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  • Do it do it do it do it. The other things I mean.

    Yay for blind guessing B)

    Dubai is in the middle east... I think.

    Wow... what a poor life she had :(
    You should totally do it. One of my fave broadway shows was written by a guy who only wrote that one /information that may not be true D:

    I think they did. I remember seeing a cartoon image of a viking ship landing in Alaska.

    Arabian as in Dubai? Cause I totally have a first hand experience there :D
    Or just Arabian in Aladdin?

    Oh em gee I got it right :O
    Wow... I did not know that. Poor girl :(
    Woohoo for late responses~

    If i can get my temp completed, than I will have no problem xD.

    I think I'll suck at it tbh. My family - mainly on my mothers side - has bad luck with horseback riding D:.

    You ever went Horseback Riding?
    Sorry, I worded it wrong. I meant Dramatic as a pun on the works of Drama. Like I'd love to work on the stage or something, y'know.

    Sounds interesting. Never been one for the Vikings myself but I find it interesting how they colonized places that you wouldn't expect ^^.
    I think I've heard of that. Either I heard the name or she was an indian that went with Lewis and Clark(I have no clue if any of that is correct, in fact I reckon I'm highly wrong :p)
    Dang that sucks.

    Haha, well I like playing certain games(Just RPG's) and drama. I would love to get a job working in something dramatic xD.
    You reading anything interesting at the moment?
    Lucky you then XP
    Um, Eb Games and Game. Those are the only two in my town haha

    Punch it. In the screen. And then get a better one
    Makes me feel ill xP.

    Bad computer. I've experienced that a few times(kept happening a lot this morning so I postponed it for 4 hours)
    No, kind of...mufty or something xP

    Awww, is it a broadband thing or something?
    I'm not one for working in book stores. There's a weird odor that lingers around the place.

    I wanna work at a a games store :3
    Where do you wanna work?

    I wish xP
    No way I could pass as a non-english speaker
    Try it some time :p

    Hilarity comes from the good co-workers, depression from the customers :(

    Tell me about it. Whats worse is when someone is buying a food item thats about $2 and the hand over a $50. I once had someone buy something thats $5 and he gave me $100 D:
    I have no clue xD But it's fun to mess with them :3

    Like, a huge warehouse full of stuff that no one should buy :p

    And yea, I'm cashier some times
    Oh goodie goods :D

    I think they know I'm one as well. But still doesn't stop them from thinking that I know from experience :3

    You'll get one.

    Retail :S
    Oh, I love "teehee". With a passion.

    Preach. Not really related but like my friends are talking about sex(o_O I know, bare with me) and I just say something that makes it sound like I'm saying it from experience. The idiots believe that >.<

    Oh good :D. Work D:
    OMG you say "noted" ♥♥♥

    Gives me a little bit of joy when I hear people use them.

    Stop worrying about it xD It's fine. Besides, I...Kinda have to go in about 5 hours :p
    I"m slowly making my temp for it, but other stuffs are distracting me haha XD


    On a serious note, nah never rode a horse :<
    Oh hahaha. Na, If I'm sarcastic I put /sarcasm at the end xP
    It is a good phrase, I must admit.

    You're fine. Have a good rest. I've had fun, and thank you :3
    You're right. You've waited a long time for that Tinkerer.

    About why you were scared and confused :p

    I don't know D:, the whole Orsa deal is very confuzzling ;-;

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