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    Haha, I should have added a Heart ❤
    Do you mean Sora and Kairi in the game for Valentines Day ? I think if the couple are spending Valentines Day on a tropical Island (Destiny Islands) and come up with absolutely no idea's then maybe Kairi should try her luck with Rikku and Sora should go see Serah (if she's around)
    Haha, I think he does too. He might take the spotlight from Sora.
    I wonder if Lightning would find Sora kind and nice or like a annoying kid? OMG! I want her and Cloud to fight in KH! Also, Happy Belated Valentines Day!
    Wha!??! Wow. I had no idea. Any reason why? I guess it's because in some ways he either looks cooler or looks too much like Sora. Haha.
    I kinda feel like her (and Serah's) role would be more like guides. You know, like giving Sora hints about what he has to do, where someone or something is or filling him in on where in that world the heartless are gathering. Though Yuel also might fill him in on more of Kingdom Hearts and it's X-Blade history. She seems like she'd probably know some decent information. Kinda like a talking Xehanort Report.
    I bet Noel might be there but probably interact more with Riku.
    Also, it's about time Kairi and Riku interact more with some FF characters!
    Well seeing as I got wifi again a couple of days ago I have been playing Pokemon black, white, and black 2 helping people get stuff they need.
    Haha, I hope you mean that. lol
    I kinda want him with Zaqs in Hercules's world. That would be cool in my book! XD
    You think Yuel should make a appearance?
    I know! How cool would that be!? Screw it, I'd even take having Serah on his time at this point. But I don't want to wined up with Snow... Or Hope... Anybody but them...Haha.
    I wonder what keyblade they'll give Sora for meeting her... Hmm?
    Also, I bet if/when you meet lightning, her story in Kingdom Hearts probably was during the Keyblade wars! I base this theory on her being in Valhalla and then time jumping into KH.
    I wonder what his background will be... Either Sora and company will accidentally release him or Xehanort will want to try and talk to him and wined up summoning him somehow.
    And you know what would be kick ass? To have some of the final fantasy series boss's to battle! And I want Sora to meet Lightning XD
    Haha, I think it would be kinda cool if the new villain was either Vanitus (cause it would make some excellent teen angst if he was evil and was also after Kairi's heart. You know two guys fighting for her) or someone straight from the KeyBlade Wars.
    How about Kingdom Hearts 1.5? Also, after KH3 comes out who do you think will be the next villain?
    You beat AC huh? Ever play Call of Duty?
    And I know what you mean with school work ... :p
    So other than that stuff, are you going to get Kingdom Hearts for the PC?
    So what's been up? :biggrin: ..
    Well I didn't get it yet.. My 3DS was stolen and my girlfriend moved away.. i'm okay though..I'll just play Re:coded or Kingdom Hearts 2. I can see my girlfriend again. she lives in Maryland. I'll ask my mom to drive me there. yay! I guess i'll have to wait for DDD.. There making a new Kingdom Hearts. Its called Kingdom Hearts 3 The Keyblade Wars. I hope they make it..
    Mhhm. I will.. I just want to play it badly because i ended up playing the Demo.
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