didn't get to go. My friends held a party, but my guardian overlords didn't want me getting drunk so I had to stay home. Then I think I did something to my back moving Christmas boxes last night. Bending over is insanely painful, so I called everything off for today. What bugs me the most? I can't sit comfortably. Playing the game earlier was even painful DX (AND I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME)

    Oh yeah. Good news: I might get a nice Toyota Corolla for $300-$500. Simply because my grandma doesn't use it :3
    Happy New Year to you, too! And I certainly hope so~
    Played my dad's Shadow of Mordor game last night. I love it ;^;
    Yeah, but giving up on NK is a sign of weakness. Same reason Russia wouldn't wash its hands of Syria.

    Thanks! (again)
    The second game scares me pretty good. The first game is predictable once you have it down, but in the second game can scare you any time. In the first, the scares came from the ambiance and the jumps that kill you. In the second, you might put your camera down and Bonnie-I'm-a-faceless-nightmare-bunny could be chillin on your desk. If you pull up your mask fast enough, you're safe. But that doesn't stop my heart from pounding. Or me from dying.

    No, it's not fun. But I'll let you know that I got absolutely nothing I asked for this year save for a calendar -_- What's the point of them asking you what you want so you can ignore it or make up a rule that says you can't have it?
    Regardless, did you have a good Christmas?

    Where are you now?
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