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  • Whoopsie, here you go :3

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    I doubt they'll stir clear out of Sora's issues. Nomura seems to want to yes go in that direction, and as I said in the thread - I do think he went there in the past.
    He's just not an angst-muffing like Riku or Roxas :\
    A lot of people also don't really see that much wrong with the Kairi-Riku relationship (let's say that Sora-Kairi is somewhat alright because it's at least presented even if never properly based). So it adds up they'll be high.

    I can kind of understand why. Outside of Days which was an awkward midqual that dealt with characters that already had loose plot establishment at best, the games need to be a mite more plot oriented. Then you throw in the circumstances, namely being that Riku was an antagonist and not around until the end of KHII and it adds up. Though I do admit I was really happy when I saw that flashback they added in the first Final Mix where Sora closes the DTD, and you see glimpses from their lifetime as BFFs.
    So as much as it frustrates me, I understand why when we finally get the utter romance/bromance fanservice that Re:Coded was, it's with the digital clones - they'd have to bend over backwards to give it to us with the real things because when the real ones get into the game, it'll be to deal with the plot. They won't be able to just bro out like they do in Re:Coded.

    Gods, Re:Coded was SUCH a fanservice game, and one that catered to my likes. SoRi, SoNami, and SDG galore =w= about the only thing missing was a smidge of Rion <3
    I wasn't the one who put the poll in, actually xD;;; *goes to check* SRK were in the lead with RAX second last I checked... Oooh, RAX are really tied to SRK, with TAV trailing relatively behind <3

    Personally I wouldn't have given SRK such a high score but SoRi are just <3 unf.
    CCS is one of the series where it's remotely subtle. The worst is Tomoyo and Sakura's mothers who were distant cousins and Tomoyo's crush on Sakura, seeing how they're distant-er cousins too.
    And Touya and Yukito. But they're too flufable ;w;

    I watched it all in recent years. It does have the nostalgia effect but I still ran into it at the age of 14 or so. What can I say, I just love too much in it.
    I used to know someone who was obsessed with the series without watching a single episode. Then once she did she hated it like woah xD;;; I laughed so hard.
    And you're talking S season. The third one.
    Because in Japanese they stayed closer to the manga. It's a CLAMP manga. No dub back in that day could stand to keep too close to the original >_>;;;

    Sailor Moon's original settings weren't all that grand, either. But I did watch a couple of episodes from the dub and watched the entire thing subbed. I love it to death still. <3
    The fact that you even consider Cardcaptors to be remotely related to CCS is insulting. They butchered not only the script but the characterizations and the very plot as well. Hell, even the name change indicating they let Syaoran more into the concept is already an indication they never gave a damn.
    Granted, this is from the older dubs, and is one of the Grand Horrors along with Sailor Moon (Haruka and Michiru cousins? Congrats, you no longer have only lesbians, it's incest, too!).

    Once a month is even worse. Unless it's, like, Berserk. Those are always good. But I wouldn't know, really, since I never caught up ;w;
    Aaah, so many volumes to read, waiting in my closet =w= <3
    I find that bad voice acting is harder to pick up on when I don't understand the language in full (though I'm slowly getting there xD;;; )
    That and most English dubs I ran into were horrible so I'm traumatized.

    Nah, most people I know gave up on the anime ages ago. They hate the manga with a burning passion. I wonder how much of that has to do with the one-a-week pace. A lot of people complained about Bleach, for instance, for quite a while, but when I read through it in a row I didn't really feel it. Only now when I caught up it irks me.
    Nope. And I don't care much for dubs.

    I like Kanda and Lavi O: but I hear they don't get enough time in the manga ._.;;; and that the manga's a disaster xD;;;

    Yah, the puppy-flashback was horrible ;A; but Nana <3 not even her limbs falling off all the time could make me like her less.
    Aquarion - Sousei no Aquarion or the movie?

    I need to finish D-Grayman. I watched up to like quarter of the anime. Heard terrible things about the manga but I enjoyed the anime for the most part. Can't say I cared too much for Alen, but I might change my mind if I watch more.

    And see, I know our flavors matched. Sans Elfen Lied which I find to be subpar (Nana was the best thing there, the mains were terrible, imo) I watched and enjoyed most of what you suggested.
    I do need to watch Blood+ though owo
    Say, would you mind suggesting anime series to me? Despite some disagreements we seem to agree on even more things, so I trust you :3
    Besides, after one bad suggestion I'll know not to listen to you ;3 so it's all good.
    Oh, but only stuff that finished airing. I don't like following series.
    Hey, hey, you, you~ :D

    There's a post in the Riku fc I think you'd find interesting reading and replying to =w=
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