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  • Yeah, it kinda sucks... I joined a party called Soul Eaters if you're interested.
    I didn't really enjoy CoM that much. Though I enjoyed playing as Riku more then Sora. Playing all the games on harder difficulties is a challenge I hope I can do. I'd love to play DDD but I'm not buying a 3DS just for that... I really hope they come out with a HD release for the Playstation. The only console I'm planning on buying is a PS4 for KH3.
    Thanks for the good luck! I plan to do Chain of Memories on Proud first before I get to KH2. Then if I manage to complete all the games in Proud then I will attempt Critical for BBS and KH2... Those are the only two games with Critical as a difficulty aren't they?
    A rant is nice every now and then. So is a discussion or even theory reading but at the end of the day, keeping track is to big a pain. lol xD
    haha Sorry. I was trying to explain myself well. I get misunderstood easy. ;n;
    The keyblades really are just given out like candy now which is annoying. I don't keep up with things anymore either. Everything I said in those posts was solely what I got out of watching the cutscenes which are still fresh on my mind thanks to 2.5 lol.
    I just roll with the story as well at this point. The more you look into it the more and more you'll find you hate current developments. About all I know is what was said in a scene or posted on that tumblr I found.

    I'm not sure tbh. I only know what's on that tumblr or said in game and as far as I know Ven and Vanitas' keyblade has never been addressed.
    All that is on topic of if they use keyblades though. Personally Id rather they left the members of the new organization as they are. There's enough people getting keyblades for no reason already.
    Extensions is how they start out. As it goes they turn into Xehanort more and more. Xigbar also proclaims proudly in DDD that he is already "half-Xehanort" so exactly how much is his own self obeying at the present time is debatable.
    That's not really something we can claim when half of the new Organization is unknown and the half that is known is already part Xehanort in some way so obeying isn't a choice. Ansem is his very heart, Xemnas is his nobody, young Xehanort is himself, Xigbar is already half Xehaonrt, etc.
    Isa is also iffy territory since we don't know whats happened between his sarcastic self in BBS to his almost robotic self in DDD.

    Well with the whole sharing thing I found that here: Gram's Corner Find the post that says Roxas Keyblades. The person that runs that tumblr uses nothing but translations from this very site. What they posted says Roxas and Sora shared but apparently that's all that's ever been stated on it. But in a universe full of disney magic I suppose them sharing just cause isn't to strange.

    I always took Sora and Roxas fight as a metaphysical thing. Roxas appears and the next thing Sora knows he's in his station fighting. The station has always been used as a metaphysical place and represents the heart. Plus Donald & Goofy say Sora disappeared entirely.
    So if the station represents the heart and if they are fighting within that station then I take it as metaphysical battle of wills mumbo jumbo were anything can basically happen.

    That's what I mean by them all sharing Xehanorts. If Roxas can share Soras then whats to stop Xehanort's keyblade from spreading to each of his own vessels? He is turning them into himself after all. Times Xehanort by 13 and you now have a keyblade and heart spread 13 ways.

    I think of it from a different angle. Think of it like this. Xehanort has spread himself 13 ways right? That's 13 wills, hearts and bodies he has overtaken and still maintained his own mind and dominance. You don't get much stronger of heart than that.
    Thats not how that works. The vessels aren't 13 separate hearts waiting for keyblades they are 13 versions of the same heart. Xehanort's one heart isn't going to be chosen for more keyblades when he already has one. Even Riku didn't get a new one till Sora stole his permanently.
    You thinking of the 13 as individuals when Xehanort is openly stripping them of their individuality. It's not 13 different people but 13 of the same person.

    I find it cheating too. I don't see how Xehanorts heart can count for 13 pieces. Unless it's some overly complicated crap like represent the already existing pieces or something. It never really said were the Xblade parts went when it shattered. They could be floating around for all we know waiting for people to represent them.

    It's plausible for them to use a keyblade but using one and having one of your own is different things entirely. Young Xehanort uses Master Xehanorts apparently but hasn't gained it himself yet, Riku used Oblivion against Roxas even though he didn't have Way to Dawn yet, Ansem used the keyblade of heart in KH1 even though Riku says he lost his own in DDD, etc.
    The entire set up is silly. Xehanort's heart counts for 13 even though they're all basically him? Sora and Roxas both use Kingdom Key? Axel getting a keyblade because basically fanservice? Kairi's keyblade in KH2 never being explained? Nobodies can't feel but oh wait they do? Time Travel?
    The entire thing is silly. Has been for a long time now.
    We already have a case of keyblades being shared and of Xehanort taking control so there more inclination towards that direction than the Xehanorts getting their own when they aren't even themselves right now.

    Then there is time travel. We don't even know how many of the Xehanorts are from the past and how many is from the future. To me it would be even sillier to give them all their own individual keyblades just for them to go back to their times at the end of KH3 and lose that little character development.
    But do a repeat of Xehanort taking control of their minds like young Xehanort in DDD and now you have options for neat/fun second stage battles were Xehanort empowers his vessel with mojo and keyblade.
    Already obey? Nearly everyone Xehanort has had working for him wasn't willing. Terra was forced, Riku was descieved, he forcefully made the apprentices heartless, he literally split Ven in half to make Vanitas and by extension Ventus useful to him, Ansem and Xemnas are him, young Xehanort is him, etc.
    Xehanort isn't exactly a good employer everyone willing flocks too. lol That's why nearly everyone is himself in some way or forced into his ranks.

    Its the fact that they are Xehanorts that they are more likely to share his keybalde I think. Xehanot already has a keyblade. Sora & Ven share with Roxas right? Why wouldn't that apply to Xehanort when he's turning them into himself? (according to what I've seen on here and tumblr we've already seen it with young Xehanort's keyblade)

    Xehanort isn't out for 12 individuals to work with. He's out for 12 people to make himself. You can't exactly prove your strength of heart to a keyblade when you let your heart become someone else's.

    You can't have a war with 20 people. A war is a battle of large and organized scale between at least populations within the size of a city-state. Xehanort wants to start a war but you can't have a war with only 20.
    The last war had keyblades on all sides but I don't remember nothing saying all sides needed a keyblade to forge his Xblade.
    According to Vanitas and his rant to Aqua & Mickey in BBS the plan is make the Xblade, do whatever they do to kingdom hearts, then you have wielders flocking from all worlds to battle.
    Xigbar never said why he joined. It was hinted but not outright said. Besides how would being Xehanorts vessel get him a key of his own when all Xehanort is doing is turning him into himself? If a keyblade looks for strength of heart then I don't think it would look highly on people who relinquish their sense of self to a crazed old man.
    Was it ever stated they needed to be wielders? Everyone is either a wielder or part of one so you'd think that's enough.
    Axel's entire existence feels gimmicky. lol You can tell he is brought along for fanservice but that wasn't a bad thing he grew in a good way that wasn't forced....till that keyblade.
    I don't think they will get their own. I bet it'll be like a young Xehanort deal and they all have access to master Xehanorts.
    As far as gameplay yes. He has neither a good dodge or guard and his magic is pitiful. The only way to make him deadly is to combine magnega with his chaos reaper. I also don't like Axel as a wielder. It just feels plain forced.
    I'm not a fan of Ventus either.
    Ah so that's were the message went. lol =D
    Yes he was left handed in KH2's trailer and early screenshots. DDD itself had a few annoying parts but at least it wasn't three whole separate files. Dx
    Ven was left handed? Was that at the end of KH2? Yeah I guess i wasn't into the "interwoven" part. DDD was kinda the same template but kept me hooked. I can also agree that Terra sucked when it came game play.
    Roxas is definitely better than Ven. To me playing Ven is just playing Sora with Roxas' face. He's nothing new to me and Nomuras inability to give him a unique face just annoys me. I do think Ven was unique back in the early days when he was left handed. Don't know why they changed that.
    BBS is one interwoven story so it will be similar. What decides is the personality of character and how they play. And when it comes to play Ven and Aqua are the only ones decent. lol
    I don't have midterms. I do have a snow storm like we haven't had since 1998 outside though. I've been shoveling for days. xD
    Because I don't like Ventus. Can't much stand him really. Terra is fun in some parts (like his final battle) but I don't care for his story either way (plus his dodge, guard and magic suck horribly. With Aqua though, I actually care and shes fun.
    I've had better days personally. lol
    I finished BBS for now myself. I have Aqua's file nearly 100% and I don't like Terra or Ven enough to bother with theirs. lol
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