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  • Thats great man. Also do you still know how to vector?
    I really need someone to teach me how :eek:

    Also how's it going dude? Familiarizing yourself with things?

    I don't think my tags are all that great xD I was a n00b back then so I didn't learn a lot of techniques. I pretty much had to figure it all out myself after the clans shut down :\

    EDIT: I also have a bunch of other junk in there that people wanted me to load lol
    yeah it's one of my favorites from way back then lol

    wasn't it like a collab tag though?
    haha they're still awesome

    Well graphic design has little-to-nothing to do with tagging. People on the tag forums think they know the slightest bit about graphic design, when they really don't. It's much different. Tagging is just an art hobby.
    Not quite sure, but I think I want to study business, computer animation, or computer science and engineering.
    Hey you will get back up in the game after the next few, but i am curious, what version of Ps you use?
    Yeah. It was fun. I don't think I'll study it in college, but it was nice to get to know it at an industry level.
    Yeah man. In fact I went to the Pratt Institute in NYC over the summer to study Graphic Design. But I don't tag much on the forums, though. A lot of our best members disappeared, so I don't feel like a lot of good critique is given sometimes.
    Ironically you've been on my PB's subscription since like...early 06. XD
    I've been around so long i still remember your original username :x

    I used to be KHProdigy1, a name you might remember would be Kissui Tensai.
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