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    Organization 13

    its not B.S ; its in the same scene that Lea awakens in Xehanorts office; it shows those two on the ground still recovering; anybody that is in the Org 13 would have already been with MX
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    I'm certain of this now

    if he was a part of the keyblade war, that might be where he got the idea to form the X-blade in order to wield its power; maybe in the past he lost a chance to have it (kind of like what happened in BBS after he became Terra-nort)
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    *SPOILERS* Xemnas True Goal

    so he was hoping for a similiar version of what happened with Ventus? with a partial heart fragment, eventually a new heart will come along that will help that new heart grow whole again? which might explain why he was looking for Ventus so much as he could try to figure out how he was able to...
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    *SPOILERS* Xemnas True Goal

    the way that the nobodies lost their hearts, they were swallowed in darkness and "willingly" gave them up as they stated in kingdom hearts 2.....i dont think that you necessarily lose your memories when you have a heart as almost all of the nobodies remembered who they were without hearts...
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    *SPOILERS* Xemnas True Goal

    Just a small possible theory i have, but im guessing with Xemnas revelation that nobodies can grow hearts back, im guessing that with the destruction of heartless by the keyblade, hearts are released; where they go i'm not so sure, but my theory is that when heartless are destroyed those hearts...
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    The explanation of nobodies

    maybe the purpose of killing heartless and destroying them was so that the hearts released once destroyed would hopefully find their ways into the Org. 13 ?
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    or it could also be referring to Terra....
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    KH3D Opening

    i think the vimeo one is the best we might get
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    Message at the end of KH3D.

    Re: Message at the end of KH3D. (Take Everything With A Grain Of Salt General) i guess you cant really be a keyblade master with so many hearts hidden within sleep within yourself??
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    Yen Sid Keywords:

    on that thirteen number.....maybe something that has to do with organization 13? pure darkness? besides axel i guess?
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    music from BBSFM trailer....

    yeah sorry i totally didnt play BBS soooo....sorry haha and thanks =)
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    music from BBSFM trailer....

    does anyone have this or is this an entirely new composition? i want it!
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    Eraqus Sentiment(?)

    becuz im so smart, i paused the trailer becuz i thought i saw something in the background when it showed the "mysterious armor", and sure enough, if u pause it at the right moment, u get a glimpse of terra's armor in the background in case anyone didnt think to do this.... [EDIT] and i totally...
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    the changes they made since the first bbs trailer

    take a look at terra and his face; he REALLY changed; he looked like a girl before, but now he looks way cooler
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    Xehanort's Name

    that wouldnt really work tho, because then another would be for the apprentices then too since vexen would be "another even" , xigbar would be "another" braig and so on...