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  • ;D I know right?! I can't wait till the next game! :)

    And haha! Yeah, I hope I can do that crossover soon! And yeah, I agree with you. I think in some ways, Dragon Ball (Z) was everyone's childhood. :p

    AND YES MA'AM! *salutes* I SHALL! And deeeeeeeeerp. <3 Of course he is!
    ^_^ And here's a 90-sec trailer that just came out yesterday!
    YouTube - Tangled: "Surprise" 90-Sec Spot

    This is my favorite of the trailers. It just kinda has that "epic" feel to it, you know?

    Exactly! Disney's for everyone :) And I hope I can go see the movie right away...! I'm so excited for this thing! Are you gonna go see it right away, too?
    Yeah, I totally know what you meant. Along with the scene before then, and that one...I was a total mess of emotions. XD Stupid game, it literally made me whimper like a kid! :p

    And Inorite? ;) But when they're *MY* genie pigs...they will wear WHATEVER I want. Although I have to say that in some ways I want to make Roxas and Xigbar dress as Gohan and Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z (Kai). Because I've recently started watching it again in my spair time...and I have to admit. That they *REALLY* remind me of Xig and Roxy. :p Especially during one episode where Piccolo actually gives his life for the kid, saying that Gohan was one of the few that treated him like a real person, and (In the Japanese version) was the closet thing he had to a son. :p It didn't help the image I already had in my head. 8D;;;;

    That's when I KNEW I wanted to do that crossover. XD It just...fit. And I know!! :D I've seen some scenes...and ooooh baby. <3 He's as wonderfully sexy as ever. :p
    Hmm, well here's another link to the preview:
    YouTube - Tangled: A Hair-Raising Adventure
    And since this is "official", it shouldn't get taken down, hopefully ^_^

    It's not really a trailer, but it had some new clips :)

    Also, just the other day, there were these two little advertisements that I just love. Rapunzel is absolutely adorable!
    YouTube - Tangled - Found: "Rapunzel"
    YouTube - Tangled - Wanted: Hero "Flynn Rider"

    I'm pretty excited now, myself, haha.

    And about the name...yeah, Disney apparently changed it to appeal to guys. Which I find rather offensive, honestly. What's wrong with a "girly" movie? There's plenty of movies that focus on just guys, but those aren't labeled as "manly" films most of the time--they're usually made for everyone. It's like anything with a female heroine is automatically for girls... *sigh* I know the name change won't really matter in the end, but yep, it's rather annoying xD
    :eek: I know! The ending really got my all turned up and stuff, so emotional and sad. XD But you're right, in a way they do remind me of Xigbar and Roxas. It was really sweet and adorable when Luke hugged Layton, and even Layton began to cry. Shows how much they really meant to one another.

    AND LOLZ. I know! I should draw those two in their outfits. XD

    <___> Actually. I have every Braig cutscene in English on my computer. I downloaded them from KH13. :D
    ;D Inorite?! I loved that game more so than the last game. It was so emotional and sad. <3 But so wonderful. And *hugs and glomps back* YAY FOR LULU HUGS!

    And nope. Sadly, I am not. :p No PSP.
    ;D Playing games eh? Well I suppose that's cool! :D And it's still so very wonderful to see you around here, my wonderful buddy. I have to say that you are one of the many faces I really missed that encouraged me to come back. :)
    Awwwww...that totally sucks D: It was a pretty nice preview...

    I heard in Singapore, the movie's gonna be called "Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale"? IMO, that's much nicer than just Tangled. Here in America, Disney calling it Tangled instead of Rapunzel has been much grumbled upon... I don't care so much anymore, but Tangled is still kinda annoying, because it just doesn't feel Disney, you know? What are your thoughts on this?
    Oooh, good choices :) I love all those songs. Apparently, Menken (the composer of Tangled's music) says that Tangled will have a different sort of feel from Hunchback...a sort of folksy rock, he said?

    Also, check out this new preview for Tangled! I'm really excited now. I love that shot one of Rapunzel hugging Mother Gothel particularly. There's just something about it...

    YouTube - Tangled Sneak Preview

    Oooh, beginning of December? That's great! Hope you get to see it soon :D
    Haha, yep~ :p :3
    I'm pretty sure I will ^^. I already do like him, I just don't know as much about him :p.
    I haven't joined any new ones lately...I doubt I'd have time to XP. I'm just in Era of Darkness ((KH)), and a Ninja Path ((Naruto)) RPs...
    Okay! :D
    Yeah...mine might change to Ventus after I finish, but I dunno *shrug*
    Hopefully...I sleep a lot on Friday nights which makes up for some of it, I guess XD
    Ha, yeah, I love the character development he went through. Good stuff :D

    I actually think the soundtrack is coming out before the movie is...so, I'll probably spoil all the songs for myself xD But gosh, that song is just so lovely...I'm hoping that all the others live up to it! I would love for Tangled's soundtrack to be a bit like Hunchback and Beauty and the Beast, maybe? I think those two had some of the greatest soundtracks. What's your favorite Disney soundtrack?

    Hmmm, do you have a general idea of when it's coming out??
    That would be cool~
    Yeah :p. I think Terra might become my favorite...but I dunno yet XD.
    I dunno...I guess I don't have too much school work, but I just get exhausted from school...XP
    Naveen was totally cute, haha. A flirty, kinda naughty guy who becomes so much nicer through the movie. I love that kind of stuff. Though, Flynn seems to be a lot like him...
    And speaking of Rapunzel, someone posted just yesterday a little snippet of one of the songs! If you don't mind listening to the music before watching the movie (I know some people are like that), you should definitely have a listen! It's so beautiful I actually teared up when I first heard it. This is the Disney magic I've been missing! No one can out-do Alan Menken! Here's a link:
    YouTube - Tangled: "Incantation [#6] (Healing)" sung by Rapunzel (Mandy Moore)

    Gosh, I just love it. I'm so much more hyped up for the movie after hearing that.

    Ha, and I thought it was so cute how Rapunzel had to carry her hair around, lol. I'm thinking I'm gonna really like this film ^_^ It's too bad you don't have an exact date yet, though... Hope it comes to Singapore soon!!
    That's good~ :D
    Yep~ I haven't gotten very far yet, though XD.
    That's good, I'm glad things are going well for you ^^
    That was adorable~~! :D. I really liked it ^^
    Yep, I've been pretty busy on various things...I managed to get BBS today, and my PSP came yesterday, though :D.
    How about you?
    ^_^ Yeah, I love Tiana. She's amazing--definitely one of my favorite Disney princesses. And, from what I've heard, the story of Rapunzel is really amazing. But I actually haven't spoiled myself all too much yet (odd, as I usually am quick to spoil myself on anything xD), so I can't speak for myself personally, but I'm hoping it'll blow me away.
    Ooh, when's it coming to Singapore? It's going to theatres November 24 here :) I like the first one I linked better; how about you? Either way, this film is shaping up to something good, right?
    Haha, it's not too bad, but not pleasant, you know? Those things are actually kinda heavy xD
    Eh, I think Princess and the Frog was just alright. It was a GREAT step towards better Disney films (they haven't been so good recently, IMO), but it wasn't quite there yet. But I did love the characters. Those were amazing :D I'm just hoping that Rapunzel goes a bit further and is the wonderful Disney feature I've been missing these last few years.

    Ah, really? That's good. I hear other countries are gonna have to wait months and months for Rapunzel to get there, and that stinks :( And have you seen the new Rapunzel trailers yet? I'm not too fond of them, but they really upped my hype for the film!!

    YouTube - Tangled - Official Trailer 2
    YouTube - Disney Tangled New Official Trailer

    I can't wait to go see it now!

    Nah, I don't really play tennis at all xD Just done it a couple times, and I'm not very good at it, haha. It's a lot like badminton, but all the equipment is heavier and the rules are slightly different. But I've been hit on the head before by a tennis ball, and, well...it wasn't very pleasant...
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