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  • Hey! Thanks for letting me know about your situation with your computer not working and not being able to upload chapter V! So no pressure or anything. It's good to see you're still around and doing alright, kuraudoVII. =D
    It is. Both 3 and S&K (standalone versions) require going into the first level and doing crazy crap on vines. =__=
    haha I can relate but after that one time it's a pain right? xD
    Knuckles in Sonic 2: (level select) press up 3x, down 3x, left, right, left, right (then press start while holding A) (do this while at the start screen with Knuckles and the logo, enter it as soon as he starts appearing if you can)

    Super Knuckles in Sonic 2: (at level select, go to the sound test and enter) 1, 6, 7, 7, 7, 2, 1, 6.

    The level select code is hard to put in but works. =]
    I didn't like debug mode. It was to glitchy. xD
    Did ya know Sonic & Knuckles and Knuckles in Sonic 2 had cheat codes for emeralds though?
    I couldn't get into Sonic CD no matter how much I tried. Dx
    Dude...IT'S ALWAYS AN INCENTIVE TO GET THE CHAOS EMERALDS! WHY? Because all the games besides Sonic 3 and Sonic3&Knuckles have auto cheat codes for them all~ 8D
    You sir need more classic in your life. xD Download 2, 3 and Sonic&Knuckles onto something. Play them individually and their combined versions.
    Both Adventures were flawed but the only time modern was fun. I only liked the classic parts of Generations. Colors was the only modern game since SA2 to be liked.

    Classic power is retro power. xD
    Not bad and very impressive. How do people do stuff like that!?
    I'd prefer classic sonic though or at least SA2. I dont like the mach speed or much of modern sonic in general.
    Was wondering. That definitive edition of it apparently added stuff that lets it play like old DMC but...the story....no salvaging. Dx
    I've had a bad string of games lately too. =/
    haha Can't blame you given the ease of human mode.

    I find Heaven & Hell easy personally. Dodge>Dodge>Pistol. xD

    My raise to troll god is complete
    AhHHH I see. So you didn't fully finish the PS3 version then.

    Especially on the last mission when on levels like Hell & Hell. =__=

    It'd be a great reboot point too sine DMC3 is so standalone.
    I see. Then have you been using the super costumes? I know it knocks the score down but I use them when the difficulty is so high. It levels the playing field with the enemies and their DTs.

    Ugh I hate Sanctus. Not because he's hard but because he's a pain in the ass. That damn shield guard things is ridiculous.

    So you haven't gave Vergil, Lady or Trish a try!? Lady is the best part of the special edition!
    I still wish for a DMC3 remake with DMC4 graphics and command style switching and now playable Lady. TuT
    haha I find Berial easy myself. He IS harder than the other two though when the difficulty is high enough.
    Did you grab the swords? If you have Nero grab the swords he'll throw them into Angus' glass screen damaging it.
    Are you using any other characters?
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