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  • Haha good. Now go out and spend $40 on a SH Figuart figure of any Rider and you will be a fan.
    I would not start with Kiva, Kabuto is the definitely the best place to start. You will fall in love with that show. If you like twilight(vampires that glow in the sun) then you would like Kiva.

    OOOs is good as well and it's current.
    I heard Double is good but it just didn't interest me, 2 guys 1 rider, how queer.
    Yessir, I've watched some Shinkenger, Dekaranger, and was following Gokaiger for awhile there.
    o.cool I seen the clip it is awsome. I freaking love super sentai. now it's one of my best shows on the planet. Luckily I notice your pic or I will never knew a good show like this exist. mane that was awsome.
    O. I never knew that, that's good to know. Do you know what website I can watch it. and if they do have a site for it. Is it in english or not.
    I was looking at a post about something else and I notice your sig. It look's cool. The power ranger one.
    HAHAHAH I love your AVGN signature, that same signature was my first ever signature on this forum.
    About your comment. If you use wood never get incredibly thick would seeing as you can't attach it to the dowel and it's bulky and adds extra weight. Sand it. Make that shit look legit. And don't try to make it exactly perfect. You'll mess up.

    Anything else?
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