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  • LOL. No! I even forgot my password.
    But a special someone on the forums got me to make an MSN account, which I have only used a couple of times, heh.

    I miss talking to you. Do you have my screen-name? What was it?
    uh you message me at 1:16am eastern.
    Remember ur 3 hours? behind me... plus I've been really tired lately so I've been sleeping earlier than normal
    Omg! Julie! Hey :D I'm in NYC right now studying Graphic Design for a month. Are you in town? Probably not but I'm gonna hang out with Lauren (Oathy) later! What's up? :D
    Don't try to stop me from facing reality. She's dead. Gone. Elle est completement morte et ça c'est la vérité.
    Just thinking of her makes me even more depressed... as if I wasn't depressed enough already. >.>
    oh ya? ya, i was in journalism..then prebusiness..now im in computer engineering. haha, need to do a lot of soul searching.
    Hope she's fine? Didn't I say she was dead? It' not like I can bring "cats" or anything back to life.
    I'm actually bittersweet about her being gone now. She was starting to act weird. Like emo weird (don't ask how kittys can be emo)

    But ya she's gone now, so if you hear some "meows" in your head you better go see a doctor.
    Oh ya? Well I guess I'm a generally peppy guy, but most certainly not always happy. =] But ya. Things are swell.

    Where are you going to college? And err, what are you going into?
    im doing about the same, life is eh, but im really optimistic about the future for once in my life, after i clear some hurdles.

    how are you?
    you know how it is... sometimes they just get loose, run off onto the street and... ya.
    Maybe I should have taken better care of her.
    ... who doesn't have one picture of BoA on his sig or avatar! ^___^
    ... ignore the profile pic tho.
    btw the kitty died :cry:
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