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  • XD

    (I would.)

    I could, but it's all a waste of breath, really, if they bore me. I've always practiced economy of speech. I like to think that I don't say a lot, but what little I do is well worth heeding.

    It's up to you. :) If you've already got too much on your plate to handle it, drop it. Only do what you want.

    It's fine, I've more or less abandoned hope in it altogether.

    I haven't played a single video game seriously in 5 months. :(

    Lol, it's getting warmer here. I haven't had a single snow day. :( Is it a total white out where you're at?
    Sorry I haven't been able to get in touch with you as of late. At any rate, I do have an assignment for you: Go back to classic movies, books, stories, etc. (anything from Disney's Aladdin to Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men) and study the villains. Things I want you to note are:

    Actual Evil Deeds
    Anything else that really makes you (personally) love or hate them.

    I want 5-6 villains analyzed. Afterwards, send me the information via PM and we'll discuss it.
    I prefer KH1 sora instead of KH2 sora, to be frank.

    Neutral in my opinion, is best. You don't pay too much attention to anybody else's needs aside your own, nor do you be too nosey.

    What's the Vorpal Sword? o.o
    That's a mean thought. :mad: They should eat semen then dried period, then have a baby grow in their stomach. And then die.

    XD I love it when people do that. It's so ego-flating. My blog receives regular praise from various people in my year who probably know a lot more about me than I do about them.

    I know, right? Even with my lackadaisical post rate, I'm still climbing in followers. I should post more frequently. I want to break genuine one hundred, then I'll be happy.

    To each his own. As long as the method works for you, that's great! :) I just have to balance out other, more pressing things as well. Ugh. I have to write reflections this term for patient visits, fml.
    Wait, I thought you said you found manicures interesting. They're not jumping the gun, are they?

    Or you could think of it as "the guy who is a guy and is also interested in guys is giving advice." She probably thought your perspective on the situation would be twice as clear.

    It's fine. I love any and all questions. (Did I tell you I officially broke 100 followers two days ago?)

    Wow. Nice. I like the effort. My blog posts, like most of my other bits of writing, just come at whim.
    Take a risk, you get a reward. For me, the reward is testing on how far I can go with fighting scenes ^^

    Well if it's a short game, no need to spend 30 or 40 bucks on it xD

    It's like ....a neutral thing, if that makes sense o_O
    And I've seen that rp, and I was tempted to join, but there was just too many things on my plate. Haha.
    Tis' okay, I've been busy going from one rp on one site to another on another site D:. Very stressful, but rewarding for me ^^

    Why rent, and not buy? o_O
    Unless you didn't have the money for it. In that case, yay for renting~ :D

    ahh, not much..really, not much at all. Aside fromt he roleplaying, and the going from site to site, there hasn't really been much going on for me. Haha xD.
    It's probably 'cause of our screen sizes.

    I can't stand manicures. The smell of any organic chemical is repulsive and frightening because I start thinking about cancers and carcinogens and all the other biochemistry things which I have learned over the years.

    Haha. Thing I've learned is that if you really need to speak to someone, ignore their status; they probably just have it there to limit the number of conversations that assault them on sign-in.

    It's going really good, actually. I've been getting so many questions from my followers. It's nice to see people care. People also seem to be under the impression that I am grey and wrinkled... >.> I noticed! I was scouring my feed for your posts, but they are missing! Alleviate this problem! XD

    Not much, really. I got through two lectures so far, and I think I'll get through one more before I sleep. Yay~ My life is so riveting.

    And yourself? Done anything special lately?
    D:, im sorry :c.

    So true XD.

    I'm a slacker too, and I know that for sure.

    As did I, but I'm the one who wrote the poem, so I guess me saying i've read it before the critique was kind of a pointless thing to say, and now I'm just blabbering on D:

    If I can get everything set out, then I'll for sure start brainstorming :D
    Fair enough. Most of them have grown up since the days of recess, but then again, the others are still jerks XD

    Phew, that's a relief. ^-^

    If we did, then I forget. xP


    I'm more of a goofball, so I'm probably not most-welcomed in that section ;-;

    I was the same way, but at the same time, I loved what he said, and I knew that the most common error was my misplacement of "Your" and not using "You're" xD. But all-in-all, that is the best poem I've ever written imo. As far as keeping theme, and rhyming, it's pretty much the best out of my poetry.

    Well, there's not so much as a time limit, but "shyt i have to get this done, or I'll get fluffing left behind" XD. I'm actually thinking about bringing a FF13 rp over here, as well ^.^
    Yeah, I get what you mean. They could happen in alarge crowd of people, and they might not even notice/care. That's why it makes me hate the human race sometimes, but only those who are complete dicks to others or even discriminate/make fun of others for their birth defects or other similar things. Seriously, I have gone through that most of my life, and it was not good for me - or my family for that matter. I always had to run at recess just to get to the nearest teacher. Though it's funny, I'm actually friends with some of the people who use to bully me back in Elementary and Middle School.

    Annnd, sorry for wall of text D:

    I heard the weather up there is brutal D:

    Not as late as i do ;-;

    Oh that's cool ^^. I can't wait to read it in CW(Creative Writing).

    I never take part in the Intel Debates,mainly because i'm not as informed as others around here, and plus, I can't be arsed to write out long posts about something that someone will just leave unattended D:

    Not much up with me, I'm doing this two temps for two separate rps on two different forums, and I don't know how I'll juggle that, but we'll see XD. Aside that, I'm listening to music, replying to Vm's, or at least the ones I can reply too xD. Also, talking on msn ^-^
    Well that's good ^^. I've never had one myself, but I know some people who have, and it's not nice...the seizure i mean xD

    I'd love to learn as well, but i don't really live near a horse ranch D:

    I guess she just wanted to learn, but not in the way that most would XD

    why do I always reply so late? D:

    Oh, and sup? :p
    ...oh yeah he did. ._.'

    Hm. Well I suppose you don't have to do it then. If you wanna do something else feel free to tell me. :D
    You're asking me why I'm standing firm with my beliefs. It seems fairly self-explanatory.

    If you're going to get all vexed and fumed that people disagree with you, stay out of debates. Your inability to separate your emotions from a discussion inevitably makes you believe everything I say is a personal attack, when it's not. Though my points in-thread are intended for the discussion only, this is a direct statement at you. Control your emotions in an argument or keep out of it entirely.

    That we can't have a civilized discussion on topics our opinions differ in is not okay with me.
    I don't think anyone likes any forms of a seizure D:

    I would, but I'm not much of an outdoors person :<

    So there was a lack of teaching on her part, and lack of interest on yours. Yup, that just spells "wrong time, and definitely not the right place(despite it being at a ranch..ish thing XD)

    Oh, and woohoo for late responses~
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