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  • i wasn't being much of one either, lol. but im not really up to anything right now, just trying to get through school. how are you?
    Well thank you, I havent had school for 4 days ( :
    I finally am at the last rank before I hit 1000 posts and get a new username. Thanks for the greeting!
    I made that animated gif I was talking about.
    I get cold so easily XD; Lucky I live in sunny Queensland, so I hardly ever have to worry about it!

    My parents are divorced, too. And I have three brothers and three step brothers and a step sister from my Mum and her boyfriend! lol
    Well, even though DS games have no area code... for some reason we weren't supposed to get it until PAL region (Europe etc) got it... and even then, we were about a week later >:/

    It is veeeeeery hot. I am lying here under the aircon in boxers =___= is it cold in NA? :3 I love snow~ I saw it once when I went to Japan~

    What can we do... hm... hate Xion harder? :D?
    Actually, Australia! XD; But, we use the same spelling and stuff as people in the UK, so I see why you'd think that~ (did this just ruin your whole image of me?? lol)

    This whole thing is so funny... :p Perhaps if they want to talk about us where we can't see, they should just PM each other, not ban us from the thread...
    It's night for me! lol. Good morning to you~ which country are you from, anyway?

    That's exactly how I feel. The whole thing is so lulzy, I full on laughed out loud. That's one reason I love our thread; it's so FUNNY :D And anyway... we're here to love/hate on the characters, not the actual fans/haters. I feel kind of immature for posting about it, but... it seemed relevant XD;
    Hey Fantasy, how did you make the repeating sig (the Larxene beating)? I want to make a sig like that that has Riku beating Donald. If you dont mind that your sig was the inspiration, of coarse.
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